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The Unknown Takeover Part Three


The male figure stood in the foyer of the house and looked around.

“Wow, he’s so hot,” Reina muttered, patting at her hair. “You’re not going to make yourself look any better Reina. Well maybe if I could take a shower, but he’s right here, for the taking.

He slides his black loafers off his feet and sets them in a shelf that stored everyone else’s shoes. Nobody is home. That means I can grab an iced tea from the fridge and lay outside on my hammock. I don’t have to do anything, Stan my boy that’s why you decided to come home early from work. Unbuttoning his collar.

“Well hello handsome,” Reina said, rushing to Stan and embracing him tightly. “Did you work out today? Your muscles are so…” slowly moving her hands over his arms.

“Hello, gorgeous. I don’t remember the last time I got a greeting at the door like this one,” Stan said returning Reina’s embrace.

The couple stared romantically into one another’s eyes. Why am I… her thoughts interrupted when Stan pressed his lips against hers. I must mate with this man. Reina slid her hand down to the front of the man’s pants and started moving her hand up and down.

“Reina,” he grumbled, pulling back from their passionate embrace and looked deeply into Reina’s blue eyes.

Reina returned Stan’s gaze. She stepped back from the man and began unbuttoning her dark blue blouse to reveal a bright red lace bra.

“Your red bra, my favorite,” Stan said, giving Reina a broad smile. “So today you need a confidence boost?” Staring at her chest.”

“I’m confident that I want you right here, right now,” she said, pushing her body into his. “Take me now.”

“You bet I’ll take you now,” Stan said, reaching for her legs, picking her up and carrying his bride to their bedroom.

They floated past their children’s open bedroom doors. “Hey, da…” Socorr started to say.

“They can’t hear you. They’re going to have sex,” Imelda’s face covered with a blanket of disgust.

“Eww! They’re going to do that in the middle of the day? I always get made fun of because of how loud they get,” Socorr said, putting his hand over his face as to hide from the world. “I’m going to watch TV,” he said, moving to the living room couch.

Imelda followed her brother when their parent’s moans of passion floated through the air. “Oh my God,” she said, sickened by the noises her parents were making.

Socorr turned the television’s volume up, trying to drown out the noises. “That can’t be real?” He said to Imelda, rolling his eyes.

“It’s times like these that I wish I could get away from the house, or use my phone. Like other kids.

“The house rules are the house rules. But I wish we could too.”

A loud warning signal came from the TV and startled the two. The message was immediately followed by a hard pounding on the front door.

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