The Never Ending Tunnel - Chapter Fourteen

Updated on November 22, 2017

Chapter 14 / 18

Jess and Will found themselves in the black car, trying to figure what the next step was. The time ahead would define whether or not Will's plan had actually succeeded or not. Breaking Jess out was the first part but now, once the nurses realise that both Will and Jess had gone missing and that there is an unconscious nurse who got his car stolen, the authorities would be informed as well as their parents. Judging from past experiences, Will's parents wouldn't go out of their ways to find out what their son is up to. On the other hand, Jess' father would most probably do whatever he can to find his daughter.

For now, the only option they had was to get the hell out of that area and find a place for hiding for a little while until things calmed down.

It was around two in the morning now and the rain had calmed down a little. Will's and Jess' clothes were soaking wet.

Will started the engine and headed to the street ahead of them, driving to an unknown destination. It was late and so they decided to pull up and continue their driving in the morning as the conditions weren't the safest to drive in, especially for someone who hadn't driven before and they were both exhausted too.

"I can't believe what the hell just happened. I'm still in shock." Jess utters

"Me too, I'm surprised my plan worked out after all."

"I can't believe you have gone through all of this for me. You've risked everything for me."

"Of course and I would do it again. I love you Jess and the thought of not being with you and around you was making me go mad. When I'm around I feel like a completely different person."

"I know how you feel. Things have been pretty bad, although Matt did make things easier for me. I felt like an alien in there. Nobody talked to me and it was hands down the worst few weeks of my life."

"So how are things? Are you feeling any better?" Will asks.

"Now I do. The reason for that is because I'm here with you. When I was in hospital things took a bad turn. The depression had gotten worse each day. Some days I wouldn't even get out of bed and would pretend that I was sick to get out of going to therapy. I feel like my mother is not around me anymore. Before, whenever I used to feel down I would always feel a connection with her and would feel her presence." As Jess mentioned her mother, she started crying. No matter how much time had passed, she was still very vulnerable about the subject and still hadn't come to terms with the fact that her mother had passed.

"She will always be with you Jess, no matter what you think. Whenever you feel that she's not around just reassure yourself that she is. She will always look over her girl. Always."

It's moments like this that she had missed with Will. He always had the right words to say to make her feel better. No matter how bad the circumstance was, Will always made things better.

"What about you? I'm guessing things weren't easy for you either."

"Yeah. When you left I completely broke down. I was going crazy. I hadn't had any human interaction with anybody for weeks. Ever since we've been separated, I no longer had a reason to even try which is why that lead me to do what I had just done. Try and win you back."

"You never lost me Will. And you never will."

Those reassuring words from her made him feel better. They made him put his mind to rest all about the Matt situation. He was happy that he was finally with Jess.

Time flew by and the sun was rising once again; a brand new day. They didn't sleep for one single minute even they were dead tired. Both of them had been so engrossed in their conversation and in each other that they spent every moment possible with each other. They wanted to make up for their lost time and they certainly did. They talked all night long and caught up with one another.

"What's the plan now Will? The sun is rising and soon we will be all over the news and I wouldn't be surprised if somebody spotted us. We're running out of gas too and we have no money. We don't have anything to drink or eat. What are we going to do? I can't go back in there!" Jess starts panicking and stressing out.

"Calm down Jess, calm down. We will be okay. There's a few dollars in that drawer and we'll just have to find a way to live off of those for a few days before we make a plan just until things settle down."

Jess opens the drawer and finds a fifty. That note had to serve them for a few days. Will starts the car and they head off to find a gas station nearby.

As Will pulls in next to a gas pump he notices something on the television screens of the cafeteria next door.


"Oh fuck." Will mutters. He quickly fills the tank and gets in the car.

"We're on the news. We need to get the hell out of here. Fuck!"

Paranoia starts to build up in Jess. Whenever she saw a stranger walk by the side walk she would automatically assume that the person had recognised them.

"We're in such a mess!"

The nurses must have realised that Jess and Will had gone missing from the hospital. Jess started thinking about her father who was probably freaking out already.

Neither of them had eaten anything and they were both starving. They needed to find a store to get some basic needs and bulk up for the coming days. They needed to avoid being in public as much as possible especially now that they were on the news.

"Next!" The cashier says out loud as she signals for the next customer to put their items on the belt. Jess had her hood on to try and avoid people from recognising her. As she handed the cashier the ten pound note, she stared at her. She looked at her face, trying to figure out from where she had seen that face before. Just before she could fully recognise her, Jess quickly put their items into a bag and ran outside the door and in the car.

"For how long do we have to keep on doing this Will? What are we going to do next? I certainly can't keep this going for too long Will. I'm so scared."

"We will be okay Jess trust me. I won't let anything bad happen to us. We'll get through this I promise you."

Jess lays her head on Will's chest and cries. Somehow, his words calmed her down and made her feel more at ease. Even at the worst situations possible, Will always found a way to make things better for Jess and for this reason she was so happy to be reunited with him.

Now that they were on the run, they had to make sure to avoid any busy streets and stay low-key. Will had to stay strong for the both of them and had to make sure to protect Jess and reassure her that they will be okay.


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