The Never Ending Tunnel - Chapter Seventeen

Updated on November 25, 2017

Chapter 17 / 18

The policemen start escorting Jess and Will inside the station. As they enter Jess saw her father waiting nervously. She noticed that he had deep round circles under his eyes from the lack of sleep and he looked as though he had aged from the last time she had seen him. All the worrying sure took its toll on him.

"Jess thank God you're safe."

Jess returns a smile, still handcuffed.

She felt guilty for inflicting such a situation on him. She felt guilty for everything that had happened in the past and was currently happening. She was sorry that he had to go through what he went through and she surely felt guilty for mistreating his new wife. She wanted to set things right with him and Cindy. Jess couldn't blame him for moving on with his life. She never gave her a chance, mostly because she thought that she had been trying to play mum and replace her mother which she wasn't. She was only trying to get on good terms with her new step-daughter; after all, she truly really did care about her. She wanted a fresh new start.

A middle aged policeman guided the pair into a room for interrogation whilst Jess' dad waited outside. The policeman was wearing a pair of sunglasses and so she couldn't see his eyes. He had grey hair and he was around six foot tall. The station was pretty dull. It barely had any light. The only source of lighting it had was from two small bulbs attached to the ceiling. There were a few wooden chairs at the reception area. The dull setting was a perfect representation for the current situation.

"Please take a seat. My name is officer Reece and I need to ask you two a few questions regarding these past few days."

"Will, the night you were reported missing, a nurse was found lying unconscious with his personal belongings missing in the storage room opposing the staff room. The evidence clearly shows that you were the person behind all of this. You do know that this is a serious criminal case and you can be jailed for this? However, luckily for you, the nurse has decided not to press any charges against you unless his car hasn't suffered any damages. He stated that he didn't want to press charges against you and understood what you are going through. However, we do take assaulting seriously and so you will be fined. You should consider yourself really lucky Will."

Images from that night started going through Will's head. He was reliving it all again and it was a nightmare. He felt sorry for assaulting that nurse and he felt guilty for all of it. All those images rushing through his head made him feel anxious and he wanted to forget that night. He wanted to go to sleep and wake up with amnesia and forget all of the shit that he's been through and all of the shit that he's done. He just wanted to lead a normal life and be happy. But that wasn't going to happen just yet.

"Apart from that, you two have broken out of a psychiatric hospital, disrupting your recovery programme. You have escaped from a programme which is designed to make you better. Mental health is important and you should take your treatment very seriously. How can you two expect to get better if you act like this?"

With tears in her eyes Jess looked up and tried her very best to build up some courage and speak up.

"You don't understand." She said choking up after every word.

"That place made us feel even worse. That hospital didn't help us at all; if anything it made us feel worse. I understand that what we did is unacceptable but that hospital was a hell. There was no way I was going to get any better inside there. And to make everything worse they took away the one person who made me feel like I'm normal. They took away the one person who made me happy, for no reason at all. They knew how happy Will made me and they knew how much he had been helping me. If they hadn't separated us then none of this would be happening right now. We found our ways to cope together. We helped each other cope when things were bad and when they separated us it was unbearable which is why we did what we did."

Will looked up at Jess and he had tears in his eyes too. He gave her a little smile and held her hand. He felt proud of her. There was a sign of hope in their smiles. They only needed each other. If they had one another then they could go through anything, as long as they were together. The one thing they were hoping not to happen was to get sent back inside the psychiatric hospital and get separated once again.

Office Reece pitied Jess and Will. In no way did he want to make their lives more miserable. He has a daughter and he started to imagine her being in this situation. His fatherly instincts made him understand what they were going through and no person should go through what Jess and Will have gone through.

After an hour or so of questioning, the police officer asked Jess' dad to enter the room. He had never met Will before and this wasn't exactly the best first impression. Jess' dad sat on a chair opposing Jess, not believing that he was in a police station but was still very glad that his daughter was alive.

As he was waiting outside he started thinking of the memories he had with Jess when she was just a child. He remembered all those days where he would take Jess to the beach and run along the shore with her. He remembered all those times when he used to take her to the park after school and buy her an ice cream. He remembered all those Christmas mornings when Jess would run to her parents' room and jump on their bed all excited that Santa had delivered her presents. Those were the memories he would treasure forever and he would always look back to those memories. He couldn't believe that he would ever have to be in this situation.

Jess felt too embarrassed and bad to look her father in the eyes. She felt sorry for all the things he had to go through and for all the things she put him through. The police officer suggested leaving the room with Will for a few minutes to give the two some time to talk.

"I'm so happy you're safe."

Jess smiled at him.

"Why did you escape Jess and who is that boy? Why did you do all of this?"

"That psychiatric hospital made things worse for me dad. It didn't help me at all and it wasn't going to help me. Then I met Will. He was my only friend inside and we used to hang out all the time. We used to laugh so much and he understood me. He makes me happy dad. He is the only person who makes me feel something other than sadness. He gives me hope and I really do love him."

