The Secrets of the Forest, Chapter 2

Updated on November 1, 2017

Forest Of Wonders

What is The Forest of Wonders?

The Forest of Wonders is the forest in which Ansel was found when he was still and infant. It is also the home of magical beings and The Cave.

You will not want to travel to The Forest of Wonders alone as it is a very dangerous place.

However it is as beautiful as it is dangerous, and many people gets lost in it's beauty and never return.

Boarding House

What is the boarding house?

The boarding house is where students from far away or students who want to live on campus lives.

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Chapter 2 – Sarah

I woke up to the sound of my overprotective friend, Sarah.

She has been with me since her father found me abandoned out in The Forest of Wonders.

Ever since we got introduced to one another, she has been glued to my side, except for when I try to run away from Miss Noel.

“Are you ok? You’re not hurt, are you? Did she hit you again?”

It’s the same old usual questions, but they made me feel at peace, made me feel safe and loved.

“I’m fine, oh and yeah she hit me right in the stomach again” We both started laughing.

“I see the usual” She whispered to herself when she finally stopped laughing.

“But are you sure you’re ok? You didn’t seem like yourself in class” “You looked lonely” She added.

“Yeah it’s just the same old memory of that woman singing a song”

Her face turned serious. She looked as though she wanted to hug me and tell me it’s all going to be okay.

“Does it bother you? I mean the memory?” Her voice almost cracked while asking the question.

“No, not really” “It’s more like a dream, it doesn’t feel real”

The skin on my chest started burning, as if something was being burned into my skin.

I grabbed my chest in pain.

“Does your chest hurt as well? Let me see it! now!”

I took off my shirt and revealed my chest, Sarah’s face said it all. Something’s wrong.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Your chest, I-I-I didn’t know you had a tattoo?”

What!? A tattoo, what is she talking about, the last time I checked I didn’t have a tattoo?

I looked in the mirror hanging on the wall beside my bed.

And just as she said there was a tattoo. It was a cross, but not like any I had ever seen before.

There were even wings coming out of the cross, it was thick black ink, itched into my chest.

“Is this a joke? Are you kidding me?” The question took her by surprise, as she clearly didn’t expect it. “No, you know what just forget it. The look on your face tells it all”

“I’m sorry I suspected you” I could see the tears she was fighting to keep at bay.

I gave her a big hug. And she started to cry, she cried for a long time.

After she was done crying she got up, and started walking towards the door.

“Thank you, thank you for letting me use your shoulder to cry” she said those words as she left my room.

When we had dinner, she looked the same as always, a pretty smile and the same bright and beautiful grey eyes.

No signs of sadness or crying. We ate dinner in total silence, an awkward silence.

The next morning something felt wrong, I looked at the tattoo again.

Did it grow? It seemed like the wings had gotten bigger. Was I imagining things?

I asked Sarah to look.

“It definitely, looks like the wings have gotten bigger” She said while she started to study my body instead of my tattoo. She blushed when she realised what she was doing, and hurried out of the room.

I put on my shirt again, and we went to school without exchanging a word about what happened.

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