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The Unknown Takeover, Part Two

The door flew open, allowing sunlight to enter the house. Two teenage children followed the bright light. “Mom!” Imelda yelled out, looking around the house. “Mom, where are you!”

“Maybe she’s running an errand,” Socorr said, making his way through the maze of hallways until he and his sister wound up in the kitchen. “Since mom’s not here, I’m grabbing some cookies from dad’s secret stash.”

“Can you call it a secret stash if we all know it’s there?” snickering as she sat on a wooden stool next to the island sitting in the middle of the kitchen.

“He can call it…Uh Imelda,” Socorr stared at his mother lying on the floor.

“What, you can’t find the cookies. Here I’ll sh…” bumping into her brother, who then fell on their mother's lifeless body. Socorr pushed himself from his mother's body and sat next to her, his body trembling in fear.

“Mom! Mom! Can you hear me?” Imelda said, shaking the older woman’s body. “C’mon mom wake up.”

Riena’s eyes fluttered and then opened wide. “Get away from me,” she hissed, pushing her daughter away from her side.

Imelda looked stunned from her mother’s anger. “I was just…Are you okay?” Wiping tears from her cheek. “I was just trying to help. Come on Socorr, let’s go watch TV,” Imelda said, getting up from the floor and heading to the living room. “If you need anything, let me know. So I can ignore you,”

“Come on Reina,” she told herself, lifting her body off the floor. “Get yourself together. You don’t talk to your children like that,” weekly holding herself by the sink. She grabbed an empty glass that sat on the counter, and then filled it with water, gulping it down, and then repeated the process three more times until she seemed satisfied. “What could that be? she muttered, listening to the sounds coming from the living room.

The children watched their show when a special bulletin flashed across the screen. A blonde hair woman started to read from her notes, “The Center for Disease Control is reporting, there is a serious epidemic that has broken out. So far, there have been several hundred cases that have been reported throughout the country. The CDC is recommending if you have flu-like symptoms you should stay home so that you do not infect other people.”

“So mom’s sick,” Socorr said, holding the remote towards TV.

“Yeah, it seems that way. She still didn’t need to yell at me.”

“Is mommies little princess sad cause she got yelled at?” Sarcasm flowing from Socorr’s mouth.

Reina staggered to the living room and leaned against an open doorway. “Imelda I’m sorry I was short with you earlier, it’s that I’m not feeling very well and you scared me when you were standing over me.”

“That’s okay,” Imelda said, moving from the couch to her mother’s side. “The news is saying that a lot of people are getting sick,” the young girl grabbed her mother’s arm and helped her to the couch.

“What do you mean a bunch of people?”

“I don’t know, a lot.”

“Why don’t you and your brother go do your homework and by the time you’re all done, I’ll be feeling better, and we can spend time together,” Reina said, sympathetically.

“Okay, let me know if you need anything.”

“Socorr, can you get me a blanket. I think I’ll just stay here for a while.”

The children left their mother and went to their bedrooms. After they disappeared, a rattling noise came from the front door. “What’s that ?” Reina sat up and looked at the foyer. “Don’t just sit here Reina, go find out who’s at the door.” She muttered, finding a spot close to the doorway that would also conceal her from whoever was trying to enter the house.

A tall figure stepped into the foyer of the house. Who is that? Reina thought, watching the figure. “Who are you and what do you want?” Reina yelled from her hiding spot. “More importantly get out of my house.”

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