The Never Ending Tunnel - Chapter Twelve

Updated on November 20, 2017

Chapter 12 / 18

Chapter 12 / 18

The minute Will opened his eyes he knew that today was the day he had to act and go through with the plan. He had to start acting. Jess had received the letter and now he had no more time to waste.

The night is full of rain and dark clouds. The lightning lightens the whole hospital. Will feels as though everybody knew what he was about to do. He feels as though people knew that he was about to break out of the hospital.

As he makes his way down the staircase only one thought is on his mind. The thought of being reunited with Jess. Will reaches the staff room and sees a nurse sipping on his coffee. It was now around ten o clock and patients were not allowed to leave their rooms at this time. Will had to make sure that nobody sees him.


Will quickly retreats and goes into the room opposing the staff room which is a small storage room for the cleaners. He has to wait for the perfect time to act. He couldn't be careless and screw everything up again.

Time was passing by and he was still in the room hiding, occasionally peeping outside to see if any changes had occurred. The nurse was still drinking his coffee most and more nurses had been passing through the hallway, checking in on patients. He had to wait until nobody was in the room so that he could get his hands on one of the coats even though he hadn't yet known how he was going to get one.

Will hears a noise coming from outside. He sees two new nurses entering the staff room. At this point he had come up with a new plan came. He started rationalising whether or not this was the ideal way to go but the staff room was not going to be free from the nurses and so he decided to go with the new plan. After all, he didn't have anything to lose now. He could only gain from the situation as nothing could possible get worse for him as well as for Jess.

Will looks outside and sees that one of the nurses was making his way towards the door. Will starts sweating, feeling anxious. He was having his doubts once again. As the nurse arrived exactly near the door, Will slowly opened the door and put his hands around his mouth so that he wouldn't make any noise and attract attention.

Both Will and the nurse are now in this small room. Both of them trying to get hold of the other. The nurse was shocked; he had no clue what the hell was going on. The nurse punches Will, making him bleeds from the nose. At the first Will got, Will punches the nurse too, knocking him out cold. Guilt starts building up, not believing what he had just done. He laid the nurse on the floor, trying his best to make it the most difficult for others to find him. He felt disgusted of himself.

Will removes the white coat from the nurse and slowly and quietly opens the door. He runs down the hall way as fast as he possible could.

As he reaches the end of the hallway he stops for a second and puts the white coat on. From now on he had to be sly and had to make sure not to act suspiciously. The first part of the plan had succeeded. He now had to get to Jess' hospital which wasn't that far away, however, he had to get there before somebody found the unconscious nurse in the storage room.

Will makes his way down to the car park. He had to find a way how to get to Jess' hospital. He was considering breaking the windows of one of the cars when he hears a rusty sound coming from the pocket of the white coat. Car keys. For once, luck was on Will's side. He now had a means of transport too; he just had to find the car.

The rain pours down with all force outside and the moon is hidden behind the clouds. The sound of thunder making Will jump to his feet every time. Will starts thinking about the nurse and whether or not he had regained consciousness yet or if somebody else had found him. If another nurse did find him inside that room, then that would have meant that they would call the police and Will had hoped that he would have broken Jess out of the hospital before anybody realised that they were gone. Besides from that, the nurses would realise that Will had gone missing in the morning. He definitely had no time to waste.

Will presses the 'unlock' continuously key, hoping to see car lights go on.

"Come on! Come on!" he says to himself.

Car lights go on and Will sprints to the front door. Will had never driven before so he had no idea how the hell he was going to drive all the way to Jess' hospital but this whole idea seemed impossible from the start so he was willing to try. He starts the engine and carelessly reverses into another car, the tires of the car making a screechy sound.

As Will drives out the car park his mind starts racing. Will stops the car for a second to think of what to do next. Will starts to think of his younger innocent self. One particular thought comes to his mind. Every day after school when his mother would pick him up, he would sit on her lap when they were just a few minutes away from their home and he would steer the steering wheel. He would pretend he was driving a racing car and he could distinctively remember his mother's laugh. He would even make the racing car noises too. Now, he was actually in a real car and he had to drive all the way to Jess' hospital to break her out too.

The street light illuminates the streets and the slippery wet roads. Luckily for Will, there wasn't a single car in the streets. Will tries to follow the signs and after driving in circles for ten minutes, he finally finds the street leading up to the nearby hospital Jess was situated in.

He parks at the end of the street. Now it was time for the final part of his to take place. This was the hardest part of it all. In just a few minutes, he would either be reunited with Jess or else back to the hospital or else even a police station. He had no clue how all of this was going to turn out but considering that all his life was revolved around bad luck, he wasn't quite expecting this to turn out the way it wanted to.

Just before he exits the car he thinks things through one last time. He makes sure that he knew exactly what he had to do. He starts to think of the possible outcomes and even though there was a very little possibility for things to turn out the way he was hoping to, he couldn't back out of it now. He loved Jess way too much to let her down and he wasn't planning on letting her down once again. He was prepared to do whatever it takes to be with Jess again.

Will exits the car and starts making his way to the hospital. The thought of the unconscious nurse was stuck in his mind. He couldn't get the picture of him laying there unconsciously out of his head and e would have never imagined that he would have to go through any of this but here he was.

He takes one last deep breath and hopes to God that things would turn out according to his plan.


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