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The Telling – Excerpts from the Daniel Sawyer Journal


Waves of civilization clashed back and forth into each other, as ideology broke down into anger, fear and opportunity. The last great bastion of wealth was up for grabs to those willing to take it. There were announcements. There were military parades and then the war was waged.

This journal was found in a glass case on a third floor of a long abandoned building where the Civilian Wars archives in Mexico had been maintained.

First entry:

I am watching Marines disembark from a ship along Navy Pier Terminal, Lake Michigan, Chicago. There are so many, standing in rows. Now a tank is being lowered from a crane. Moving inland - as there is now smoke coming from buildings. The fires must have been set by the Marines.

Moving quickly now, Marines in a jeep are ordering people to evacuate. Troops following the jeep are firing into building windows.

Sirens are blaring. Several patrol cars have blocked W. Pershing Drive. They are standing behind the cars with their sidearm drawn. Many people in the streets now – mostly moving away from the smoke and gunfire.

Smoke is billowing up from what looks to be near Jackson Drive. I am moving with the crowd. I just saw an older woman fire a revolver out her third story window. More police cars are arriving.

A tank has broken through the first barricades of Police cars. I took some pictures with my phone’s camera. Marines are shooting into the crowds. The people are running.

Just passed another police car barricade. I can’t believe my eyes – armed gang members are standing side-by-side of Police officers trying to block the advance of the insurgent Marine infantry. They advance towards Bronzeville. Women carrying babies are running for their lives.

Second entry:

From where I am hiding it looks like Chicago is burning. Loudspeakers are demanding people evacuate the city. Thousands of people are now in the streets, carrying what they can. Some are looting stores for food as they go. I filled my backpack with canned sardines, crackers and bottled water.

My phone has stopped working. I seem to be trapped between the military and the shoreline. Going to head south to see if I can stay ahead of it all. The noise is horrendous, the small arms fire is now mixed with cannon pounding bombardment. There is the smell of the dead in the air. Rats follow along the same paths as the people trying to escape.

As I make my way south, I see small groups of men and women carrying small arms. They are going to make a stand – if they saw what I have seen they would know it is futile. The city is burning.

Night has arrived. The sound of crying has replaced small arms fire. Leaflets were dropped from helicopters. The one I picked up read, “We are taking back our city. You are no longer welcome. You are an example of what will happen in every city in America.”

Just climbed over many cars crunched together into a large four way intersection. No vehicle can get through that mess. Hundreds of armed men and women prepare for an assault.

Last entry:

In Chinatown. Young men wearing black are moving towards the stockades. Their faces solemn. There are hundreds of them.

It is dawn. Helicopter gunships darken the sky above us. Every person has something in their hands to fight with.

A typed card below the journal states:

This journal was found in the former State of Indiana, where many of the citizens of Chicago first took refuge. This is the first known chronicle of what was the beginning of the internal war that raged for decades in America.


A political promise was made to abate the crime in one of America’s largest cities. The population was viewed as unworthy to live in such a fine city and the political solution was a cleansing. The campaign to drive out those that were not wanted sent one million five hundred thousand refugees initially into the States of Indiana and Ohio. The influx, had a domino effect which cut the geography of the United States in half. The action quickly broke out into free fire zones with bands of armed militia terrorizing citizens and refugees alike. Commerce ground to a halt. The battle of political ideology broke down to a fight for food.

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