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The Rise of the Blue Moon 2

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

What secrets are concealed by the Blue Moon?

What secrets are concealed by the Blue Moon?

Setting the Record Straight ...

While Megan is caught up in training, Henry and the others have returned to Hamilton Lodge. There is no need in the troupe continuing to habitat at Madame Zaire’s chalet, it could be hours or even days before Megan is ready. Ethan finds Henry in the gym and decides to have a talk with him.

“Can I speak with you for a moment, Hank?”

“Sure Ethan. Why don’t we settle over by the bench, I believe we will both be more comfortable there?” Henry offers.

Both men meander to the far end of the gym. Henry sits down first, then Ethan joins him. Henry speaks first.

“I suppose the Stimme told you all about it?” Henry observes Ethan. Both men are eyeing each other intently. Then Ethan breaks out into a smile.

“Yeah, she did. As much as I want to punch you in the gut I can’t. I understand why it all happened. I also know that you love Jenny as much as I love Megan.” Much to Henry’s relief he extends his hand to Ethan and they shake hardily.

“I’m doggone glad to hear this, Ethan. I think you’re a pretty swell guy. Megan wouldn’t have married you if you weren’t. I admire how you stood by her; even when you weren’t quite sure what was going on.” Henry retorts.

“Oh, there were some tough times, I don’t mind telling you in the beginning. Especially, waking up and having to go out into the forest to fetch Megan. Not really knowing what to expect.” Ethan reminisces.

“I’m sorry that Amaliya chose your wife as an avenue to get back at me.” Henry admits.

“It’s Вячеслав that Amaliya has the grudge against not Henry Hamilton.” Ethan clarifies and Henry nods in agreement.

“And it just so happens that I am the benefactor of his essence. I took on the job voluntarily. It wasn’t an invasion like with Megan.” Henry adds.

“Megan can definitely take care of herself.” Ethan grudgingly admits. “I always felt there was an inner strength about her. I guess I enjoyed being the macho protector.” Ethan recites sheepishly.

“I think every man feels that way, Ethan. I know I do. I’m also glad we got this out in the open. I mean about Megan. She’s a beautiful woman.” Henry declares.

‘Yes, and she’s mine.” Ethan asserts with finality.

“Ah yes—she’s yours, Ethan.” Again Henry offers his hand.

Janice walks by the gym and notices the two men deep in conversation. She stands at the entrance for another minute and then moves on toward the kitchen.

“That smells mighty good, Mavis, what is it?”

“Roast chicken and potatoes, Hank’s favorite meal.” Mavis answers.

“Marvis, how long have you known Henry Hamilton?” Janice perches on a stool in the kitchen watching Mavis skillfully prepare the afternoon meal.

“I knew Hank before he married Jenny. You know, I even at one time thought, well—” Mavis let’s her voice trail off.

“You were in love with him?” Janice replies in astonishment.

‘Is that so hard to believe? I mean look at him. Anyway, nothing came of it. He’s an aloof individual. I guess that’s what makes him the perfect vessel for Вячеслав.” Mavis confesses.

“Ah yes, the tiger. A solitary figure that mates and then moves on.” Janice counters, then noticing the slightly hurt look in Mavis face begins to understand.

“You, you were intimate with Hank?” Janice asks and when she doesn’t get a response she investigates more. “Does Jenny know about this?”

“No! She just thinks I have a sisterly attachment to him.” Mavis further explains.

“But with that special insight of hers—” Mavis interrupts her.

“She is not allowed to see everything you know; that would make her one of the Counsel of Behörde and she is not. She is an Enlightener.” Mavis illuminates.

“Ok, so what’s the difference?” Janice takes several pinches off the roast chicken until Mavis slaps her hand.

“That’s for later, have one of my homemade cookies, just one mind you!” Mavis reprimands.

“Right, now you were going to explain the difference to me.” Janice reminds her.

“Hugo, Webster, Josh and Madame Zaire were the original Enlighteners. Then Jenny was recruited after the annihilation of Hugo and Webster. The Enlighteners are a special breed of individual that are endowed with four types of abilities: Seers, Seekers, Revealers and Protectors.” Mavis expounds.

“And is Henry an Enlightener?” Janice inquires.

“Not only that, but he is also a member of the Counsel of Behörde when he assumes his выбрали один position. Then he is one of the immortals.”

“Just as Megan is!” Janice concludes.

“Just the same. Now it’s self-explanatory what each position means. Seekers are always looking for the truth, no matter where it can be found. Revealers uncover the truth and expose it. Generally, Seekers are also Revealers. Seers have the ability to look into the future as well as the past and Protectors are the guardians. Do you understand now?” Mavis queries.

“Yes, I believe I do.”

“That is good since you will be working so closely with Mélisande. You will assume the duties that Ethan once had. Bringing clothes to her and making sure she goes undetected.” Mavis rejoinders.

“And what will Ethan do?” Janice replies indignantly.

“He and Sebastian have other duties. You need not trouble yourself about them.” Mavis replies straightforwardly.

“This is like some unbelievable cult.” Janice says throwing up her hands.

“Perhaps, did you observe Ethan and Hank conversing?” Mavis asks.

“Yes, I did. Don’t tell me you’re a Seer?”

“Ok, I won’t. At any rate I need to concentrate on preparing the afternoon meal. I think Sebastian was looking for you.” And with that, Mavis turns her back on Janice and focuses her attention on the chopping asparagus.

Nothing like a good workout …

Nothing like a good workout …

Preparing to Protect ...

After their conversation, both men engage in a strenuous workout. With Henry as the Lehrer, Ethan is discovering muscles that may have been lying dormant for months. When both are near exhaustion, Henry speaks.

“You are in much better shape than I surmised.”

“It has been awhile, but it’s slowly coming back to me. The Stimme said that Sebastian and I would be Protectors. She said she noticed that trait in me when I was working with Megan.” Ethan alerts Henry between puffs.

“Yes, I know. Both you and Sebastian will make welcome additions to the Enlighteners. It is growing steadily in numbers. The Canadian Wilderness is vast. It will take Mélisande as well as Sebastian and you to maintain it. As you know, I reign in the Northern Lands as Вячеслав. The Magnificent Magnanimity consist of the direct descendants of Вячеслав. They are the Albrights and they control the Southern Plains. Чика, Бруна and Эхуань the Lehrer have their regions and Mélisande with Sebastian and you, the Canadian Wilderness.” Henry concludes.

“I never realized that this was such a vast network.” Ethan marvels.

“Most mortals don’t and that is just the way the High Counsel prefers it. With the rift between the mortal world and des äußeren Reiches ever widening, it is going to take more entities to control things. Come, Phase 1 of Mélisande learning will soon be over. That will usher in Phase 2.” Henry says calmly.

“And what does Phase 2 consist of?” Ethan prods.

“Just a little OJT—On the Job Training.” And Henry laughs hardily.

To Be Continued ...

The Rise of the Blue Moon 3

  • The Rise of the Blue Moon 3
    The best laid plans of mice and men—even the Lehrer Braun finds that during the course of nature there can be some minor setbacks. It would seem that Amaliya is determined to tighten her grip on Megan. However, she forgets Megan is also Mélisande!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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