The Never Ending Tunnel - Chapter Seven

Updated on November 15, 2017

Chapter 7 / 18

Chapter 7 / 18

The following morning, things were about to change for Jess and Will. Jess woke up to an unusual scene; the security guard was at her door and told her to go to her usual therapy session. Little did she know that her dad and her step mum were waiting for her. As for Will, the manager did call his parents but neither of them showed up.

As Jess walked in she was shocked to see her dad again. She was also wondering why her step mum was there too. A million reasons why they would possibly be here started going through Jess' mind. She knew that she was going to get in some serious trouble

"What's going on?" Jess asked the second she saw her dad sitting by her therapist.

"Just sit down Jess; we need to have a little talk." Her dad replied anxiously.

The atmosphere was so tense that Jess was about to have a panic attack. She couldn't breathe properly and she started sweating. All she wanted to do was open the door and run and meet Will. He always found a way to make her feel better; and she desperately needed him right now.

In the meantime, Will was having his usual therapy session, only this time; things weren't as easy as they used to be. This time, they had to make sure that what happened the previous night wouldn't repeat itself.

As Jess took a seat she almost started crying. She had to be brave though; she couldn't cry and let them see the vulnerable side of her. She wanted to be strong, even though she had been stronger than anyone known for these past few years.

The second the therapist opened her mouth Jess was preparing herself to receive the worst news possible. She thought they were going to give them one last warning or something of that sort.

"The only reason you're here is to recover Jess, not to fool around and tear this building down" Her therapist said, looking at Jess' father to tell him exactly what his daughter had been up to the previous night.

"Jess, darling, what was going on in your head? What made you think that those actions are going to be tolerated? Do you want to stay in this place forever?" Her dad said, making direct eye contact with her. "You're in this place to recover and get better so that you can get home." He continues

"It was just one night. It's not like we've set this place on fire. We were just having some fun; no harm done to anyone. For once I was happy. I felt happy and the main reason for that is because I was with Will. Not you nor anybody else can tell me that I can't be with someone who makes me forget about my problems." Jess' tone got angrier; she was declaring a statement which she wanted to stand by. Will made her happy and she wanted to be with him, regardless of what anyone thought.

"Those type of actions are not tolerated here Jess. Not here or anywhere else."

"Jess your father is right. Your main priority should be on getting better." Her step mother said, trying to show Jess that she really does care.

"You're not my mother so stay out of it" Jess snapped, interrupting her mid-sentence. She knew that she was right but she wanted to make it a point to tell her that nobody could replace her mother and to show her that she wasn't quite okay with this whole situation.

Things would've been so much better if Jess' mother was there. None of this would have been happening and Jess certainly wouldn't be here in the first place.

"Jess!" her dad shouted. "Don't you dare say that again. Apologize right now!"

"Jess listen" the therapist said trying to reduce the heat between Jess and her father. "Our main priority is for you to get better which is why the best option for us is to relocate you to a different hospital, somewhere closer to your home, to a place where you won't have any distractions or any interferences with your health."

Jess couldn't believe what she was hearing. She knew that she was going to receive bad news but she sure as hell wasn't prepared for this. She thought that the worst that could have happened was to get a warning not get relocated to a different hospital away from Will.

Was she about to lose Will for good? What about her and Will? If she really was going to be relocated then things couldn't work out for sure and they had no way to communicate with each other. Things were going from bad to worse for Jess and for Will too once he found out.

"What? I'm not fucking moving I can't leave Will!" Jess snapped.

"Jess mind your language" her father said trying to gain control of his daughter.

"You'll find new friends there." Her step mother said trying to make things better. As soon as she spilled out those words Jess didn't even acknowledge her. She didn't even look at her.

"You'll be going to your new hospital today right after this session. Your dad can drive you there. It will be okay Jess and this way you won't have anything getting in the way of your recovery."

