The Never Ending Tunnel - Chapter Thirteen

Updated on November 21, 2017

Chapter 13 / 18

The rain hasn't stopped pouring down. It's around midnight and not one soul has passed by the streets.

Jess was having one of her usual nights. Another lonely night but at least Matt was around to console her and make her feel less alone even though she really was feeling alone. Nobody could understand what was going on in her mind. She always felt alone, even if she was surrounded by a dozen people. Deep down she was alone and only one person made her feel that she wasn't.

Her whole life started falling into pieces. Ever since her mother had passed, she had fallen into this spiral of depression. The feeling of sadness, hopelessness and loneliness getting heavier and heavier every day. The second she woke up every day she feels a heavy load of sadness inside and it has been like that ever since she can remember. She never had the chance to enjoy the teenage years. Depression was stealing her teenage years away from her. The only person who could make her feel better was Will and he was taken away from her too. She felt as though her destiny was made for her to feel depressed and miserable forever. Just as things were starting to look up to her, things came crashing down and that feeling of hope soon faded away.

Jess knew that Will was up to something and she had been waiting for him ever since he received the letter but she had no idea what Will was up to. She had no idea that he had just stolen a car and has driven all the way to her hospital and was about to try and break the both of them out. Even though she wanted to be with him she certainly didn't want to spend the rest of her life on the run. She was not prepared for what was coming to her that night.

"Thank you for listening. I really needed a friend and you have always been there for me. Ever since I've came here to this hospital, you've been the only person whom I can really talk to."

"Don't mention it. I really enjoy your company. You're one of those few people whom I genuinely enjoy talking to." Matt replies.

Will walks to the back side of the hospital trying to find the back exit. The only way this plan could ever work out was if they escaped through the back door as they would avoid all the passing nurses and receptionists.

As Will finds the back door he sees a device attached to the door. The tags embedded in the white coats would open the door and whenever the exit doors would open, the details of the tag would be saved to the hospital's database for security reasons, so once Will opens the door, the details of the nurse would be saved into the hospital's database.

This was one of those times where he needed luck to be on his side. Throughout his life, the best outcome would always happen in every situation but he was hoping that for once things would be different.

"Please please please." Will pleaded to himself as he put the tag onto the device. Will closed his eyes and waited, hoping for the door to open. The door opens and Will breathes a sigh of relief. He runs up the stairs and finds himself in the first floor of the hospital. The smell of hospitals, hand sanitizers attached to the doors, stretchers in the hallways, the white neon tubes on the ceilings. The scene was all too familiar to Will. He had to make sure not to draw any attention. He reaches the end of the hallway and there was no sign of Jess just yet.

He ran to the second floor and started searching for Jess room by room. The hospital was so quiet that even if someone had dropped a needle it would have been heard. As he walked by the hallway and checked in every room he saw patients of all ages. He couldn't believe that such an illness affected was affecting people of all ages. He started thinking about how full of misery the world is for something so cruel to even exist. What's the point in life if you suffer from depression which makes you want to take on your own life?

Just as Will was about to move to the third floor he heard footsteps. Had someone saw him? Had one of the nurses found the unconscious nurse in the room and had called the police? Paranoia was starting to take over Will.

Will hides and waits for the nurses to pass by. He once again sprints to third floor and surprisingly hears Jess' laugh. He hadn't heard that laugh in so long. Her laugh made him feel as though he was at home. Her laugh brought so much happiness and memories to him. He had missed hearing that laugh every day.

Will stood by the wall and a million thoughts started running through his head. "With whom had she been laughing?" he asked himself. Had she found someone else and had forgotten all about Will?

Will tried his best not to answer any of those questions as he had never been anybody's first priority in his life and he was scared that he wasn't for Jess either. He had always been the second option for everybody in his life and he wouldn't have been surprised if Jess had forgotten all about him and had moved on. Growing up he never was his parents' first priority. Both of them were too busy fighting about irrelevant things and never really gave Will the attention he needed and wanted. Even at school he never was his friends' first priority. They would always go out on the weekends without even asking him and just a few weeks later they had avoided total contact with him. Why were things so difficult for Will?

Why do some people have to suffer so much in their lives whilst others enjoy life to the full without any major problems? Obviously everybody has their own problems but in some certain cases, some people have it really bad. Why has Will been alone all throughout his life? Why didn't he have any friends to hang out with and laugh with whilst others have so many friends? These were the questions which would go through Will's head each and every night. Every night he would lie in bed and think about how other people are happy and enjoying life whilst he is battling depression and the depression is certainly winning.

