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The Unknown Takeover Part Four


Imelda’s phone rang, “Hello,” she said, listening to a panicked voice.

“Who’s that?” Socorr asked, looking annoyed. “Wait a minute why do you have your phone?”

“Like mom and dad are going to do anything right now,” Imelda said sarcastically. “What are you...Hello. Cami! Hello, I can’t hear you.”

“What does Cami want?” Socorr asked, not wanting an answer.

“I don’t know. Imelda was saying something about soldiers taking kids from their homes.”

“No way!” Socorr said excitedly. “Wait a minute why would the soldiers take kids, and where are they going?”

“I don’t know where they’re going because Cami stopped talking and she’s not answering it,” concern covering Imelda’s face. “What if…”

The pounding at the front door became even louder. “Reina Fernandez,” A voice screamed from behind the door.

Stan appeared from the bedroom and staggered to the front door. “Hello,” he said, wearily opening the door before he grabbed at his abdomen.

“Lieutenant I don’t think he’s fully transitioned, in fact, it looks like he’s just started the change. This man is not going to able to help us for at least a day or longer,” a soldier said.

The lieutenant nodded. “Sir we have received several reports that you and your wife may be in serious trouble.”

“No we’re fine,” Stan said while he wiped sweat from his brow.

“Is there a chance we can talk to your wife and kids? The reports we have gotten reported that your wife was attacked by your children,” the lieutenant said, trying to get a look into the house.

“I can tell you that my wife is fine and our children would never hurt their mother or me,” Stan said, a mixture of anger and pain showed on the man’s face. After a few seconds, Stan fell to the ground while he held his stomach.

Reina appeared from the bedroom and stood in the living room, looking at the soldiers standing in the doorway. The soldiers immediately dropped to one knee. “Your majesty.”

“Lieutenant, what is going on here?” Reina said, looking at the clothes she was wearing.

“We came to pick up the children that live at this home, your majesty,” the lieutenant said, returning to his feet.

“I think they’re in the bedrooms,” she said, pointing in the direction of the bedrooms.

“Thank you, my queen,” a soldier said, rushing past her and standing in front of two closed doors. Five soldiers followed the others lead and stood by the doorway. The leader pointed to three soldiers and directed them to advance into the first room. He then counted down and then addressed the two groups to invade the two rooms.

“All clear!” rang out from the two small rooms.

“What do you mean all clear,” the queen said, rushing to the look at the two rooms. “Search every corner of this house. They were just here. There is no way they could have just disappeared,” Reina commanded looking at the soldiers. “Those children are dangerous; if we do not find them, they could help others.”

“These are children, how could they possibly help anyone else?” a soldier said.

“They are brilliant, and they could help the others escape from the slave camps or the fighting pits,” The queen said.

“You heard the queen. Alpha team, search the floor level, Delta team, you search the second level, and everyone else search outside. Do not miss an inch of this property!” The lieutenant commanded.

“Lieutenant!” A voice screamed from the garage. “We have them.”

“Excellent, bring them to…” Queen Reina was interrupted by Stan.

“Our chil…UH..children,” the man grunted, struggling to push himself off the floor and then returning to his position on the floor.

“Bring them to me, and take him somewhere else until he has completed his transformation,” the queen commanded.

“Let me go!” Imelda screamed, jerking her body back and forth, trying to break free from her capture. “Mom what are you doing?” the young girl asked, looking angry and confused

“What wrong with him?” Reina asked, looking at Socorr’s limp body.

“We had to tranquilize him because he kept throwing objects at the troops and injuring two people,” the lieutenant said.

“Such a small boy,” Reina said, holding the boy’s face in her hand. “Take him to the holding cell until I can figure out what we should do with such a dangerous individual.”

“Mom! Mom!... Mother!” Imelda screamed.

Reina looked at the girl. The queen tilted her head to the left side of her shoulder and then walked around the young girl. “Your mother is no longer occupying this body. The only thing that remains is her memories, and those are disappearing hour by hour.”

The young girl stared coldly at Reina. “Wha..”

The queen slapped the girl across the face, and the waited for the girl's facial expression. “You seem pretty strong,” the queen said, hitting the girl on the other side of her face.

Imelda's head dropped in sorrow as she stared sadly at the floor.

“Take her to the fighting pits. She will make a great fighter, well at least until her death,” Queen Reina said, beginning to chuckle.

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