Jess started crying. "Nothing was getting in the way of my recovery here. If anything Will makes me feel better. I feel happy when I'm around him and I can't understand why you can't get that. I can't understand why you don't' want me to be happy." She didn't care anymore of who saw her. She couldn't hold it in any longer. She couldn't even say a proper goodbye to Will which made her feel even worse. She had to leave out of the blue without giving him an explanation.

As Jess was making her way to her dad's car she saw Will trying to run towards her. He started running as fast as he could try to stop her from leaving. He had nobody else except for Jess. She was all he had. Both of them were alone now. The security guard caught Will. Neither of them had control as to what was about to happen.

Will looked at Jess, making eye contact for one last time. He mouthed "I love you." and she shouted it back, crying, screaming. Everything was falling apart.

Her dad started the engine and so they were made their way to Jess' new hospital which wasn't far away from here which made no sense for her. Why couldn't she have stayed here? Things were finally looking up for her and they found a way to ruin it all.

The drive to the hospital was very tense. Nobody said a word on the way; nobody knew what to say.

"You'll soon come home sweetheart." Her dad said, trying to make Jess feel better, just about he pulled up just in front of the hospital's entrance. As Jess was walking in she saw the look in her step mother's eyes. She started feeling guilty for the way she talked to her in the therapist's office. She didn't have to hurt her in that way but she was feeling angry and frustrated.

After dropping Jess off to the new hospital, Jess' dad and his wife made their ways back home. John had always tried his best to raise Jess the best she ever could be. Ever since his wife had died he always found it hard to connect with Jess and help her with her problems. It's not that he didn't try hard enough but he just didn't know how to talk to a thirteen year old girl who had just lost her mother. He didn't know what to say or what to do; after all, he had just lost his wife too. He was new to this too and he wasn't doing that great either.

"I can't believe what she's done. This is all my fault." He said trying his best to stay strong and hold the tears in.

"If I realised that Jess wasn't coping I could have done something immediately rather than letting things go this far. Now look at her. I can't believe my baby girl is at a hospital. I have failed miserably." He couldn't hold the tears in anymore. He felt terrible for letting his daughter down and his wife too.

Just before his wife had died she only asked for one thing from John. She asked him to take care of her little girl and told him to take care of himself too. He remembers the moment very vividly. He can still clearly see his weak wife inside their bed, putting all the energy in to talk. He couldn't believe that his wife was dying and he wasn't ready for what was to come.

He wasn't prepared to face all the people giving him their condolences. He wasn't ready to go to his wife's funeral and he wasn't ready to raise his daughter on his own when he needed help and support himself. His wife was always the glue that kept the family together. She was always to rock to the family and whenever either John or Jess had a problem they always went to her for advice. They had such a happy marriage.

"No it's not your fault John. You tried your best and it's nobody's fault. Nobody can control what goes on inside anybody's brains. You need to stay strong for Jess; she'll need her dad once she gets home very soon. She just needs help and now she's in the right place to receive that help."

This hospital was much bigger than the one she was in before and it had more people in it too. She felt as bad as ever. The sadness was too much for her to handle. She was missing Will and Will was missing her too. Jess was at rock-bottom; she had never felt this defeated in her entire life.

Will was in no mood for anything and so he skipped breakfast and went straight to his room instead. He closed the door shut and started crying his eyes out. He couldn't even describe how sad and worthless he felt. He felt guilty. He felt lonely. He had just witnessed the person he loves getting taken away from him. This meant that now they would probably never meet again. Many thoughts were going through his head; including suicide. Suicidal thoughts took over his mind. He started feeling scared of what he would end up doing. If he had to attempt, this time he would make sure that it would work. He now had no reason to even try anymore.

Will started getting painful flashbacks of his life. He saw his parents fighting right in front of his eyes. He saw himself in the ambulance with his mother sitting just right his stretcher, sobbing her eyes out that night he tried to overdose. He saw all those times he fucked things up. He saw himself at school; by himself hiding from other people. All these painful memories were right in front of him. He wanted to scream and let it all out. He didn't want to be a part of this reality. The reality where Jess isn't there with him.

