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The Nigerian Prince: Part Two

Amateur writer: I've been working as a freelance writer for the past few months. These are some of my works of fiction.



A fair trade

"Here! Take a shot of this..." She calls attention to her pose, lightly leaning back on a parking meter behind her

Turning towards her, the man smiles, finds the perfect angle, then points the camera at her

"So what's your name?" He inquires before taking several shots as she transitions from one pose to the next

"What's yours?" She rejoins before taking the last pose.

She then walks up to him to inspect the photos - Attempting something of a catwalk in the process

"Sani" He replies; leaning closer to her and raising the camera to showcase his work

"Mhm? What?" She turns to face him; now getting a clear glimpse of his gentle but lively facial features

"My name, it's Sani" He smiles; causing her to briefly stare. "What do you think?" He inquires, still swiping through some of the photos he just took

"Not bad" She retorts; retreating to the parking meter. "So, what do you do? Mr. Sani?" She inquires, this time with a more suggestive pose

"I'm a prince" He takes a snap "From Nigeria"

"A prince, Huh? Haven't heard that one before" She rejoins. "Well, Mr. Prince-man" She continues "You wouldn't mind buying a girl a warm cup of coffee, would you?"

"Not at all" He responds, adjusting the camera strap and resting his hands in between them. "I know just the place"


The two walk into a rather fancy restaurant where her sense of fashion raises some eyebrows. He doesn't seem overly concerned, however, leading her to an empty table just for two - Right at the center of the establishment

"What will it be?" A fairly stout lady in white inquires as soon as the two have comfortably settled: Her tiny hands ready to jot down the order

"Surprise us" Mani responds with a warm smile. His hands flat on the table.

"OK!" She retorts and heads to the counter, leaving the two awkwardly smiling at each other

"So, what do you do?" He inquires, his eyes not straying from hers

"Well, I'm working on it" She momentarily gets lost in her thoughts "Why?" She slightly leans forward, "You plan taking me back to your big castle?" She continues but immediately regrets this response.

The waitress returns with two cups of hot chocolate and again with an assortment of cuisines of varying flavors - From French onion soup and bread to roasted pork loin finished with a portabella demi-glace and all sorts of accompaniments in between - Everything to her delight.

Some moments later

"So what now, Prince-man?" Betty inquires as soon as she has her fill. Admittedly a little intrigued.

"Just a nice tour of the city" He replies, signaling the waitress for his bill.

"Just a tour?" She interrogates him. Now a little bemused

"Just the tour" He returns

"Well, that will cost you a good 1120" She responds "No one would take less than that in these parts"

"Will you be my guide" He smiles

"Consider yourself guided" She returns with a smile, but again regrets this response that she immediately deems silly.

Fine dine



No sooner do the two step foot outside the restaurant than they run into Jesse -Not particularly in the best shape.

"Good to see you out here working, baby!" He walks up to her and wraps his hand around her shoulder - Rather too tightly for her liking. "Isn't she a peach?" He asks - An air of arrogance in his tone.

"I think you're hurting her" Sani sneers at his arrogant persona.

"OH! Of course" Jesse lets go of her, raising his hands above his head. "We're all friends here, aren't we?" His tone of voice reporting hostility "So how much is she getting for this nice little date we're having?" He inquires, walking up to Sani.

“Jess…” She tries to intervene

"I think you should go now" Sani suggests with a menacing tone - A small crowd now gathering much to Betty's embarrassment

"Alright, of course!" Jesse backs down "I'll leave you two love birds be," He declares sarcastically and disappears into the crowd

"Come, we should go, now!" Betty insists; pulling Sani's hand as they make their way across the street - He follows without question; fully aware of the situation



The two hop onto a bus with Betty choosing to stand while Sani finds a seat a few rows behind her. A few more people board the bus (repeatedly throwing glances at her) before it finally takes off.

Slightly turning her head, Betty gets a sense of Sani's powerful gaze upon her. Momentarily feeling like royalty in the spotlight – A feeling she’s only experienced once before; before everything went straight to hell. So long ago now it feels like.

Some minutes later, the bus comes to a stop and she signals him to alight - A less lively part of the city

Noticing her arms crossed in an effort to keep warm, Sani insists on getting her something from one of the few stores still open

“See something you like?” He inquires once they make their way into the store

She immediately spots a white-bluish Columbia Lindores jacket and walks over to get a closer look and feel; Much to the approval of the storekeeper

"That a great choice, love"... The storekeeper gives a thumbs up

"What do you think? Good?" Sani inquires

"Go ahead" the storekeeper suggests "Give it a try"

Sani helps her in it then takes a step back to get a better view "How's that?" He asks

"It's perfect" She replies – A mixture of emotions in her tone

"Here" utters the storekeeper "I have a mirror for you, dear" She gestures at a mirror next to the counter but Betty bears her no mind – Gazing into Sani's brown eyes instead

"It's good" Sani declares "It'll do"

© 2021 Kimani Maruge

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