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The Rise of the Blue Moon

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Beware the Blue Moon …

Beware the Blue Moon …

It is during the rising of the Blue Moon (Blauen Mondes) that the World of the Outer Realm (die Welt des äußeren Reiches) has access to the world of mortal man. When a dweller of that realm feels that a betrayal has been committed without restitution; then a breach within the two worlds will be established. This allows the spirit of the injured party to seek recompense from the offender or his descendants. If this is not possible, a representative will be chosen as the recipient of that judgement.

A Tale of Betrayal ...

Both Megan and Madame Zaire return to the others. Everyone is in anxious anticipation to hear what will transpire next. It is Madame Zaire that explains.

“I apologize for the delay, but it is necessary as I am sure Jenny has informed you. The High Counsel of Behörde has chosen both Ethan and Sebastian to be participants in this ceremony. The High Counsel will send the Stimme to prepare them for this event. When both men have arrived, we can begin. All this must happen by the Eve of the Three Nights.”

“The Eve of the Three Nights— and what is that about?” Janice inquires skeptically.

“It is a time in conjunction with the full moon. This is when wonderous things begin to happen and raw power is unleased into the world.” Henry informs her.

“Oh! What are we going to do now that the ritual has been postponed?” Janice wonders.

“Return to the Hamilton Lodge I’d wager, although sunset would just be commencing.” Shirley offers.

“I’m not fond of long walks in unfamiliar terrain.” Janice informs nervously.

“Now please— be my guest for the night. The Perpetual Forest is not safe at night.” Madame Zaire insists.

“You are right. The ladies would certainly be in peril.” Henry nods his head in the affirmative.

“Is there a danger in such an enchanting forest?” Janice questions.

“It is to those unfamiliar with its secrets. Don’t be alarmed, though. Henry Hamilton will be fetching the men to my chalet. No one would dare challenge him.” Madame Zaire explains while Henry slightly tilts his head in agreement.

“Will you tell us one of your anecdotes of secrecy and longing?” Jenny coax in an effort to get everyone’s mind off the events of the coming days.

“Thank you for asking. I will explain to you das Aufsteigen des blauen Mondes.” Madame Zaire whispers mysteriously.

“And what madness is this?” Shirley probes.

“Ah, madness indeed for it is the Night of the Blue Moon!” Madame Zaire whispers as she begins her tale of unrequited love.

“It was on such a Blauen Mondes that Chauncy left Angelina. She was the fairest of mortals who unwittingly fell in love with one of des äußeren Reiches. They are supernatural creatures who assume human forms for just a season to indulge in the whims of beautiful maidens.” Before Madame Zaire can continue, Henry interrupts.

“So, Вячеслав and Amaliya were not the first?”

“No Henry, Вячеслав and Amaliya were definitely not the first.” Madame Zaire smiles at the relief looks on both Henry’s and Megan’s faces. Jenny notes this as well.

“As I said before, Angelina fell in deeply love with Chauncy. However, he never told her of his immortality or that in time he would have to revert to his cosmic form. They were in a rapturous embrace when it was time for his departure—the night of the Blauen Mondes. Chauncy took leave of himself and departed in a vapor, leaving Angelina devastated.”

“What happens next?” An eager Jenny inquirers.

“Angelina is so overcome with grief that she begins to languish away. Her essence becomes a beautiful tiger lily that blooms crimson red every night of the Blauen Mondes.” Madame Zaire quietly concludes the sad short story.

“Did she not come back to seek revenge?” Jenny probes.

“Against whom? There was no one for her to demand restitution. According to the sacred writings— When a dweller of that realm feels that a betrayal has been committed without restitution, a breach within the two worlds will exist. This allows the spirit of the injured party to seek recompense from the offender or his descendants. If this is not possible, a representative will be chosen as the recipient of that judgement.” Madame Zaire reminds the group.

“So the tiger lily turns red instead.” Megan answers and Madame Zaire concurs.

“I’m going to make my trek to the airport. Ethan and Sebastian should be there shortly. Вячеслав will journey to the forest’s edge. Then I will drive the rest of the way. Enjoy your night, everyone.” Brushing his lips ever so lightly against Jenny’s, Henry leaves Madame Zaire’s chalet. Then he commands—

“Вячеслав Возникают!”

After Megan has been trained … a New Lehrer will emerge!

After Megan has been trained … a New Lehrer will emerge!

The Return of the Lehrer ...

Early the next morning Ethan and Sebastian, along with the rest of the house guests, are treated to a hardy breakfast of wonderful herbs and other vegetation in the dining nook of Madame Zaire’s chalet. Being totally vegan, Madame Zaire is skilled in the art of making meatless meals appealing to all discriminate tastes. Even Henry decides he would coax his chef into making at least one purely vegetarian dish a week.

Arising, Madame Zaire excuses herself and adjourns into the kitchen. There, she retrieves a large vessel that has been specifically mandated for events such as this. It contains a special paste made from purified water from the Forbidden Springs and herbs from the Sacred Gardens. She then calls for the participants of the Reinigungszeremonie.

Next, ceremonial clothing is provided for each guest as well as for herself. As so many times before, Jenny aids by distributing the attire; then they are allowed to change into them. Momentarily, everyone in the group comes back wearing their brightly colored ceremonial robes.

“Now we will all sit with hands clasped in a circle. You, Mélisande will serve as the centerpiece.” Madame Zaire commands.

Everyone obeys as Madame Zaire begins to apply the concoction all over Mélisande with the cream she has just produced. A drink made from bitter herbs is also given to Mélisande to consume. Her face contorts, but she finishes every drop. It is the Stimme who delivers the incantation in English while the others listen in silent wonder. Even the Essence of the High Counsel demonstrate the solemnity of the Rites by the stilling of the usual warm gentle breeze.

“As the Stimme of the High Counsel, I bestow you with the Mantel der Unsterblichkeit (Mantle of Immortality.) But not without limitations. Your immortality only exists under three unique circumstances. One, when there is a full moon, two during the rising of the Blauer Mond and three, when evoked by command. At these times, you become the Guardian of the Canadian Wilderness. So it is decreed.” A single bolt of lightning pierces the sky and the Voice departs.

Everyone’ attention is now focused on Madame Zaire as she ushers in the return of the Lehrer.

“When your lessons have ceased, the power of Бруна the Bear shall be yours. Эхуань the Eagle will train you in the art of astuteness. The velocity of Чика the Cheetah will be her gift to you. All this coupled with the cunning of Mélisande the Wolf!

“I invoke the High Counsel of Behörde to bring to us Чика, Бруна and Эхуань the Lehrer.” Madame Zaire requests. There is a wisp of warm air and the faint sound of approaching animals. In an instance, Чика, Бруна and Эхуань exist before them. Upon seeing Henry they bows their heads slightly—then look in the direction of Mélisande!

They pronounce in one voice, “She is one of us, let the training begin!”

To Be Continued ...

The Rise of the Blue Moon 2

  • The Rise of the Blue Moon 2
    It is becoming more and more obvious to Ethan that what his wife has become a part of is more than meets the eye. While Megan completes Phase 1 of her initial training, Ethan will undergo some training of his own—also some fact finding.

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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