The Never Ending Tunnel - Chapter Eleven

Updated on November 19, 2017

Chapter 11 / 18

Chapter 11 / 18

Two days had passed which meant that Jess would receive the letter the following day. Will hadn't slept at all. How could he sleep when he was about to risk his life and put Jess' life in danger too?

The following morning Will felt more anxious than usual. He kept thinking of Jess and whether or not she had received the letter. That same day Jess woke up to a very a nurse handing her out a letter; Will's letter. It had her father's name on the envelope and Jess knew that something bad must have happened. Why would he send her a letter? She stood there staring at the nurse. She started thinking of any possible reasons her father would write to her. What if a family member had passed away?

She took the letter from his hand and waited for the nurse to leave the room. She sat on her bed with the letter in her hand. She didn't want to know if something bad had happened as that would just make her feel even worse and she really wasn't doing that well. She was considering not opening the letter. Jess wasn't quite ready to receive any bad news. She would have preferred not to open the letter in the first place.

Jess knew that her father wouldn't write to her if it something important hadn't happened. After minutes contemplating what to do, she opened it.

She was shocked to see that Will had actually written to her and not her dad. She read the letter over and over again. "Be prepared? What's that supposed to mean?" Jess thought to herself. "What the hell is he planning to do?" Jess was now more confused than ever. She had no idea what was going on and what was going through Will's head. Whatever it was, it certainly made her feel anxious and worried. She was going have to wait for something which she didn't know what was going to happen

She wanted to call him but she couldn't as the hospital only allowed phone calls to the people who were listed on the list. She wanted an explanation but she couldn't get one. She stared at Will's hand writing and started thinking of what Will was possibly up to.

She sat on her bed with the letter on her chest. She studied each and every word carefully. She knew that Will had a plan and he would do whatever he could not to let her down. She knew he would do anything he possibly could to make her happy and for them to be together.

Jess heard a knock on her door. "Jess do you want to go down for breakfast?" Matt asked her. The knock frightened her. She thought that she was going to see Will at the door. From now on, she had to stay on the lookout for Will, despite the fact she had no idea what his plan was.

"Sure give me a minute." Jess replied, panicking, putting the letter under her pillow really quickly.

She started thinking what if someone found the letter and then they would ruin Will's plans. She quickly grabbed the letter from under her pillow and put it in her pocket. She had to make sure that nobody would see the letter. She had to carry it around with her at all times.

She wasn't aware of anything that was happening around her. She could only think about the letter and Will. She had to be prepared for something which she didn't know. From now on she had to be prepared to leave everything behind and leave with Will. Was she prepared to do so though?

Jess was put in a very complicated and risky situation. She was never that type of person to break any rules let alone to go on the run and escape from a psychiatric hospital and most probably the police too. She wasn't prepared for any of this.

Will didn't know what the hell he was supposed to do either. He had no idea how he was going to make this plan work. He couldn't turn back now though. Now, Jess was expecting Will and he had to make sure not to let her down again.

The following day Will went down and went to the nurses' staff room. He passed by and started thinking of the best way possible he could get his hands on one of those white coats which the nurses wear. Every white coat had a tag embedded in. These tags are used to enter any hospitals around the country and Will had to use those tags to get into Jess' hospital.

He wasn't yet prepared to go through the plan. He had to make sure that he knew exactly what he was going to do before he acted. Will had to plan this whole thing precisely to avoid getting caught. That day, he had spent the whole day wondering whether Jess had received the letter or not.

Everything seemed impossible to Will but he was willing to try. He preferred getting caught rather than sitting back and doing nothing about it. He wanted to give his best. He wanted to at least try. He wanted to give Jess and him a chance to be together.

The more he thought about Jess the more motivation he had to make this plan work. Jess was always on his mind and all he could think of was about all those nice memories Jess and him had. He vividly remembered that night where they spent the whole night on the roof stargazing. He thought of that night where they had spent hours laying on the grass talking to each other and enjoying each other's company. He thought of that first day he had met her when had made a fool of himself. The memories go on and on. Both Will and Jess reminisce about their memories they had of each other all the time. They used to think of each other all the time and they desperately wanted to be with each other.

Will was lonelier than ever. All he wanted to do was get out and be with Jess but things weren't as easy as that. In fact they were nothing like that. From that day onwards, they both had to be prepared for what was to come. Will had to be prepared to find the perfect opportunity for him to escape and Jess had to be prepared for Will.

Things were about to get harder for the two. Will had no idea what he was about to put them through. However, they both wanted to be with each other no matter what they had to go through. They both were ready to go through whatever came in their way as long as they were together.


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