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The Tree Of Limitlessness Part 1


What is the Tree of Limitlessness

It was a dark morning in a wooded area when Jane was taking a vacation. She decided that morning that she was going to take a run through the forest. As she was running through the forest. As she was running through the forest she came upon a freshly planted tree. Which is what she was looking for she stood in front of the tree and looked closely at the branches. They looked as though they were budding but it was almost winter. “ How could that be,” Jane thought aloud. She shrugged and sat down in front of the tree. Jane thought that the ground would be cold and frozen but instead, it was warm and dry. As she looked around she noticed that the tree she was sitting in front of was the only one in bloom. She also noticed that the tree she was sitting in front of sure it was big but it wasn’t just one tree. So she decided to walk around the tree to see what else was there.

As Jane was walking a second time around the tree she tripped on an overgrown branch or so it seemed. She thought she had fallen, it sure seemed like it and she felt as though she was still falling down, down, down. Then smack she hit something hard that knocked the wind out of her. She laid there silently, willing the air to return to her lungs so she could open her eyes. They were closed tight to ward off the impact of the fall. When the air finally returned to her lungs and she could open her eyes she gingerly sat up. Jane looked around as she sat up and noticed that she wasn’t where she was when she first fell, but where was she? She wondered. She had felt herself falling but had no idea where she ended up. “ Where am I,” she said, all she heard in response was silence. That was to be expected but she started searching for signs of life anyway. Jane stood up got her bearings and began walking around in search of clues to tell her exactly where she was. Her boots crunching the snow on the ground but the trees around her were in bloom. Which was strange to her, “ I thought that all trees, lost there leave in the winter”? she said aloud. All she got was silence in response so she kept walking she was determined to find out why there was life in the forest when it was the middle of winter. She figured that she wasn’t going to get a response if she spoke out loud but she couldn’t keep it to herself.

She was so confused but at the same time, she was amazed. She kept walking through the forest looking for signs of human life she couldn’t be the only one there. So she just kept walking. The trees went on forever it felt like but so did the snow and patches of darkness. The trees were still in bloom and Jane was determined to figure out why. It felt limitless to her but nothing should be in bloom during that time of year. As she kept walking through the trees she noticed more life, a life that she shouldn’t have noticed not for that time of year anyway. There wasn’t just plant life the further she walked, she noticed a person standing near the same tree she woke up under so she decided to try and talk to the person. At least she thought it was the same tree that she had woken up under but as she got closer to the person and turned around she realized she was way farther than where she started from so it couldn’t have been the same tree. As she got closer to the other person the person started backing away, from her. “Hello my name is Jane, do you have a name”? she asked, the person said nothing they just stared at her then a few minutes later a few others saw her and stared at her. As she kept walking she realized that in this part of the forest was some type of village.

Who are these people, and why are they here. What is this place? these were the questions that were going through janes head but she wasn’t voicing them. She was afraid that the people, she was seeing were (A) Not real and (B) wouldn’t be able to understand her. “Who are you what are you doing here”? a boy asked when he noticed her. “ I don’t really know what I am doing here one minute I was sitting in front of a tree the next minute I was falling through the ground or thought I was anyway and ended up here, where there are more trees like the one I was sitting under before I fell.” The boy nodded and pointed to all the other people that were around. “ That happened to all of us and we made this community because of it, these trees are never-ending as are the things in this community.

That night in the town square, or what looked like the town square there was a huge bonfire, with singing and dancing. “What is this place”? she asked, “ We call it the tree of limitlessness”, they said in unison. “ The tree of limitlessness”? she asked, “ There is more than one tree so that doesn’t make sense and what is it exactly.” She asked. “It is a tree that you go too and it shows you your own limitlessness when you touch it, so you do the limitless thing in the community that the tree shows you to make your life what it is.” He said, “ That is cool how does it work”? Jane asked. “ Why don’t you touch it and see what happens Joe said, so Jane touched the tree and it was like she was going through a vortex.


The Trees Can Be Used In The Tree of Limitless Community

Once it was finished she looked away from the tree and began walking through all the other ones around them. The next one she stopped at, she touched and she realized that it told her something different about herself that could be considered limitless. “ Wow those are really trees of limitlessness everyone why don’t you come and look at them”, she said as she turned around she realized that every person there was just watching her and not moving and she asked why “ Why aren’t you moving don’t you want to see what the trees tell you”? “ we know what the trees tell us”, Joe said “ It was you that needed to figure it out.”

“ Figure it out”? “ What exactly am I figuring it out,” she asked. “ You are figuring out what limitless thing you need to do with your life of course.” Joe said, “ the reason why you found this place is because you want to live limitlessly you are just unsure how”. This place will show you what you want in your life that is to be limitless and how to live that way more with us.” Women who had been watching her said, Jane only nodded unsure of what to say. She wondered if she could ever go home again but she was afraid to ask the question so she just kept silent.

Everyone went about there lives and left her to ponder what the place was, for all she knew it was all a dream. She was pretty sure she was awake though so it couldn’t be a dream or could it? She wasn’t sure and that is what she wanted to figure out. So she decided to ask the next person she saw a question, the next person she saw was Joe he had been watching her for the last little bit so she said, “ Joe I need some answers about this place do you think that you could help me.” “ I know that touching the tree helps but there have to be other things that it involves do you know about that”? she asked, “ How do I get home from here”? she asked Joe shrugged he didn’t know and he didn’t know how to answer her so she just kept walking.

Joe continued to talk though but Jane ignored him and kept walking she would figure out what she wanted eventually. Jane would do her own research if she needed too if she ever figured out where she was and how to get home that was. How long had seen been gone and were there people looking for her? She wasn’t sure but she wanted answers to these questions and she wanted them soon. So she kept walking looking for a way out without drawing attention to herself. The tree of limitlessness was nice but was it real? That was another question she wanted to be answered. So many questions so little time Jane thought to herself.

What is the tree of limitlessness Jane thought to herself? She made a mental note to look it up when she got home if she ever did. “Jane is there something you need help finding”? Joe asked “ A way out,” she said, without looking at him and he laughed. “ I don’t think there is one,” he said. “ At least not one that I know of”, “ How long have you been here,” she asked. “ Oh, I am not sure a couple months maybe a couple years, time travels quickly here or slowly I don’t even know. he said, a couple months, maybe a couple years, well that put Jane into hysterics there was no way she could be gone from home for years not knowing when she would return. She was just in the forest behind her house, she could not have gone far or so she thought.


Does Jane Make it Out Of The Tree Of Limitless Community?

Jane thanked everyone for their hospitality and tried to retrace her steps. She was now very nervous and needed to get home as soon as possible. She walked around for hours not finding a way out and she began to panic. How would she get home if she couldn’t find a way out? Tune in next time to see is makes its home or has to stay there.

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