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The Unknown Takeover Part One


“I’ll have the Sushi,” Reina Fernández said, folding the menu and setting it on the table and then waited for everyone else at the table to complete ordering their food.

“Very well ma’am, is there anything else that I can get for anyone else,” the waiter said, making eye contact with each one of the six people sitting at the table.

“We’re fine, thank you,” a man from the far side of the table said to the waiter. The waiter nodded in agreement and walked away from the group.

Fernández continued a conversation the group had going before the waiter interrupted to take their order. “I know we can get a majority on the city council to pass the initiative,” Fernández said, giving each person a cursory look.

A grey-haired man looked at the woman, “Reina your guaran…”

“Here are your appetizers,” a young man said, placing a plate of fried food on the table, in front of Reina.

“What do you think you are doing?” Fernández hissed at the server. “We didn’t order these! Take them away and learn how to do your job correctly.”

“Oh I-I’m s-sorry,” the young man said, removing the plate from the table and slinking into the kitchen.

A waiter standing at another table close to the commotion followed the server to the kitchen. “Don’t worry about that lady, I’ll show you something that’ll make you feel a little better,” the waiter said smiling at the server. “Hey Jimmy, can you make your chef’s surprise for table fives sushi?”

“Sure I can do that,” Jimmy said. “I don’t know why you can’t piss in their drinks like other waiters,” he said, smirking.

“In most cases, I would, but the way these people treated Geno, I think they deserve the chef’s surprise,” the waiter said, looking seriously at the cook.

“Ok ok ok, go away. If you watch what I do then it’s not much of a surprise,” Jimmy said, walking towards the back of the kitchen.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” the waiter said, returning to the dining room.

“TABLE FIVES ORDER IS UP!” Jimmy announced, sliding the plate of sushi on to the stainless steel table that held orders for the servers to deliver to the restaurant's patrons.

“Thanks, Jimmy,” Geno said, smiling as he grabbed the plate; returning to the dining room. I don’t know how this is going to teach that bitch about civility, Geno thought, putting on a fake smile. “Here you are ma’am,” the server said, placing the plate in front of Fernández. “Please enjoy.”

“Thank you,” Fernández said, grabbing a pair of chopsticks from the table.” “I’m famished,” she muttered eating the rice wrapped raw fish. Following the sushi with a large gulp of wine and then continued the conversation with the other people at the table.

“I agree…” Fernández said. A sudden shot of pain covered her face.

“Reina are you okay?” the woman sitting to Fernández’s right asked.

“I’m fine,” Fernández said, grabbing her side. “I just need a drink of water,” she said, reaching for a glass of ice water that was sitting by her plate, and emptied it in a few seconds. “Excuse me, I can’t believe I just drank that water like that,” Fernández said, trying to hide the embarrassment she felt.

“Are you sure you’re okay, because you look as pale as a ghost,” the woman asked, looking apprehensively at her friend.

“I’m better, maybe we should cut our luncheon short,” Fernández said, pushing her chair from the table, and then she waited for the others to do the same.

“Yeah that sounds like a great idea,” the woman said, asking the waiter for their check.

The group stood and then followed Fernández to the parking lot where they dispersed to their various luxury cars.

Fernández sat in her car, rubbing away the pain in her abdomen when suddenly her hands started twitching. What is going on? She thought, watching her fingers move. I’m okay. Just have to make it home, do you understand Reine? She thought looking in her rear view mirror to see her face full of fear. “Just gotta get home,” she kept repeating as she put her car in gear and drove from the parking lot, heading to her home.

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