The Never Ending Tunnel - Chapter Six

Updated on November 14, 2017

Chapter 6 / 18

A month has already passed since Will met Jess. That also meant that a month had passed since Will came into this psychiatric hospital. Was he doing any better since the day he came in? No. He had gained some hope when he met Jess but now that hope got lost once again.

Jess wasn't doing any better either. She absolutely missed Will. He made forget that she had problems. He made her feel special. Whenever the two of them got to spend time with each other, they both felt normal. They both felt as though they weren't even in a psychiatric hospital. They made each other forget that they were depressed. They were both so happy to have met each other and now all of that was taken away from them. They were the perfect fit for each other and things just had to go wrong to ruin everything for them. As if things weren't bad enough already.

Jess couldn't stand the thought of not being with Will anymore and so she had decided to change that. She knew that she would regret the consequences but she wanted to be with him no matter what. She was willing to put everything on the line just to spend some time with him. That's how much he meant to her.

Jess grabbed a piece paper she had found in one of her drawers and wrote a small note. "Be ready at 8 x." She then went into Will's room hoping not to get caught just yet. She quickly put it on his pillow and went downstairs for her usual therapy session.

She felt on edge all day and she had even ignored Will throughout the day even though he was the only thing on her mind. She wanted to go up to him and kiss him but she couldn't, not yet at least. Every passing minute felt like an hour and after what felt forever, the time had finally passed and it was finally eight o clock.

She knew this wouldn't end well at all. There was no chance that this could ever go well but she didn't care as she was going to meet Will again and that's all she cared about. Just before she left the room she thought of one thing which her mother would always tell her and that is to do whatever made her happy; she even left her a note after she passed telling her that she will always be with her and to never give up no matter how bad things got. Jess hadn't quite lived by her mother's words as she had lost hope since the day her mother passed; but she always kept her mother in mind no matter what she was doing.

It was finally time to surprise Will. Jess left the room, just in time to avoid the two nurses passing by. As she arrived at Will's room she gave him a little nod, signalling to follow her. She wanted to go on their usual walk, something which they haven't done in ages.

They sneaked outside the back door. The night was silent and beautiful; the sky was full of stars, full of dreams.

"Listen Will, I need to tell you something which I have been wanting to tell you for quite a while now. I know tonight probably won't end well at all but I don't care because I'm in love with you. You make me happy and I also think that you're hot."

Things were finally taking a turn again. As Jess spilled out those three magical words, Will lifted her up and hugged her, kissing her. It was once again shaping out to be the best night the both of them had ever had. As they kissed they knew that they were meant to be with each other and that they had to do everything in their power to be with each other and help each other through this difficult time.

"I love you too Jess. I'm so happy that I've met you. You make me happy and I don't care what they say; I want to be with you and nothing's going to stop me."

They held hands and they went on their usual walk together. You could only hear the sound of crickets and the occasional bark of dogs. They had forgotten about every problem they were dealing with. It was as though they were the only people on Earth.

After hours of chatting and laughing they started making their way back inside before somebody spotted them and quickly ruined things for them again


"I have a better idea." Jess said. "Follow me."

Jess grabbed Will's hands and they slowly made their way back inside, passing through the corridors. Will had no idea what Jess had in mind. As she gave him permission to open his eyes he found themselves in the pool room.

"Um... what are we doing here?"

"Shh just shut up, take your clothes off and jump in the pool." Jess teasingly said.

As Will was on the edge of the pool Jess pushed him in. She couldn't stop laughing at him; soaking wet. She hadn't even given him time to remove his shirt.

"Jess you better hope I won't catch you!" Will said with a huge smile on his face. You could see they were both enjoying themselves by their genuine smiles on their faces.

He got back up threw her in too. They were having the time of their lives. They had no idea why they were inside the pool but they were having fun and the most important thing was that they were together. After all, they were being teenagers. That's what teenagers do. Just like they say; sometimes you have to break the rules in order to have fun.

They heard footsteps in the corridors and saw nurses walking past. They quickly held their breaths and dove under water. The nurses must have heard the splashing water and informed the security guard. They both had found themselves in some serious trouble one again.

The footsteps became clearer and louder as the nurses and the security guard approached. They quickly got out of the pool and started running as fast as they could. They hid in the first room they found, trying their best not to make any sounds.

"Well we better get our asses out of here before we get caught." Will said.

"Well what's your plan then 007?"

The security guard was getting closer to where they were. As he took a turn to the right they rushed out of the room and once again started running as fast as they possible could. They ran through the hallways and the patients stared at them as they ran past, not believing what they were witnessing.

The only place they had left was the roof. They sprinted to the roof, the security guard just behind them.

Jess started regretting her idea instantly.

Just before the security got hold of the pair, Will brought Jess into one last hug and kissed her. They were in for some serious trouble but it was all worth it at the end. They both expressed their love to the other and nothing could ruin that.

"I love you Jess."

"I love you too Will." She replied, smiling. She kissed him once last time before the security guard grabbed them both roughly.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He yelled, furiously.

Jess stared and Will and they both laughed. Not quite the answer or reaction he was hoping for.

"We'll talk in the morning. Now make your ways back to your room and make sure to stop being nonsense. You have gotten yourselves into enough trouble."

That whole night was worth it. Even though they were now in trouble they had one of their best nights together. They were in love with each other and as long as they were together they didn't care about anything else. Just like what her mother had told Jess in the note she left her: never let go of that person who makes you happy as happiness is the only thing that matters in life.

They both found themselves thinking and playing back this night and their memories over and over in their heads. They were both feeling anxious as to what was waiting for them in the morning but as long as they knew that they loved each other and they were together, they could go through anything.


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