The Secrets of the Forest, Chapter 1

Updated on November 1, 2017
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Hey Adam here I'm a student who writes stories in my spare time because i like to dream and image other worlds.

The Forest Of Wonders

What is The Secrets Of The Forest?

The Secrets Of The Forest is a story that I'm currently working on.

It's a little project for me that i really enjoy making and i hope to share bit of it with you guys and I hope to get feedback.

I have currently written the first 3 chapters and I am working on the 4th chapter, and as long as at least 1 person reads my story I will continue to write on it.

The Cave


As I looked up the feeling of fear and powerlessness made my body feel as heavy as iron, and as clumsy a one wheeled bike.

The cave was bigger, darker and scarier than in any of the stories I’ve heard.

The scent of old rotten bones filled the cave, it wasn’t pleasant nor unbearably unpleasant.

If I had been alone I would have turned around the moment I reached the cave, smell or not.

“S-s-so this is it, this is where I will find my other half?” I stuttered.

“Yes, this is where everyone finds their other half, don’t ask such silly questions”

The principal did not sound amused as she answered my question.

Why did I ask such a silly question, it’s common knowledge?
Even a person without potential knows about it?

Get it together Ansel. You should know better!

Should i make another "Attention" which purpose is to get you into the series?

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Chapter 1 – Miss Noel

The sound of high heels rung in the classroom, before being replaced by a shout as loud as an explosion.

“Ansel! I hope you’re listening, if you had spent just half of the time you spend sleeping in my class on listening instead, you might even be able to find the classes fun enough to stay awake”

That was my teacher, Miss Noel. She might sound harsh but, she is the only person aside from my closest friend Sarah, who believes in my potential.

“I’m sorry Miss Noel, it won’t happen again” I answered with one eye closed not sounding anything near sincere.

“For god’s sake, it’s the same old with you” you could hear the frustration starting to build in her voice, she was about to give me one of her lectures about how I waste my potential again.

So, I chose the easy way out, jumping out of the classroom window and landing in the school’s pool thirty feet down below.

As I jumped I looked back at Miss Noel and gave her a wink, she didn’t look like she liked it.

I quickly got out of the pool and started running, running as fast as I could, trying to escape.

Escape the Hell they called a school.

I could feel my heart beating against my ribs. The feeling of not being able to catch my breath as I run as fast as I can.

This is it I feel alive!

“Now where are you going?” My heart skipped a beat and I froze.

The next thing I know, there is an iron claw like grip around my neck.

I could feel the blood lust of the person who had a tight grip around my neck, it was like a mantle of iron pressing down on me.

And the strength, it wasn’t the kind of strength any normal human could produce.

I looked back at the person who grabbed me, and to my surprise it was none other than Miss Noel.

“Nowhere special” I said trying to sound as apologetic as I could.

“Did you really think you could get away!?”

Miss Noel looked like she was about to explode with rage.

“Not really” I answered as I lowered my head in fear of what was coming.

She must’ve been extremely angry.

Her face turned red with anger, and the next thing I know.

Everything suddenly turned dark as I felt a stabbing pain in my stomach.

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    © 2017 Adam Hwang


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