The Rise of the Blue Moon 6

Updated on January 30, 2020
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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

What mystic secrets will be revealed?
What mystic secrets will be revealed?

The Rising of the Blauer Mond Part 1 ...

It is early Friday morning and Megan is on the balcony looking out towards the moors. Ethan stirs in bed and notices that his wife is not at his side. He moves silently from where he previously laid to join her. Megan turns to look at him.

“How are you feeling?” She inquires of her husband.

“Ready to do battle!” Ethan proclaims confidently.

Arnaud did well in naming you Adimarö for truly you will be magnificent in battle.” Megan asserts and Ethan embraces her gently.

“So will you, my love. We have all been trained for combat. Sebastian took Shirley and Janice to the Perpetual Forest yesterday. Madame Zaire has been instructing them in the art of tending to the wounds of the elite.” Ethan informs her.

“Do you mean that Madame Zaire will not be present during the battle?” Megan is stunned by this revelation.

“No, she will not. The High Counsel has so ordained that Madame Zaire be neutral during this war of dominance. As you are aware, she has strong sympathies toward members of Вячеслав’s team, especially Braun.” Ethan rationalizes.

“Yes—especially with Braun. At one time they were aficionados!” Megan affirms in approval.

“It would still seem so. Remember the other day when Braun insisted upon escorting Madame Zaire safely to her chalet in the Perpetual Forest.” Ethan reminds Megan.

“Yes, I do.” Megan nods, then averts her attention to the serious matter at hand. “This is the night of the rising of the blue moon.”

“It is. Let’s shower and join the others downstairs.” Ethan offers.

“How do you know that they are awake?” Megan responds knowing the question is unnecessary.

“We are and there is a lot at stake.” Ethan justifies. Then moving toward the door he thinks about things, shrugs his shoulders and proceed to the bathroom.

Henry is pacing the floor in his suite of rooms while Jenny is in front of the mirror brushing her hair.

“Henry dear, can’t you stop pacing for a moment. We should be preparing for breakfast.” Jenny is slightly annoyed by the unbridled energy of her mate.

“If it wasn’t for me, the Farmers would be enjoying a relaxing holiday. Now, it’s going to be a battle royal.” Henry laments.

“The Stimme said that it was meant for Megan and Ethan to follow this path; to fulfill the wishes of the High Counsel.” Megan reminds him.

“However, it did not include dealing with that renegade Amaliya!” Henry spits venomously.

“I thought you loved her.” Jenny responds in complete shock.

“Вячеслав loved her!” Henry corrects. “It is only because the Essence of Amaliya resides in Megan and Вячеслав in me that this problem even exist!”

Jenny rushes to Henry filled with embarrassment and remorse. “I have acted the jealous fool, Henry. I have secretly feared that such a day would come—that Amaliya would come between our love –” Before Jenny can complete her confession, Henry speaks.

“If we dread anything long enough, it can become a reality. You know how passionately I love you. From the moment that we first met I knew you were destined to be mine.” Henry possesses Jenny’s lips and she is easily his conquest.

Sebastian is sleeping peacefully when there is a knock on his door. Groggily he answers it and Janice blushes as she observes Sebastian in the nude.

“Do you always answer the door in this manner?” Janice asks as she brushes past him into his room.

“Only when hoping the person on the other end of the door is you.” Sebastian whispers as the pulls Janice close.

“This is an important day. You will need all your strength for the night.” Janice laughs pushing Sebastian away. Seeing his obvious interest in her being displayed, she blushes profusely. Sebastian slowly moves to retrieve his sapphire blue robe.

“Is this any better?” He quizzes, running his fingers through his hair. “What is the purpose of this early morning visit anyway?”

“I couldn’t sleep, and I thought I detected some movement in the other rooms.” Janice partially lies, she couldn’t sleep but it is because of the danger Sebastian and the others are in.

“Don’t worry, honey. This is going to be par for the course. Megan, Ethan and I have been trained for this. We are a pack. You and Shirley are a part of that pack. Our lives have been intertwined.” Sebastian explains standing in front of Janice looking extremely virile.

“I will leave you to shower. See you downstairs.” Janice presses two fingers to her lips then to Sebastian. He grips the fingers and insert them into his mouth. Again, Janice is hardly able to contain herself. Slightly pulling away she excuses herself while she still can.

