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The Rise of the Blue Moon 3

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Beware of the Blue Moon …

Beware of the Blue Moon …

An Unexpected Turn of Events ...

Because Mélisande is now one of the Lehrer, she will one day have to train others. It is Бруна the Bear who first takes Megan further North until they breach the boundaries of civilization and embrace the uppermost territories.

“This is my domain as Guardian of the Arctic Tundra. I am Braun!” Бруна relays to Megan.

“Do you also possess a human form?” Megan questions.

“Yes, I do.” Бруна confesses; then whispering the incantation, Braun presences himself to her. Megan is both pleased and surprised when she looks at Braun.

“And what did you expect to see? A shaggy old man with a beard and a cane?” Braun laughs merrily.

“No—I just never expected to see you look like this.” Megan blushes sheepishly.

“Just wait until you see Arnaud. You will find that the Counsel of Behörde only pick the very best.” Braun brags.

“Who is Arnaud?” Megan questions.

“Why he’s the eagle of course. When we are in our human form, we have names that denote our character. Your strength and cunning will be a great asset to the Lehrer. We teachers must be skilled in many things.” Braun answers.

Will you and Arnaud be the only ones to give me such training?”

“Yes. You will not be needed in the African Savana. This is where Чика the Cheetah resides. She is extremely protective of her Savana and rarely needs any assistance. When it is warranted, the Counsel of Behörde will send Вячеслав.” Braun explains.

“I see. Do I need to inform Ethan of my departure?”

“No, Henry Hamilton will take care of that. Your Ethan has training of his own to undertake. We also need to insure you have everything you need before the Eve of the Three Nights and definitely before another Blauer Mond.” Braun cautions.

“Why?” Megan inquires although she already knows the answer.

“Because you will have to confront Amaliya. She will need to be punished by the High Counsel.” Braun looks at Megan intently as she begins to become enraged.

“Punished! It was Вячеслав who betrayed me, and I am the one to be punished.”

“You will be silenced. I am speaking with Mélisande and not you. You will do well not to eavesdrop on these conversations.” Braun reprimands.

“Is there anything that can be done?” Megan entreats.

“Yes, I will speak to Madame Zaire.” This is all that Braun would relay. “Return to Ethan Farmer and get some rest at the Hamilton Lodge. I will bring you a talisman and then we can proceed with your orientation.” Megan heads back for the Lodge and Braun pays a visit to Madame Zaire.

“Lehrer Braun, you seem troubled. I sense there is a problem with Amaliya.” Madame Zaire surmises.

“You are right Zaire. I will need your help. We are alone. There is no need for you to address me so formally.” Madame Zaire smiles as she accepts a brief kiss from Braun. At one time, they were lovers.

Braun appears before Megan is ceremonial dress.

Braun appears before Megan is ceremonial dress.

“Please, sit down Braun and tell me what has transpired.” Madame Zaire leads Braun into the festively decorated kitchen. After putting on a special blend of herbal tea, she joins him on a stool at the breakfast bar.

“I was discussing my plans for OJT with Mélisande when Amaliya appeared.”

“You mean she literally emerged?” Madame Zaire questions in fascination.

“Only her voice presence.” Braun clarifies.

“What did she have to say?” Madame Zaire rises to attend to the tea; bringing it to the counter and handling a cup to her guest.

“This is lovely, Zaire. I do miss our times together.” Braun responds provocatively and Madame Zaire blushes.

“So do I but there was no way I could have possibly left the Perpetual Forest to live with you in the Arctic Tundra. Now, tell me about Amaliya.” An anxious Zaire retorts.

Braun begins to give Madame Zaire an account of what occurred between Megan and himself when the interruption happened. Madame Zaire listens with great interest then offers her solution.

“Thank you for this valuable information. I will need to prepare a very strong sleeping potion for Megan, then this talisman will have to be put around her neck.” Madame Zaire again rises and goes to a locked cupboard. There she retrieves a special pouch, opens it and produces an exquisite emerald. She hands it to Braun.

“It is the Emerald of des äußeren Reiches. How is it that you possess such a powerful stone?” Braun admires the jewel enviously.

“I was given this for safe keeping by Вячеслав after he defeated Демон мести!” Madame Zaire reminds Braun, then returns the jewel to its velvet pouch.

“Indeed I remember that confrontation. That witch Viktoria had created quite a stir.” Braun looks at Madame Zaire seductively.

“Please Braun, you know I cannot resist you. There is no incantation for your spell.” Madame Zaire eyes sweep over the Lehrer’s masculine frame.

“Still, you managed to elude me.” Braun counters.

“Not elude—I am duty bound by oath to the Perpetual Forest. You know that!” Madame Zaire chastises.

“As I am bound to the Arctic Tundra. However, it doesn’t stop me from visiting an old friend from time to time.” Braun rises from his stool and lifts Madame Zaire from hers.

“No—it doesn’t.” Madame Zaire replies, eyes filled with desire.

The Emerald of des äußeren Reiches …

The Emerald of des äußeren Reiches …

The Emerald of des äußeren Reiches …

Returning from the Perpetual Forest, Braun goes in search of Henry Hamilton. He finds him alone in the garden at the rear of Hamilton Lodge.

“You bring me unpleasant news, Braun?” Henry judges from the look on Braun’s face.

“Yes, I do Hank. It would seem that Amaliya is determined to delay, even prevent the further training of Mélisande and time grows short.”

“There are only two days left before the Eve of the Three Nights. Then we will be facing another Blauer Mond. Is Megan prepared?” Henry watches Braun intently as he paces back and forth as the beast he portrays.

“I have gotten this from Zaire!” Braun hands Henry the pouch and he looks at it and nods.

“Yes, this will definitely do the trick but to put it around Megan’s neck will not be easy. If Amaliya should suspects—” Brun interrupts.

“Zaire also gave me this secret blend!” Both men smile as they look at the very powerful secret blend that could knock out an elephant.

“That will definitely do it. Let me speak with both Ethan and Chef Mavis Blair. Mavis will be able to brew the tea for Megan and a regular mixture for us. Then, Ethan will be able to put this powerful talisman on Megan.” Henry informs his friend.

“How is the training coming along with Ethan Farmer?” Braun inquires.

“Extremely well—he makes a great addition to the Enlighteners.” Henry boasts.

“What about the attraction?” Braun probes.

“What about you and Zaire?” Henry counters.

“Keeping everything in prospective!” Braun smiles and Henry gives him a knowing look.


The two men head for the Lodge under the watchful eyes of Mélisande. However, she is not the only one who looks on with interest. Ethan is observing them as well. He has never seen Braun before but there is something about him that seems familiar.

To Be Continued ...

The Rise of the Blue Moon 4

  • The Rise of the Blue Moon 4
    As the Rising of the Blauen Mondes approaches, everyone is concerned about how Mélisande will deal with Amaliya when the event finally happens. Regarding the Emerald of des äußeren Reiches—its powers are without comparison. But will it be enough!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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