The Never Ending Tunnel - Chapter Eighteen - THE END

Updated on November 26, 2017

Chapter 18 / 18

The hot weather, the beautiful blue skies and the lovely scent of freshly cut grass. Summer has arrived and after all those years of not enjoying summer, this year it was going to be different for both Will and Jess. After all they have been through; it was finally their time to start enjoying life.

Two months had passed since they returned home. Jess and Will live just a few streets apart from each other and so they can easily meet each other. The first week they returned to their homes, Will's family invited Jess' family over for a proper lunch to get to know each other better. Both families were determined to start a new chapter in their lives and to focus more on what's really important, happiness and family.

Jess and Will were going to return to school in the following scholastic year. Apart from that they were both having regular therapist appointments to help them overcome their mental illnesses. It was good to be back home, to sleep in their own bed. They finally had a place they could call home. This time, everything was different.

The sunlight woke Jess up. The minute she opens her eyes, she looks over her phone to read Will's morning message. He always sends her one every morning. He was so happy to have her and so was she. They were so happy that they could finally be together properly. After getting out of bed, Jess takes her usual medication and so does Will and goes down her breakfast. As she starts walking down the stairs she could smell the smell of toast and bacon. Cindy sure tries hard enough to be on good terms with Jess and Jess did decide to give her a chance. After all, they were all starting a new chapter in their lives, just like they all agreed on.


"Good morning Jess, how are you?"

"I'm fine, thank you. What about you?"

"I'm good. Really good actually, thanks for asking." Cindy was so pleased that Jess was actually showing interest and was finally trying.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"I need to apologise to you. These past months haven't quite been easy and you've done nothing except to try and be a good step-mother to me. I'm sorry for being so cold and mean to you and I would love it if we could maybe start over?"

"It's okay Jess I do understand. These past few months haven't been easy for you and I would love it if we started over. You're soon going to have a new baby brother too!"

"Yeah I'm so excited and happy for you. You really do make my dad happy."

"And he makes me happy too. I'm so happy things are finally looking up to you and our family."

Jess smiled at her and they both sat down around the kitchen table and ate breakfast together.

Jess wasn't going to forget her mother. Nobody could replace her but she was finally at a point where she was happy for her father. She needed to accept the fact that things have changed and she needed to start looking forward now. Her mother will always have a special place in her heart and she will always talk to her whenever she needed peace, advice and Jess knows that she is always there looking over her daughter.

Will's household has changed drastically too. A few years back, he would wake up to his parents screaming at each other and throwing things at each other. Today things were different. Today Will wakes up and the first thing that comes to his mind is Jess and that makes his day start on a great note. After that, Will goes downstairs, takes his medication and has a pleasant breakfast with his parents. Both of them had changed so much. Now it really felt as though he had a home. Now the three of them can sit down around the same table and embrace and appreciate one another.

Things definitely have changed for Will and Jess. They had finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jess prepares a small bag and Will picks her up and they head to the beach nearby their neighbourhood. They loved each other so much that they wanted to spend every minute with each other. They had found their other half and their soul mate in one another.

Time flew by when they were together. They sat on the pale sand, listening to the waves hitting the rocks. What a difference it was to two months ago. They were grateful that they were finally in this position.

"I love you so much Will." Jess says as she kisses Will.

"I love you more." He replies kissing her back.

Time passed by very quickly and the sun was setting and they started to head back home. The red sky was spectacular. The fresh summer breeze and being with the person you love. Total bliss.

Today, Will and Jess wake up in the morning and look at the positive things in their lives such as having one another and their families. Sometimes bad days do happen and they still have to battle depression. Every morning they still need to wake up and take medication but nonetheless they still look on the bright side of life. They finally could look forward in their life and even though their battle with depression isn't over yet, they decide not to let it take over their lives.

The thing with depression is that it slowly creeps up into your life and brings you down, tears you down and leads you to a negative life where even getting out of bed is a difficult task in itself. However, that doesn't mean that it is impossible to beat. We don't control our brain chemistry which is why we should seek professional help and stay on the prescribed medication. However, it is very possible to overcome it.

Will and Jess wake up in the morning and try and be stronger than they were before. They look at their pasts and try not going there again or dwelling on it. They try and not let the dark times come around again but even if they do, they are ready to face them and overcome them together. Some days are harder than others, however together they can face any obstacle. Together, they will overcome the burden that is depression and will help each other in the process.

If one has a positive mind set and thinks about beautiful great things then those things are going to come right to you. That's how the law of attraction works. On the other hand if one thinks about negative things then those things are going to come to you. Depression absolutely ruins your life and it is such a burden to having to wake up in the morning and having to deal with it. People who have suffered or are suffering from depression know that these negative thoughts aren't self-inflicted. Whether it's due to brain chemistry or past experiences, depression is a horrible illness which should be taken more into consideration and seriously by many people.

Today, Jess and Will can finally look back to their past and move forward. Today, they can finally have proper lives and after years of depression stealing years away from them, they can finally take control of their lives. It's not easy, it's not meant to be that way but it is definitely worth it.

The sky is getting darker and the stars are slowly appearing as Will and Jess lay on the grass. Whenever they do this it always brings back memories to them; it always makes them think about all those moments they spent doing the same thing whilst in the psychiatric hospital.

"I love you Jess." Will says. As he hugs her he realises that he has all he will ever need in life.

"I love you more." Jess replies.


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