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The Rise of the Blue Moon 5

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Preparing for the Inevitable ...

The Hamilton Lodge also incorporates a Jeep for back road activities. This is what Ethan takes on his journey to meet with Arnaud. When Ethan comes to a clearing, he meets the formidable man.

“It is good you are here on time.” Arnaud replies with a strong German accent.

“When Henry told me you wished to see me; I came right over.” Ethan explains.

“This is good.” Arnaud retorts, giving Ethan the once over. “I sense you are a man with hidden strengths.”

“I see.” Ethan surveys Arnaud as well.

“The battle between Mélisande and Amaliya will be fierce!” Arnaud relays to Ethan and is very much please with his reply.

“And, what do you desire of me Arnaud the Lehrer and High Counselor of Behörde. I am yours to command!” Arnaud is so impressed with the reverence given to him by Ethan that he smiles.

“Hank did well in selecting you Adimarö für dich sind herrlich im Kampf (Adimarö, for you are glorious in battle!)” Arnaud proclaims proudly. With a clap of his hands, Arnaud becomes Эхуань the Eagle and with him is the mighty phoenix, Жар-пти́ця!

“I am Жар-пти́ця, Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde.” The phoenix responds. “You may call me Vlatka, which means—”

“Great Ruler!” Ethan reacts. The phoenix hovers near him but not too close.

“It is true what I have heard from Вячеслав with regards to you. Mélisande and Adimarö make a formidable couple.” Vlatka admits to Эхуань. “It will be necessary since there is betrayal within the High Counsel of Behörde. Some feel that Вячеслав should be castigated for staying so long and fathering two sons. Others, along with me, feel that he should be exonerated.”

“And those who side with Amaliya and feel he should be restrained?” Ethan inquires.

“Must be brought into subjugation. There is no room for anarchy among the High Counselors of Behörde. It would present a larger rip in the universe.” Vlatka stresses. “It was the initiation of such a rip that allowed the witch Viktoria to evoke such mayhem when she was here.” Эхуань the Eagle expounds.

“This is why you have been summons by Эхуань to complete your advanced training. Even now, Madame Zaire is creating a talisman with the sacred dust of Behörde. You will become a wolf as well when invoking дух волка (the Spirit of the Wolf) while holding it. But unlike Mélisande, you will not become subjected to the full moon and its powers. The mark of the werewolf is not upon you.” Vlatka makes this variation especially apparent to Ethan.

“I, Жар-пти́ця, bestow unto you now the mantle of immortality which will exist only when you are in the embodiment of дух волка, Adimarö.” And with that, Vlatka vanishes and Arnaud assumes his human form. He and Ethan are alone once again.

“It was inevitable that Megan would become Mélisande and you Adimarö. However, it is unfortunate that Amaliya’s trickery has made disturbingly new problems. Nevertheless, let us go to complete your training. Then to Madame Zaire for your talisman.” Arnaud dismisses any further conversation and both men head deeper into the Perpetual Forest.

The training with Megan and Bruno is as extensive as that of Ethan and Arnaud. Each has to be skilled in balancing on one leg while combatting an assailant. Bruno teaches Megan how to offset her strength when maneuver objects and Arnaud emphasizes the use of telekinesis and other means of thought transference.

It is close to sunset when Arnaud joins Megan and Bruno. Ethan, having completed his training, is sent back to the Hamilton Lodge. Arnaud speaks.

“I know that you are weary Mélisande, but the training needs to be completed tonight. I have business with the High Counsel and will not be available until the rising of the Blauer Mond. By then, you need to be in readiness and not in need of further training,”

“She will be ready by then.” Bruno reassure Arnaud. Both men eye each other and then Arnaud concedes.

“As you say, Lehrer Бруна.” Arnaud retorts, giving Bruno an exaggerated bow. Bruno moves closer to Megan.

“Don’t worry, you will do exceptional. Arnaud is a difficult taskmaster, but I believe that you are up for the challenge. Just keep your wits about you and don’t take his bullying personally. That is just his nature. He has a very high opinion of himself.” Bruno warns.

“As if you don’t, Bruno.” Arnaud counters and after squeezing Megan’s hand once more, Bruno is gone.


The Eve of the Rising of the Blauer Mond ...

Megan is sitting alone on the balcony of their suite. She is looking out towards the moors and is clutching the Emerald of des äußeren Reiches. Shortly, Ethan comes to join her.

“You had a restless night, my love.” Ethan states, kissing her lightly on her bare shoulder.

“It was a rough training period. Everything that I have heard about Arnaud is not an embellishment.” Megan sighs.

“No, he is most thorough. You should have expected that from your first encounter with him.” Ethan reminds her.

“As the eagle, he is more generous but in human form—he is a tyrant.” Megan justifies.

“I was only exposed to his human training. I didn’t think it could be any less brutal. He is an arrogant bastard isn’t he.” Ethan blurts out and Megan is beside herself with laughter.

“And that is just putting it mildly.” She adds and Ethan joins her in the merriment. “Just think, Ethan. A few months ago we were minding our own business in Detroit, getting ready for what we thought would be a relaxing vacation in Meadowvale Village.”

“Yes, and now we are the main characters in a very dangerous drama. Everyone says that it was inevitable; that this would happen. Not, however the part regarding Вячеслав and Amaliya.” Ethan adds.

“In a small way, I can understand Amaliya feeling betrayed by Вячеслав. His passion is very strong, and it is very easy to get caught up in it.” Megan informs Ethan to which he slowly raises an eyebrow.

“Really now ...”

“Don’t play so shocked. I know that the Stimme told you all about my encounter with him in the Woods.” Megan turns to look Ethan in the eye.

“Yes, but I regarded it as Henry Hamilton getting a wee bit out of line.” Ethan recalls wanting to pound the man but was dissuaded by the Stimme.

“The physical characteristics may have been Henry’s, but the emotions were definitely Вячеслав. After all this time, he is drawn to her in that way, and only in that way. He is as strongly committed to Jenny as I am to you.” Megan affirms.

“Poor Jenny, she can’t hide her anxiety toward you.” Ethan takes the chair opposite his wife.

“It is Amaliya and not me, dear Ethan or should I say Adimarö?” Megan rises from her seat to give Ethan a generous kiss. “Do you think Sebastian will be a wolf as well?”

“If we are to reign over the Canadian Wilderness, I would think so. This is all so strange. I suppose I will have to have someone supervise my office in Detroit. I will need to set up a base in Brampton.” Ethan shakes his head.

“Toronto would be better. We could live in that beautiful apartment in Brampton. It’s not far from that beautiful forest.” Megan sighs.

“I will call my Administrative Assistant Jill—she can get the ball rolling. That will be one weight off my mind. I’ll have her coordinate with Janice Cooper.”

“Yeah—let’s see if we can get a couple more hours of rest, darling. I think everyone is going to try to today. Tomorrow will prove to be quite a showdown.” Megan retorts rising from her seat with Ethan following.

“That it will be.” Ethan states under his breath.

To Be Continued ...

The Rise of the Blue Moon 6

  • The Rise of the Blue Moon 6
    It is the Night of the Rising of the Blauer Mond. Much is at stake. The destiny of two worlds: Earth and Behörde. There can only be one victor in this match. Will it be Вячеслав long with his league of Lehrer and High Counsel Protectorates or Amaliya

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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