Depression had consumed his life and there was no sign of it going away just yet. Jess was the only person who could make Will forget all about these problems and he was frightened that he was about to lose her to some other guy. Had he just gone through all of this for nothing? Had he just risked his life to get heartbroken and get replaced?

After sitting on the floor for a few minutes with these thoughts going through his head he decided to find out things the way they were. He couldn't stay there forever and he had no time to waste. He stood up and prepared himself for the worst. Will walked down the hallways and reached Jess' room. The white neon tube on the ceiling lit the whole floor.

He approaches the door and opens the door. His jaw dropped. He sees Jess and another guy sitting on her bed, laughing. Will couldn't believe what he was seeing right in front of his eyes. He couldn't believe that he had gone through all of this for nothing. But most of all, he couldn't believe that Jess had found another person; that absolutely destroyed Will.


Jess looked up and saw Will standing at her door. She was so surprised to actually see him at the door.


Will locked his eyes on Matt who was still sitting on Jess' bed. Matt too felt surprised and shocked.

Jess stood up and hugged Will tightly. She was so glad that she had finally seen him again.

"I'm so glad you're here Will. How did you get here?"

"Who the fuck is that?" Will asks bitterly. You could cut the tension in the room with a butter knife.

"That's Matt. He's my friend. I met him a few days ago."

Will felt destroyed, disappointed, angry but most of all jealous. He was jealous of Matt. He was jealous mostly because he was the one who got to be with her. Even though there was nothing going on between Matt and Jess, Will still believed that they were together. No words could describe how Will felt.

"Come on Jess we need to leave. Now!"

"Leave? Where are we going?"

"I came here to break us out so we could be together, just like I promised. We'll figure it out later but we must leave now, before somebody sees us."

Matt jumps in the conversation. "How did you get in here?" Will was in no state to talk to Matt; he didn't even acknowledge him.

"Jess come on let's go!"

Jess looked at Matt, not knowing what to do. What was she supposed to do? Leave with Will and lives the rest of her life on the run or stay at the hospital and wait for her clearance which could take another few months or possibly a year and break Will's heart?

Matt was there for her when she had nobody left in her life. He could see that she was hurting. Matt stood up and hugs her.

"Be safe Jess. Take care of yourself." Matt says to her. He hugs her one last time.

Jess looks into his eyes. She hugs him back and whispers a "thank you."

"Jess we're running out of time!" Will says. You could listen how anxious and nervous he was feeling.

Jess grabs Will's hands and they run out of the room, leaving Matt all alone, sitting on her bed. They make their way down the stairway and exit through the back door.

From this moment onwards they were both on the run. A few moments from now, somebody would find the nurse who was knocked out by Will and call the police and the following morning the nurse staff would realise that Jess and Will had gone missing and they would inform the authorities as well as their parents. Jess hadn't yet processed what exactly she had done. She hadn't yet realised that she had escaped from her psychiatric hospital and she certainly had no idea that in a few hours her dad would find out of this.

They run down the road as the rain gutters down and just before they enter the car Will kisses Jess; their lips locking with each other. He couldn't believe that his plan had worked out and that he was holding Jess in his arms again.

This was the only moment when both of them felt as though everything would be okay. Nothing was okay and things could only get worse from that moment on but they were together and that was the only thing they cared about. The presence of one another made them feel happy and made them feel complete.

"I love you so much Jess. I promise I won't let you go now and I promise I won't screw things up."

"I know you won't and I love you too, more than you could ever know. These past weeks have been miserable I missed you so much. Promise me that we won't get separated again. Promise me."

"I promise Jess. Nobody will take you away from me again."

Will was promising something that he wasn't quite sure of. He had no idea what was going to happen in the following days. He had no idea what they will have to go through in these upcoming days and he certainly had no idea where they were going to go.

His plan had turned out successful and as he had hoped it would turn out but what comes next was the biggest struggle. Now they had to leave that place as soon as possible and go somewhere as far as possible to make sure nobody would see them. They were now on the run and neither of them had an idea what was about to happen next and they were totally not prepared of what was to come.

The most important thing was that they were together. That was the only thing the pair of them cared about. They felt like they could take on whatever came in their way as long as they were together. They had helped each other when they were both at the same hospital and now they were finally re-united. They were happy that they were finally holding hands again and they were happy that they were finally together again.

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