The Never Ending Tunnel - Chapter Sixteen

Updated on November 24, 2017

Chapter 16 / 18

The night was long. Every minute felt like an hour. Whenever they heard a noise they would wake up wide awake, terrified. They were always ready and prepared.

"I feel like something bad is going to happen Will." Jess says as they prepare to start their day.

"Nothing bad is going to happen. You're worrying too much, just relax. Everything is going to be okay."

They had run out of supplies and so they had to run to the grocery store and buy some necessities with the remaining money they had. Once they spent the remaining money they had to come up with a new plan.

Going out in public made Jess feel more anxious than she already felt. She felt as though people were staring at her, whom they most probably were considering she hadn't showered in a few days and her clothes were filthy dirty. The worst thing of it all was that they were both on the news throughout that week and it was easy for somebody to recognise those two faces from the news.

Will had to promise her every time that nobody would notice. Whenever he promised her something it always reassured her and made her feel a little bit less tense and anxious. After all, he did promise that he would solve things when Jess had been relocated to a different hospital and he did keep up with his promise.

Jess and Will move from one isle to the next, putting some food in their shopping cart, picking out the cheapest items possible. A few people did stare at the pair and Jess felt that rush of anxiety every time she started to think about being put in the hospital again. She couldn't even bear the thought of being inside again. She started getting paranoid. Hearing people whispering, thinking that they had recognised them. She wanted to get out of that mall as soon as possible; she couldn't stand being in public.

Just as they were about to put their items on the shopping belt Will makes eye contact with a middle aged woman. She had short black hair and her dark brown eyes stared at Will's. She was as though she was trying to figure out exactly who that kid was. She felt as though she was familiar with that face and that she had seen him before. Just as Will locks his eyes with hers he turns away quickly and puts the items on the belt quickly. He knew that they were in some serious trouble He knew that the lady had recognised them and she was going to inform the police.

He saw her dialling on her mobile phone which made him feel even more anxious. He didn't tell Jess though as he knew that she would panic and freak out and would make things worse. He started putting the items on the belt quickly and Jess noticed that Will seemed like he was panicking.

As they were putting the few items into their bags they saw something which they hoped they would never see. The strobing police lights took over the area. Three police cars lined up in front of the shopping mall, blocking the entrance and two police officers exited their cars and started approaching the shopping mall.

Jess looked at Will and she gave him a defeated look. You could see the tiredness, sadness and helplessness in her eyes. Will looked right back at her beautiful face.

"Fucking hell! Jess run! Follow me!"

He threw the bags up in the air and sprinted backwards, Jess sprinting right behind him.

They sprinted through the aisles, knocking products off the shelves, making people stare at them. Will had no idea where he was running to. He saw an door with a huge "Staff members only" sign on it. He pushed the door open and as soon as Jess entered the door they closed the door.

Every customer stood there surprised by the scenery. The police too ran inside the shopping mall. Six policemen ran to the back of the mall where Will and Jess were and they confirmed that they had seen the two missing teenagers from the hospital.

They pushed the door and looked around the enormous storage room filled with big brown boxes. Jess and Will could have been hiding anywhere.

"Don't make any noise." Will whispered in Jess' ears. He held her hand and kissed her.

"We will be okay, I promise you."

Those words once again gave her a little bit of hope. They were now running away from the police and they were being chased by six police officers. Things absolutely couldn't get any worse at this point.

As the officers turned their backs towards and started looking at the other side of the room, they took the opportunity and ran to the opposite side towards the back exit. As soon as Will and Jess started running to the back they heard the footsteps just behind them.

Will and Jess run out of the back door and slam the door behind them. Just a few seconds after they shut the door they could hear it re-opening once again. They stopped for a second as they approached a street junction. They turned to their right and started running towards a nearby park. They had absolutely forgotten about the car which was parked just a few miles away from the shopping mall.

The police officers call their colleagues for back up. The whole area starts getting crowded with people observing this manic scene. People stare as the two teens run across the streets..

Jess and Will cross to another side street where they hid for a few minutes to catch their breath. They saw two police cars rapidly driving by. They breathed a sigh of relief thinking that the police were now gone when in fact, things had just started. They were stuck. Nowhere to go. There was a police officer situated at every street. They had no possibilities left.

