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The Marisol Deception - Part 5



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  • The Marisol Deception - Part 4
    On a path to a one-world government, things get extremely strange. Who is involved? Who isn't? What has happened to George? What's next for President Dickinson?


Quietly George made his way outside and headed toward a dumpster where the men were talking. Trying to slip behind a large bush, he stumbled and fell. The three were alerted. George grabbed his pistol as one of the three fired first. George fell to the ground while the men fled.

He pulled out the Bible from his pocket and reached for his pen. In the dim light of the adjacent parking lot, he scrawled the words next to the bookmark, MARISOL IS HERE - REVELATION13. Then he placed the Bible back in his pocket. He tried to reach for his cell phone, but it was too late. His lifeless body slumped in a pool of blood.



Late into the night, President Dickinson was fervently working on the peace treaty that would unite the world as one. His thought process led him to research the original land deed of Israel. What he found was incredible. The original boundaries of Israel were much larger than the land today. He learned that Israel originally occupied parts of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Damascus, Jordan, and Iraq. He would use this information to build his case for world peace.

But now Israel was not larger than the state of Massachusetts, and its population was hardly more than the city of Philadelphia. How could such a small nation be responsible for so much of the world's trouble? He doubted it was strictly Israel's fault. Dickinson was pleased with his idea. He had to keep reminding himself that ultimately Marisol was the one in charge. She would have to approve his plan before it could be put into action.

While President Dickinson continued to work on the peace treaty, Wexford was hard at work organizing the peace summit to be held on neutral ground. He made sure leaders from the Middle East, select European nations, and Russia would be present. The excitement was growing at the White House.

Miraculously, within a week the details were finalized and President Dickinson was set to address the world. Wexford followed him to the platform, and standing behind him, the President began to speak.

My fellow brothers and sisters of the human race, leaders of your great nations, we are here today to invite peace into a world that is fragmented and crumbling before our very eyes. There are so many segments of our world that need to be healed, but none greater than that of the Middle East. To usher in world peace, we must start there. We are in this together and we must cooperate with each other to achieve that which has for so long been sought - peace among the nations.

The fighting must stop. The hatred that runs rampant and deep must be put behind us. We must all give and take. We must all respect the family of Earth regardless of our national preference; regardless of our race; regardless of our religious choices; regardless of who we are as individuals for there are no individuals. We must learn to live as one because we are one. We must learn to live for the betterment of others, placing them above ourselves. By so doing, all will prosper.

Now, I address Israel. Over the centuries, much land has been taken from you. Your boundaries once spread from Egypt to Iraq. You once ruled the area now occupied by Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Damascus. You are entitled to the real estate you now possess. Nothing will be added.

To the rest of the Middle East, I say enough has been taken from Israel. You shall respect her borders and her right to live in peace within those borders. You now own and occupy much of what first belonged to the nation Israel. From this moment forward she is to be free of trouble and violence.

Israel, you are in a unique position. There will be no more threats. No more war. You are free to worship as you see fit. You are protected by the peace treaty I am sure we will all sign.

Dickinson spoke with authority. There was no resisting. There was no debate. There was no discussion. For the first time in modern history, the leaders of the world came together and committed themselves to peace.


Kinsley woke with a start. Nightmares of her father’s execution continued to haunt her sleep and her waking hours. If she didn’t hurry, she would be late for a meeting with the detective working George’s case. Within minutes, the Prius was on its way to Savin Hill Drive. Detective Steve West was waiting for her as she pulled in to the parking lot.

He led Kinsley and Claire through the crowded station to his office and politely held a chair for both of them.

“Before we begin, thank you for taking the time to come today. I know this is very difficult for the two of you, but we need to ask some hard questions. We interviewed a suspect a short while ago. He pointed the finger at Jeffrey Harding. He also mentioned that he saw you, Mrs. Oliver, at a bar with Mr. Harding the night before the murder. Do you know Jeff Harding?”

A look of surprise and embarrassment covered Claire’s face, but only for a moment. She crossed her arms in defiance as she fidgeted. Then she exploded. “How dare you accuse me of being connected with my husband's murder? I had nothing to do with it!” She stood and made her way to leave.

Steve remained calm. “Mrs. Oliver, I said nothing about you being responsible for your husband’s murder. Please, be seated so we can continue.” Kinsley reached out her hand and led her mother back to her chair.

“Now, Mrs. Oliver,” Steve continued, “I must ask, why are so upset at the mention of Jeffrey Harding? You do know him, don’t you?”

Still fidgeting, Claire inquired, “What did you say his name was again?”

“Mrs. Oliver, it’s not a question of do you know him, but how do you know him? Please, we have evidence that may involve you. It’s time to fill in the blanks.”

Losing control fast, Claire blurted out. “I didn’t mean to do it! I didn’t mean to do it!”
Kinsley jumped from her chair in surprise. “Mom, you mean you are responsible for Dad’s death?” Unbelief filled her mind. “Mom, how could you? Tell me, you didn’t.”

A hysterical Claire began to sob. Kinsley backed away as she reached out for her. Officer West handed her a tissue as she continued.

“Yes, Detective West, I had an affair with Jeff. He said he would gladly remove George if I came to live with him. I thought he was kidding. But I never said I would leave George. I can’t believe it!”

Steve pressed on, “Mrs. Oliver, do you know what Jeffrey Harding does for a living?” Through tears, Claire shook her head. “Jeffrey Harding works for a secret government operation in Nevada called Area 51. We need to talk to him, but he won’t come in. Do you think you could get him to come in?”

The conversation was interrupted as Detective Keeler entered to deliver a note to Steve. While reading the note, it became plain to Claire and Kinsley something was wrong - just what, they couldn’t tell.

Steve stood. “Mrs. Oliver, that will be all. You may leave.”

Claire stood and pushed in her chair, almost running to the door. Kinsley was not so quick to leave. “What is it, Detective West?”

“It’s nothing, Ms. Oliver. You are free to go with your mother.”

“Wait a minute! We came down here to the station to give and get information concerning my father’s death. Now, what’s going on?”

“Keeler, show these ladies to the door, please.”

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