The Unmistakable Truth-Chapter 1

Updated on December 21, 2017
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Dabby Lyric has been writing fictional works for 17 years. She dabbles into many genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, Action, etc. Happy Reading!





Those were the sounds of an alarm clock going off at 8:45am.

A tired yet robotic arm reached left to hit the “Snooze” button. Said arm never returned to the warmth of the quilted bed sheets.

Tossing here and there, a woman awoke from her slumber.

Playing a game of peek-a-boo with her clock, she abruptly arose from her bed. She made mad-dash for the room adjacent to hers. Within seconds, the showerhead blasted hot water upon her aching form. That’ll teach me not to try running five miles like a pro! Should’ve listened to Lisa and ran two laps at the gym with her last night!

Devlynne O’Connor was running late for her appointment. Grasping her auburn locks, she hastily wrapped a scrunchie around it. Her towel dried hair stuck like glue to her outfit. Grabbing her jacket and keys off of the kitchen counter, she breathlessly headed for the door. I can’t believe that I slept passed the alarm…again! Guess I’ll grab a cup of java in the waiting room. I’m glad Mrs. Peterson recommended her Dentist. This damn abscessed tooth is killing me!

She methodically threw her belongings on the passenger’s side. After placing the key into the ignition, she reached for the mirror to adjust it. That’s weird; I always have it off-centered. As she turned her head to back out of her driveway, she felt cold metal poking the right side of her abdomen.

“Don’t turn around or I’ll gut you like a fish!” A deep masculine voice warned from the backseat.


Two Months Later

It was just another day for Jack Richardson. The alarm beeped at 6:30am sharp. A quick shower always started her day before getting dressed. She loved to adorn her body with her favorite lotion. The sweet smell of vanilla complimented her cocoa-flavored skin. She wore her bluish-gray tweed pantsuit with black boots. Her coffee-tinted tresses were in a nice round bun. Jack splashed the hottest line of curve’s cologne here and there. She then ate her breakfast and was ready to go. She grabbed her suitcase, coat, umbrella and keys as she headed toward her garage.

At 7:20am sharp, she pulled out of her driveway. She drove down old Pinecone Valley Rd. for a half hour and made a quick right on Stone Ave. She finally reached the entrance of her destination at 7:50am sharp.

My parking stall better be vacant when I pull in. I can’t believe a firm like Stone & Steele Associates has such immature employees. It’s the best Law Firm in Pinecone Valley for many reasons.

“One of which is the spectacular view of the waterfall display in front of the shopping center across the street.” Jack acknowledged, mesmerized by the sight.

I should just call in sick and drive down to the spa. I’m way overdue for some TLC… She then brushed off the urge to play hookie for the third day in a row. Making her way out of the car, she felt a few drops of H20 caress her nose.

“Glad I brought my coat and umbrella today. I guess the weather reporter was right for once…go figure.” The rain became more aggressive with every step that she took. It was as if the Mother Nature was playing a game of tag with her.

She greeted her colleagues as they passed by once inside the building.

“Let me know when you need a stay-cation from your parking stall.” A small-framed woman teased from the front desk.

“And good morning to you too, Joyce.” She wished that she could say goodbye to some and never look back.

“Hey, hold that elevator please!” Jack ran to the second elevator down the hall.

“Sure thing Ms. Richardson.” Wesley cheerfully greeted.

“Just call me Jack, sweetie.”

The young intern’s face turned a shade of crimson.

Jack went to push the button for 5th floor but Wesley beat her to it. She nodded, gesturing a Thank You.

The two watched and waited for the elevator to hit the 5th floor. Once it did, he motioned for her to step out.

“Lady’s first.”

She nodded again and went on her way. As Jack turned the corner, she saw her good friend Brian.

“What’s up Jackie?”

“Only time will tell Bri, thanks for caring.”

“Keep your head up sweetie. And you know how much I care!” He whispered, slightly brushing her earlobe.

“Thanks B, see ya later.” That boy plays too much!

“Ok, see ya at lunch.” She’ll let that wall down yet!


Brian walked toward his office to greet his latest client.

Jack finally reached the fourth office down the hall. She inserted the key and turned the knob as she walked in. She quickly closed the door behind her.

“Phew!” You made it Jackie girl!


Jack took off her coat and gently placed it on the coat hanger. She turned to her right and placed the briefcase on her desk. She then walked toward her window, pulling the drapes open. The sounds of thunder shook the windowpanes as rays of lightning graced the sky. The magnificent fireworks of the storm had calmed her. She always felt at peace during storms, which weren’t her own. She stood in awe as she watched Mother Nature at work for awhile and finally took her seat.

Her marble desk was fully adorned with never-ending files of unsolved cases. She took the one on the far left and got to work. It was a case of mistaken identity and it read:


Name: Devlynne O’Connor

Race: White

Sex: F

Age: 35

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 170

Eye Color…

Jack suddenly became bored with the particulars and skimmed through the hefty file. Its contents kept her intrigued as she flipped through each page. Every minute detail connected her with this woman and she wanted to personally hand deliver justice to her doorstep. Sheesh, this woman could’ve been me, save the details of race and weight. Weight! Let’s not think about that right now! Jack got so caught up that she didn’t see 11:45am appear on her clock.