“See you at breakfast, Bass!”

The Spirit of дух волка, Adimarö
The Spirit of дух волка, Adimarö

The Rising of the Blauer Mond Part 2 ...

The day passes smoothly with each individual wrapped in his/her own private thoughts. As evening approaches, everyone is put on alert. Madame Zaire comes by to speak first with Henry and then with Braun.

“Time passes swiftly my friend.” Madame Zaire whispers to Henry as they recline on the balcony adjacent his suite of rooms.

“Yes, Zaire it does. Have you spoken to Braun yet?” Henry inquires.

“Not yet—I wanted to see you first. This will not be an easy victory you know.” Madame Zaire retorts.

“I feel responsible.” Henry answers, looking Madame Zaire in the eye.

“You need not. There has been discord within the High Counsel for some time, you know that.” Madame Zaire admonishes.

“Yes, but I am referring to Ethan and Megan. The timing seems unfortunate for them.” Henry laments.

“Silence, there will be no talk of blame or negativity.” It is the Stimme. “They are here at just the right time. It is Amaliya who chose the wrong time. When Mélisande finishes with her; there will be only one place left to dwell.”

“долина невозврата!” Henry proclaims. “Pity.”

“We cannot have Вячеслав’s authority questioned or challenged! As ruler of the Northern Lands ... it is decreed!” The Stimme advises both Henry and Madame Zaire.

“And so it is!” Madame Zaire exclaims.

“And so it is!” Henry pronounces.

“Return to the Perpetual Forest, Madame Zaire. Please, take Jenny with you. Only those that are designated to be in this battle are allowed on the Sacred Savannas.” The Stimme orders.

“I will obey.” Madame Zaire excuses herself and goes in search of Jenny.

“There will be no need of good-byes Henry Hamilton. Madame Zaire will take excellent care of Jennifer Hamilton. You will return to her. Not one person in your group will be lost.” The Stimme reassures him.

“And what of Amaliya’s troupe?” Henry queries.

“It is as you have said.” The Stimme is gone and Henry is alone.

Before Madame Zaire leaves with Jenny she must pay Braun a visit.

“Jenny Hamilton is waiting for me outside. I could not leave without seeing you.” Madame Zaire confesses.

“My dear sweet love—I have never lost sight of our former commitment. Вячеслав could not stay with Amaliya. That is understood. However, our situation is different. I am a member of the High Counsel and you are a Counselor Adjunct. Your special calling allows us to enjoy things—” Madame Zaire interrupts.

“I must go, and you must do battle. Jenny will be under my protection as I am under the High Counsel’s. We will meet, later.” They embrace tenderly and Madame Zaire takes her leave.

As the Blue Moon rises, Amaliya and Mélisande separate with the removal of Emerald of des äußeren Reiches. Both women become wolves. Mélisande's wolf is strong, powerful and agile while Amaliya's is crippled by jealousy and hatred. Mélisande rips into Amaliya continuously until she lay motionless on the ground. Вячеслав’s comrades only suffer minor casualties while severe consequences are sustained on the side of Amaliya’s. Shirley and Janice as Counsel Adjuncts tend to all.

дух волка, Adimarö” Adimarö screams as he tears into one of the former High Counselors.

Victory to the Conquerors!Вячеслав roars as he rips into the throat of another Counselor.

At the climate, Жар-пти́ця, Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde appears to proclaim the victors.

Вячеслав will never be challenged again. I so decree it. Amaliya and others who would choose to follow her will find a new home in долина невозврата—The Land of No Return!”

There are screams of mercy and forgive me but to no avail. The transgressions of Amaliya and her High Counselor allies are too horrendous to pardon. There is no turning back! The sentence of banishment in долина невозврата is carried out—and the pleas vanish along with their owners. Henry Hamilton and the others are immediately reverted to human form by the High Counsel and they exist the Sacred Savannas, successful but tired.

What becomes of Ethan and Megan Farmer? Will Sebastian Taylor finally settle down with Janice Cooper? That, my dear readers, is another story!

The End (for now!)

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      • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

        Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

        4 months ago from Memphis

        Only one group can be the victor!


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