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The Plan: The Gabriel Chang Story Chapter Three


Addiction is a dangerous game with a quick rise, no matter what species a creature happens to be. Gabriel found this out the literal way, by living it. Or was it unliving when you were undead? The humor in the vampire's thoughts increased every day now that he had his own source for faerie blood on tap. His tanned skin now held an almost purple hue to it and his eyes were speckled with enough red that they'd never pass as a natural color in the human world.

One might think that having so much of something as exotic and fulfilling as faerie blood would keep Gabriel from feeding on humans, but it was the opposite. The more faerie blood he drank, the more human blood he wanted on average. And it made him ravenous, unable to find satisfaction in a cocktail of human blood made by his bartender; he needed fresh blood from a living and moving source. His food had to fight, otherwise it left him listless.

That was why he was out tonight, walking the streets. The cool breeze felt nice against his skin, leaving him glad that he didn't have to worry about wearing a bunch of layers like most humans did. It felt like he was riding the wave of a drug as he strolled along at his own pace, wandering out miles away from his club. He didn't stop until someone caught his eye, someone different. They could have been any gender, Gabriel didn't mind and their appearance and verbal presentation was androgynous. They had a spark, something special, and he could see it while they spoke to her friends. It drew him closer, and he watched with rapt attention as the group meandered through the city streets, enjoying themselves.

When they parted, he struck quickly, grabbing his prey before anyone could see him. While the group all assumed their friend had just walked off to make their own safe exit, Gabriel sunk his fangs into their neck, his hand clamped over their mouth to suppress any sound they might think to make. At first, they struggled, elbowing and kicking the vampire, but they were nowhere near as strong as he was. Any normal vampire was stronger than a human, but with the amount of faerie blood he was drinking Gabriel was almost stronger than any normal vampire. If he wasn't now, he would be soon if he continued on the same path. The struggling stopped and the satisfying flavor that had been pouring into his mouth quickly soured when life no longer ran through it. He dropped the corpse without a care for what would become of it, but continued to savor the taste on his lips. Their blood was more them now than that lifeless body. The last essence of their life was what would fuel him and taint his taste buds until his next meal.

On his walk home to his club, his head was filled with fantasy and grandeur. He was getting so strong, there wasn't much that he wasn't fully confident that he'd be able to accomplish. A lot of his time, both before and after his vampiric change, was spent on fantasy. Gabriel liked to spend time on his own, kicking around ideas and daydreaming about things he could accomplish if he put forward vast amounts of effort. That was how he had come to own and operate his own club, Amnesia, filled it with supernatural employees and mixed species clientele, and covered the grounds with enough magic to make sure he was always the most powerful being in the room. Now, with the blood lust and restless ambition that his faerie blood habit was creating, his mind wandered to new things;. Bigger things.

It would be pretty easy to gain a following with this much power behind his words. Charm was not on his side, neither was patience when it came to other people, but a cranky boss wasn't new in the undead world. Besides, it would get the point across that he didn't care about any of their lives, so he wouldn't hesitate if they crossed him. With a following, he would have man power, which meant labor and brute force were assets. But what could he need an army of foot soldiers for? He wanted for nothing but knowledge of the world he was now part of and power, mostly magics. He had that, he got his information from running his club.

He was almost home when he remembered a specific artifact that he had heard about with power worth possessing. He thought about his faerie, locked up with a future as his own personal blood source, and then it struck him. The only thing that was better than learning about all of these strange and powerful artifacts and sources of power was to own them so that those powers would be his own. His mind filled with imagery that reminded him of the mighty dragons of lore and legend. He'd be the dragon, strong and fierce enough to be feared by all. That power would come from artifacts that he'd hoard for his own personal use. There would be nothing that he couldn't have.

And to think, he'd almost gone on to graduate college with a boring degree that he didn't even remember the name of anymore. Gabriel Chang could have been a faceless businessman or an accountant. Someone with a future that most humans would consider profitable and successful, but now it seemed laughable. He'd rather be homeless; but he wouldn't have to be. As he took the elevator up to the VIP room inside his club, his thoughts were heavy but his head was light. A grin curled his lips as he unlocked his private treasure room and thought about how quickly he could fill it-- and then require renovations to host more. Riley was laying in her sunless room, draped across the bed she'd been given like a dying flower petal. Her weakness and lack of fight didn't stop him from sinking his fangs into her wrist, opening the two holes he'd been using to drink from her and he sighed contently, thinking about her blood making him even stronger.


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