It took Brian’s phone call to break her concentration. She bookmarked the perpetrator’s profile as she prepared herself to leave for lunch. She grabbed her coat and opened the briefcase to get her purse out. The sounds of the storm still played on so she reached for her umbrella as well. She clocked out once she left her office.


On the way to meeting Brian, she saw her secretary in the elevator.

“Hey Jackie, how are you doing?” The tall brunette greeted.

“Well things are getting a little better.”

Jack hit the “L” button for lobby as she buttoned up her coat.

“I’m glad to hear that. My prayers are with you.”

“Aww, well bless your heart Becca.”

The ladies embraced.

“Have a good one girl. Don’t get too wet out there!” The elevator hit the third floor and chimed. Rebecca waved at Jack and walked out.

“See ya Becca.”

Jack watched the descending numbers light up from 3 to 1 and then L.


She walked toward the front desk and saw Brian waiting there.

“And here I thought that you forgot about our lunch date. It’s already 11:55am and I called ten minutes ago. Must’ve been knee deep in a case or…” Brian suddenly stopped his train of thought.

“Or what?”

Brian inspected their surroundings before continuing with his remark. Spotting Joyce looking their way, he walked into a vacant meeting room. Rolling her eyes, Jack reluctantly followed behind.

“Or maybe he called again.”

Jack felt a cold chill creep up her spine. Okay, I obviously came back too soon!

“We shouldn’t be talking about that here, Bri.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry! We’ll talk about it on the way.”

“You know, as much as I love storms, I hate what it does to my hair. Water and my tresses just don’t mix! However, I love being a woman of color-don’t get it twisted!

“Well, as much as I love you, I have a booty-call with El Torito. Let’s Go!”

The two laughed as they walked out arm and arm. The gesture was a thing of beauty for his cream-tinted arm fit perfectly within hers. The statement was bold and needed to be heard by the world!

Engaged in their conversation, they were unaware of the shadowy figure in a black trench coat, who followed them.


© 2017 Dabby Lyric


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  • Dabby Lyric profile image

    Dabby Lyric 4 months ago from US

    Thanks, I didn't even know you responded again. Your message came up as spam. I'm currently working on Chapter 3 and just changed the last line in this Chapter, per your advice.


  • manatita44 profile image

    manatita44 4 months ago from london

    That's great. Billybuc does all kinds and he uses different pace. So for the Billy The Kid Chronicles, he is vibrant, fast, flows like a river, engaging ... for the longer stories he is steady and uses wit, humour, life-like characters or times...

    He draws on the everyday things. Of course there is great writing which comes from years of hard work. Check him out and also frankatanacio's Flash, particularly some of the older ones.

    Have a look at My Deady Mamba or The Tragedy of The Telephone Call. Write to me, I'm old-fashioned. I do not like taking up too much space on a Hub other than what it is intended for: that is to say, comments relating to the Hub itself.

  • Dabby Lyric profile image

    Dabby Lyric 4 months ago from US

    Thank you my friend. This is an old story that I pulled out of the dusty attic, so to speak. I had attempted to write it as a Sbort Story but I realized that all I did was remove the meat in the story and just added to pieces of bread lol. I'm changing the ending too. After reading it, I knew that I had grown as a writer.

    I'm currently working on another one and I can see the change. It just fells good to get positive feedback when it comes to fiction. It hasn't been my strength over the years so I'm proud of myself! I've been reading a lot on here and other sites which have also helped me.

  • manatita44 profile image

    manatita44 4 months ago from london

    Thanks. In the best possible way; the most loving way, insecurity springs froms a lack of inner strength. We all have this and so there is no shame here.

    Inner confidence will come with practice; with exposure and most definitely with prayer and meditation. Read my prose on Yoga philosophy. It will help you.

    I'll go over to your Part 2 now, but I see no problems with your writings. Do them as an exercise for inner progress, rather than one of expectation. Have a great Saturday.

  • Dabby Lyric profile image

    Dabby Lyric 4 months ago from US

    Hello Manatita,

    Thank you so much for reading the first chapter of my story! I appreciate your warm and encouraging comment. I will ponder on your suggestions-Thank you!

    I'm so excited! I've been working really hard on my writing as a whole. I was so nervous to submit this but glad that I did. I needed a response like yours to give me reassurance!

  • manatita44 profile image

    manatita44 4 months ago from london

    Your writing is beautiful; well thought out and your story engages the reader.

    'Unbeknownst'? Try one of these two, depending on what you wish to say:

    "Engaged in their conversation, they were unaware of the sinister-looking man in a black trench coat, who followed them."

    "Engaged in their conversation, they were unaware of the shadowy figure in a black trench coat, who followed them."

    Excellent work!