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The Story of the Light and Darkness Chapter 1

I'm okay I guess but hope you enjoy me stories. (Just as an FYI I MIGHT be making my stories into comics)

Here I am, impaled in my chest. By my love, my enemy, my world, the one person who I love. I need a moment to explain how this happen. It all started 3 years earlier... (yeah I know that sound like a long time considering what just happen)

"Hey, how it goin' Maya?" said the love of my life, Mel, she was talking over the phone with me (she knows I love when she calls me). Mel was always wearing dark clothing with her short hair, black nail polish, and piercings, it suit her very well. On the contrary, I was always wearing light, airy clothing that make me look cute. I always wore a white dress with my hair up, I really enjoyed it. "It's going fine I guess, lots of interrogating from the gate" I said, holding up my hand to look at my bland, boring nails. But there's one thing different about Mel and I from others. Mel is a Demon who guards and protects the gates of hell ,and I am an angel that interrogates lost souls who are trying to get into heaven. Either way, we were always friends.

"There were two people trying to get in, but it was obvious that hey were angels," she stated " One claimed to be the demon queen, and the other was a dog that wanted to kill it's owner ,but was too nice to do anything". I laughed as soon as she said that. Mel was always funny to me, even though her sense of humor was as dry as a desert. " Hey Mel, are you free tomorrow?" I asked a bit flustered from laughing, "Sure, you have anything planned?" she asked curiously " Well, we can go cause a rein of terror on humans..?" I said knowing she would loves anything malicious, she said in pure excitement " Really!?" " Yeah, I need to get out of my house so I decided to try and spend it with you.." I said nervously without even noticing I flirted with her. I still have no clue if she was flustered or not, but that didn't matter we still went and had a lot of fun, well she had a lot of fun.

In the end of the terror spread by us, we destroyed an entire city. Only controlling humans too! I felt incredibly guilty, but Mel was the happiest I've ever seen her. It made me feel slightly better, but I could never live the moment down when the city fell. It was traumatizing. But her smile... that damn smile, it always leaves me speechless,it's too much for someone as dark as she is. Her smile is like it would fit perfectly with my body, a nice, bright, beautiful smile. It should mean nothing to me I thought for exact second, but then I snapped back to reality. We were looking at the city that was now in ruins, the massacre that was created by no man, not a mortal, but a mental virus. A virus that was spread by whom are the most important women from different worlds. I hated it. "Mel," I said in strong yet soothing voice " how do you find enjoyment in this?" I said trying to have the most innocent voice I can, she then said in a serious tone, "Well, I like when people get inflicted with pain" then smiled as she watched a man tried to light the ruins on fire, which was successful. "I can't help it sometimes, you know what I am" going back to her serious tone.

We went home last night with me riding on Mel's back in her dark form. I went in on my cottage in the skies above humans, waving a goodbye to Mel, she smiled then went off. I sat down at my dinner table waiting for dinner to appear, but sadly I had to make it myself, like always. After I finished my dinner I sat down and watched the human's news, and seeing how scientist and doctors discovered the virus after a concerning amount of people in the hospital. They named it " Destructive Corruption" named after how they act when they receive the virus. After seeing the segment I turn off my TV and started to stare at my phone and questioned what happened. At the scene it seemed like I could never forget it ,but the destruction, and massacre acts like it was all a blur.

© 2019 Sally Brightwaters

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