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The Start of Forêt (Chapter 7 of Forêt)


Chapter 7

Foret is a world with in a world. “I don’t get it”, said Alex. “ill explain”, said Henry. “Foret was created over 400 years ago, the two most powerful witches among all witches. They fell in love and all they wanted was to be left at peace so they could start a family. The humans wouldn’t let them, they chased them where every they went never allowing them to stay in one place long. Finally they decided to make a world just for their kind so that no one would have to run or hide who they really were, a place where they could be free to raise a family and live normal lives. These two witches had the power to create a world, which none today have but this power came at a price. Witches are immortal but to create a world, it takes a lot of power, it left the two witches 20 years left to live. During that time they name the town Foret, which is French for forest, they also change their family name to Foret. Long story short they become the rulers of this world making the laws so that everyone could live at peace, allowing every supernatural person that wanted to live their lives to settled down here. They had one son then they die”,Henry said this like it was nothing. I’m sorry its not everyday witches go around creating secret worlds where I come from. “But if any supernatural person can come to Foret why is it such a big deal I got in”? Asked Alex. “While 18 years ago the son of the two witches allow there to be guards, who protect the portal from the outside, some of them living normal lives on the outside, some of them live as animals within the forest. After he did that he left this world closing the only portal through the forest behind him, no one has seen him since”, said Henry. “So how did I get here”, asked Alex. “I’ve been thinking about that”, said Henry. “I think there is only two options either someone open the portal or you some how are a descendent of the Foret Family”, said Henry. “I thought you said that the only descendent is a son”, said Alex. “Well he is but those are the only options , anyways he was a good ruler, a least that’s what the elders say”, said Henry. I looked at Henry and laughed. “I’m sorry but I don’t believe a word your saying, witches and a magical worlds I need to get home, make believe time is over”, said Alex. Henry looked at me with a puzzled look on his face then said, “you don’t believe me”? For a second I swear it looked like all hope had left Henry face, it made me want to take back everything i just said. “You don’t believe me ill show you”, said Henry.

“There’s a party tonight, every supernatural person who loves to party will be there and you’ll see for yourself what this world really is”, said Henry. Henry called for Abby she appeared. “Abby will you show Alex to the living room”, Said Henry. She replied, “yes”, then Henry turn to me and said, “I will get dress in meet you in the living room”. I followed Abby down some hallways, down the stairs finally back to the living room. As I waited for Henry I started to think about Abby she was always there , she seemed somehow close to Henry, which also got me thinking Henry has to be about my age but he is in this big house all alone just him and his servants. Henry came down stairs looking like an H&M model, slicked back hair, and black jeans, a sports jacket with a bow tie. My dream guy is literally standing in front of me; I could have never imagined this moment would ever happen for- me. Something inside of me is telling me no matter how this night ends I know if I let Henry go I’ll never find a guy like him again.

Chapter 7

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