"This is it. This is it. What are we going to do? Should we hand ourselves in?"

"Don't be stupid Jess. We'll figure it out. Just follow my league."

They start running once again to an unknown destination. Will spots an emergency stairs leading up to a roof of an apartment building.

"Jess be careful. Follow me."

They start climbing the creaking metal stairs. So far nobody has spotted them. As they arrive at half way through the stairs they hear a loud voice coming from a speaker.

"Get down here now!"

As they look down they see around six police cars and a lot of people staring upwards at them. Nobody could believe what they were seeing.

"Ignore it just keeping going." Will says instantly.

"Just keep fucking going." The tension taking over Will and Jess.

As they make their way up the stairs they face an amazing view. The suburban area surrounded by tall trees in the distant. They make their way upstairs and they buy themselves a few minutes. They had to think of something else to do. They start hearing the footsteps banging on the steel stairs once again. They were at a dead-end and they were now fucked.

"Put your hands behind your backs. Don't make matters worse. Your parents have been worried sick. Just cooperate with us and come back to the station with us. You've got some explaining to do."

A distinct memory comes to Jess and Will's minds. The night that they had spent running around the hospital, they were also caught by the security guard at the roof top and the following day Jess was sent to a different hospital. This time they were hoping that things wouldn't be that bad and that they wouldn't get sent back to the psychiatric hospital

Will has the look of disbelief, the look of disappointment. How could have this happened? After all that he's been through. After breaking out of a hospital and saving Jess how could have things ended like this? Was this the end for everything?

"I'm not going back to that hell hole! I'm not! Just leave us alone!" Jess screams at the top of her lungs. She starts crying and shouting. Letting all the anger out.

"Don't let them take me! Will do something! Please don't let them take me back!" She continues on, screaming, shouting and crying. Will is speechless. He has no answer. He knew he couldn't tell her that things would be okay this time. This time he couldn't lie to her. This time, they had no power over what was about to happen.

They make their way down the apartment building and into the police cars. Every person on the streets is staring as they enter the police cars.

Will and Jess enter the back of the car, handcuffed, surrounded by six policemen. The car starts and the rain is pouring outside; the wipers clearing the rainy tainted windshield. It was as though the rain followed them wherever they went. There never was a rainbow after the storm.

Jess stares outside the window as they drove past the strangers. She couldn't imagine this ever happening to her in a million years. A part of her felt absolutely destroyed. Another part of her was scared of going back to the psychiatric hospital. She thought that they would definitely take her back in considering that she broke out in the middle of her programme. The other part of her was a little bit relieved that all of this was over. She was relieved that now the police officers would call her dad and inform him that she was found safe and sound. She had been feeling guilty for worrying him and now she was glad that he would have put his mind to rest.

Will on the other hand felt like an absolute failure. He had failed on keeping his promise and keeping Jess safe. His goal was to make her happy and keep her safe no matter what and he had kept that promise for months as he had always managed to find a way to make her happy and he even broke her out of the hospital just so they could be together when they were separated. Today however was a different story. Today he had failed in everything that he had been doing these past few months. He had failed in keeping Jess safe as they now were inside a police car on their way to the station and possibly back into hospital or even worse, jail. He had also failed in keeping her happy. For him that was the absolute failure. The night he listened to Jess talk about her mother he had promised himself that he would do whatever he could to make her happy. He wanted to give her a fresh new start.

Just as they thought that things were finally looking up things took a rough turn. What they had next in front of them was a shitty and complicated situation, possibly facing charges for assaulting a nurse, breaking out of a hospital and even stealing a car. The future wasn't that bright for them and the next hours were going to be crucial for them.

Throughout their journey to the station nobody said a word inside the car. Total silence except for the sound of the rain hitting the car and the sound of the 'walkie talkies'. Will had no words and he had no idea what he was supposed to tell Jess. He would be lying if he told her that things were going to be fine and she probably wouldn't have believed him this time anyways.

The two police officers exit the car and open the back doors. Will and Jess come out in the pouring rain, and they stand in front of the police station. They look at each other and they were preparing for the worst. They take one big breath in and start approaching the entrance to the station.



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