It was late when Jess settled in. She threw her bag of clothes on the floor and stared outside her window. She started thinking of all those nights she spent with Will looking at the stars. She was missing him like crazy. She missed the way she felt when she was with him. She started thinking about Will, wondering what he was doing. Wondering if he was thinking about her which she had no doubt he was. She wanted to be with him again and she would do absolutely anything just to spend one more second with him.

Will did not sleep at all. All he could think about is of all those nice memories he had with Jess. His mind didn't let him sleep. His sadness didn't let him sleep either and now he had to wake up to go to the therapy session. Days had passed by since he had first come in here and there wasn't any chance he was leaving any time soon, especially after these last few days. He hadn't gotten any better; it was all going downhill; from bad to worse.

This was also the first morning Jess had to wake up in a totally different environment. She had never met her therapist before and she had never met the other patients before either. A tall male nurse with blonde hair entered her room, telling her it was time for her therapy session.

"Hi, I'm Phil. It's time for your therapy session Jess. If you'll need anything just come around and look for me yeah?"

As she walked through the hallways with Nurse Phil by her side she could see all the new faces. All the patients gave her the same weird look. She was scared of everything that was going on in her life. Usually she always had Will to make her feel better but now she had to find a way to make herself feel better as she was all alone.

"Good morning Jess. My name is Lisa and I will be your therapist. How are you this morning? It couldn't have been easy waking up in a different environment and especially after yesterday."

"I'm fine I guess." Jess replied. She didn't want to cooperate at all, not after what they had done to her and Will. Jess thought that everybody was in on this. She thought that everybody was against her and they had done everything in their power to separate her from Will, which they have succeeded.

"Listen Jess I know things are hard and I don't blame you but I don't have control over what the manager does and unless we work as a team and cooperate with each other, I can't give you the clearance to leave the hospital and go back home; so let's make things less hard for each other, what do you say?"

Jess nodded along, agreeing with her. The only thing Jess could do was try and move on. Now there was no other option. There was no way she could ever see Will again so she wanted to get the hell out of there and return to her sad and boring life back at home.

After the session, Jess made her way to the socialising room. The therapist told her to go and meet new people. She told her how she needed to make new friends now that she's here. Jess was in no mood though. She only wanted to be with Will.

Will had no energy to leave his bed. If it wasn't for Nurse Holly forcing him to get out of bed and go to the therapist's office, he wouldn't have gotten up.

As Will got his tray and sat in the first bench he saw, it felt strange for him to look around the room and not see Jess. It felt strange for him knowing that he couldn't go for their usual walks anymore. He wished things would go back to the way they used to be.

Nobody had talked to Jess. She stood there like a fish out of the sea. She grabbed a plate and sat down in the corner alone. Jess saw all these people talking to each other, joking around and laughing and she was alone.

Jess felt like an alien. Why wasn't she capable of going up to a person and start a normal conversation with them? Ever since she was a child she always felt anxious and now she was more anxious than ever.

Time passed by and it was night again. The night was especially the worst part of the day because for some reason, the sadness really makes its presence felt.

Both Will and Jess stared outside their window at the moon. They were looking at the same moon but were in different places. Will started thinking of the day he met Jess again. He started re-living their moments. Every single memory he had of Jess was played very distinctive in his head. All those times they laid on the grass and laughed and talked until the sun came up. All those times they spent hours talking about everything. She meant so much to him; more than any person ever did. He started thinking of that particular day where they both admitted their love to one another. It was definitely the best day of his life. It was the day which changed his life and now, all of that was taken away from him

Things had changed drastically for the two. From now on they both had to move on with their lives. The only possibility was that they would eventually get their clearances from the hospital and they would return back to their homes; Will would return to his broken family whereas Jess would return back to her family.

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