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The Start of My Future the End of My Past (Chapter 3 of Forêt)


Chapter 3

High school is a blur going from class to class, then lunch, which Catherine seemed to have skipped without me. Guess she was more upset then she seemed, but I was just telling the truth and looking out for my best friend. I’m not saying I’m psyched but it’s a feeling that I can’t explain, something that’s never happened to me before but I know that what I feel is true. Because of this feeling and my big mouth I’m forced to eat lunch alone, like a loser. Sitting at a table all by myself eating and reading a book. I’m glad when the ending bell for lunch rings, I get up and throw my lunch away and hurry to class, anything is better than sitting at a table by myself while everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves around you.

The rest of the day goes by pretty fast except for last period it’s the only class I have with my sister, all her friends and Catherine. As I walked into class I could feel it like something bad was going to happen. Everyone was whispering something and laughing and joking about something and in the middle of it all was Peter, my best friend’s secret boyfriend. As soon as Catherine walks in the room everyone stop, I knew they were talking about Catherine. When she sits down Catherine looks over at Peter and he just smiles. In the middle of history class I decided to write Catherine a note. “I don’t think you should talk to Peter again.” Catherine read the note then gives me an angry glance, then passes the note back. “Peter really likes me, I spent all of lunch period with him and he told me he wanted to be with me.” Catherine passed the note back to me. I read what Catherine wrote and I shake my head and replied back, “Peter is just using you he’s going to break your heart, I heard them laughing and whispering about something and I can feel it, he’s going to hurt you.” As Catherine reads what I said she gets this angry look on her face. Catherine writes one last thing before she passed the note back, “Peter likes me and as my best friend you should be happy for me, but seen you need proof I’ll prove it.”

Catherine ignores me the rest of history class and I know something big is coming, something bad. I can feel my stomach twist in knots as Catherine walks right after class she marches right up to Peter and asks if she can talk to him. I watch them like every other person in the hallway, but only I stand there horrified as to what would come next. Peter looks at Catherine with disgust, “Why would I want to talk to you?” Catherine looks confused, “What are you talking about I just want to talk to you for a sec”. “Are you kidding me, why are you acting like were together”? Said Peter. Everyone in the hallway starts to laugh. Catherine’s eyes start to water; “I thought you liked me?” asked Catherine. Peter laughs, “Why would I like you, on a scale from 1 to 10 you’re a 3 I’m 10, which means I’m way out of your league.” “We spent all summer together,” Catherine cries out. “Yea in your imagination, I have a girlfriend,” says Peter. Right on cue as Peter says the words, his so-called ex-girlfriend April shows up, laughing. Then she calls Catherine a freak and everyone in the hallway starts to chant it. Catherine looks around crying and as we meet eyes and I can feel it, her heartbreak all over again, then she ran off. I chased behind her but she to fast she jumps in her car and rides off. I run back into to the school and walk right up to Peter and all he stupid friends, “How could you play with her heart all summer just to get in her pants and tell her you love her, you’re the biggest jerk I have ever seen and your going to get what coming to you.” Peter just looks at me with surprise, “I didn’t do anything to her,” says Peter. I looked at him with disgust and walk away.

I run to my car and jump in already knowing where I’m going; I have to see if Catherine is OK. As I get to Catherine’s house I can see her car in the driveway. I knock on the front door and ring the doorbell but no one answers. So I looked under the plant pot and get the extra key to the house and opened the door. It’s quiet; as I walked into the house but I know Catherine is here. I go straight to Catherine’s room but I get this horrible feeling, a chill is in the air and I can’t help but feel that I’m not going to like what’s behind this door. As I opened the door I see her, Catherine she’s hanging from her ceiling fan, a belt around her neck, dead. I don’t know what to do, tears starts to fall down my face and I’m screaming but it doesn’t sound like me. All I can do is cry and scream, a piece of me is gone, a piece of me I can never get back, my best friend. I feel so guilty, there was so much more I wanted to say to her, so much I wanted to do with her. All the bad things I said today, I could have prevented this. I can’t look at her lifeless body hanging there anymore, my feet began to move as fast as they have ever and as I’m running out of the house Catherine’s mom is coming in, She asks me what was wrong as she see the tears running down my face and I just keep running. As I run to my car, I can hear Catherine’s mom screaming. I jumped in my car and go to the one place I feel safe no return forest.

Every person that has every went in this forest has never returned, that’s where it gets it’s name but for some reason this forest has always felt like home, a safe place for me to read and write but today I decided to run and keep on running till I can’t find my way back.

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