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The Unknown Takeover Part Five


Imelda sat against the gymnasium wall. The girls head hung down as she looked at the floor. The girls head hung down as she looked at the flat floor. After a few seconds of looking at the ground, she looked up to see another one of her friends dragged across the floor and chained to an iron rod that extended from under the beaten down gym floor.

“Prisoner,” a guard dressed in black stopped in front of Imelda. “I brought you favorite,” dropping a metal plate on the floor, followed by a black cake.

Imelda looked up at the guard and licked her lower lip. The girl’s right eye was swollen shut from a fight she had finished two days earlier. “Thank you for the food,” she said, spitting at the guard, watching a white glob hit the guard on its mask.

“Watch yourself, little girl. I could kill you, and no one would miss you,” the guard stepped closer to the wounded warrior.

Imelda tilted her head to look at the guard. “Do you think the gambler would like to hear that some jerk killed the one person that has been making them so much money?” Imelda licked her lower lip again. “How do you think the Queen would react to the death of the most popular warrior in the world? But if you think you’ve got what it takes, then bring it,” Imelda said, lunging at the guard causing the guard to stumble on to the ground.

“You think you’re a funny girl but…”

The doors to the gym flew open. “Prisoner coming in!” A pair of tan uniformed prison guards carried a limp body into the prison. “Stay out of the way! A new prisoner is coming in!”

“Let me go. Please let…” a boy said before being struck with a Taser, making his thin body fall to the floor and lay motionless.

“Stay there and don’t move!” the guard commanded their prisoner to another part of the prison. They dragged the prisoner near Imelda and threw the prisoner against the wall. One of the guards connected the prisoners black iron shackle to an n iron anchor and then removed the cloth bag from his head.

Imelda’s face showed disbelief as she stared at the young man. “Socorr!” She screamed.

“Stay away from him!” The guard said pulling a Taser from his belt and striking Imelda with a substantial charge of electricity causing Imelda’s body to jerk back and forth.

“Okay! Okay!” Imelda said, slumping against the wall her breathing becoming heavy. The young woman rubbed her tongue across the cut of her lip and continued her angry stare at the guard with the Taser.

“Don’t worry, you and he are going to have plenty of time to talk,” the guard showed Imelda a toothy grin. “In the pits. You see, you two are the main event in the celebration.”

“What celebration would that be?” Imelda kept eye contact with the guard.

“The one year anniversary of our takeover of Earth.”

“So who are we going to fight?”

“Each other of course,” spit flew from the guard’s mouth from the excitement.

“What if we refuse?”

“Then the two of you get executed,” the guard's smile, revealed a space where teeth should be present. “It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Imelda looked over at her brother's motionless body. No more deaths. Imelda thought, slouching against the wall and eating her blackened cake. No one will die anymore.

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