I'm sorry for being such a horrible father, Jess. I'm sorry for putting other things before you and your health. I should have been there for you and I should have supported you. I'm sorry for everything. Your mother would be proud of you Jess, she really would be."

Her dad hugs her tightly and they both start crying.

"I'm sorry too dad. I know I disappointed you. I'm sorry for being so mean to you and Cindy. I really am sorry and I promise I will try and make an effort. I just don't want to get back inside dad. I will do anything as long as I won't get separated from Will. I can't lose him dad. I just want a normal life."

"Everything will be okay Jess I promise you. Don't worry about a single thing I'm here and I promise I won't let you down again. I'm going to be the father I should have been all along. I know it must be hard for you to accept that I got married again and I don't blame you. You need to understand that what happened is not Cindy's fault; it isn't anybody's fault. She's really trying her very best to be on good terms with you darling. Just give her a chance, she's a good woman. Besides, you need to be there once your baby brother is born."

Jess' jaw dropped.

"Baby brother?"

Jess' dad's face fills up with excitement.

"Dad, are you being serious?"

"Yes! You are going to have a little brother Jess!"

Jess didn't quite get to terms inside. She couldn't get around the idea that she was going to have a step-brother. She hadn't even gotten over the fact that her mother had passed away either. However, she had to hide those feelings. She couldn't ruin this moment for her father. She needed to be happy for him and deep down she really was happy. Jess saw how happy her father was.

The station's door shut open and out of nowhere this woman soaking wet entered. It was Will's mother.

"Mum?!" Will said speechless. He couldn't believe that his mother actually bothered to show up. Behind her was a man who Will definitely wasn't expecting to show up.

"Dad!?" he said even more so surprised.

The officer guided the parents into a separate interrogation room.

He explained to them how the situation was and how the nurse wasn't going to press any charges against Will, however, he had to pay a fine for the assault. Will's parents were disappointed in themselves. They had failed as being proper parents to Will. They weren't there for him when he needed help. They didn't see the pain Will was going through. They only focused on themselves and on their stupid fights. They were finally realising the important things in life.

"Will we need to talk." His mother said after the police office finished explaining to them.

"Will, I know we haven't exactly been the parents of the year. We were so focused on ourselves that we didn't even realise you were struggling. We have failed in being proper parents to you." Will's dad says. It was surprising to Will that his dad had actually showed up let alone says something like that.

"We should have been there for you and we should have focused on you rather than on our stupid fights. Your father and I have gone through some really hard times. When we received the call from the police informing us that you went missing we sat down and had a proper chat. We talked for hours about everything. After hours of talking we decided that we're going to try again in our relationship. Nobody should give up on the person they love because they are going through a rough time and because of a temporary feeling of anger."

Will felt so surprised. He couldn't believe any of this was happening.

His mother continued; "We've decided to try again as a family. From now on you're going to be our main priority. We do have some issues to settle but there's nothing more important than family. It's all that matters in life. It's time for all of us to start a new chapter and look forward. We will get over this together. We need to start living as a proper family and this is the way that things should have been all along."

Will breaks down in front of his parents. After all these years of fighting it has come down to this. He couldn't believe that such a situation had to occur for his parents to try again in their relationship. It didn't matter though. It was a good thing and that's all that matters. After all, everyone should live in the present and not dwell on the past and now they were finally a proper family. Finally, after all those years of fighting they were going to try and mend their relationships.

A few hours had passed. The police informed them that it was totally up to their parents to decide whether or not they would return to the mental hospital.

Will hugs Jess and lifts her up and kisses her. Things were finally looking up.

"I told you things will be okay. I won't let you go Jess. I love you so fucking much."

"I love you too Will. I love you more than you will ever know."

Both their parents look at their children. For the first time in years they were seeing their child being happy. They certainly had a lot to catch up on but they were happy. And that's all that mattered. This moment signalled a fresh new start.

Will and Jess lived just a few miles away from each other and now was the time for them. Now everything was slowly falling into place. Now was the perfect time to slowly start recuperating from the burden that is depression. Now they could help each other, be there for each other and support each other. Now they could start and get better together. With the right therapy and with both of them being together, they were determined to get better. Now they had a shot at the silver lining and they were determined to reach it together.

All they needed was each other and they were now finally at a place where they could be with each other. They certainly had been through a lot but neither of them regretted this experience as if things hadn't happened this way then they wouldn't have met each other. Things always happened for a reason no matter how bad things seem to be. The time for Will and Jess was now and they now had a fresh new start with each other. From this moment on, they had to start looking forward and start a new chapter in their lives. They now could focus on themselves and on each other; they could finally start getting better and start dealing with depression. Depression had ruined their lives but now was the time for them to start dealing with it and kick depression to its feet.


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