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The Marisol Deception - Part 25


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

An Update from the Author

The past two months have been horrendous for me as a writer. My computer crashed in early September, and it is still down. So I´m using a borrowed chromebook - so different from what I´m used to. You may notice a double-space when apostrophes and quotation marks appear. That just seems to be how it works. Who knows why? Words tend to get off at the end of a line, so it takes much of my time to correct that. It doesn´t allow me to post pictures, but I think I figured out how to post videos, so if all goes well, I´ll add a couple as we go.

This is not the ideal situation, but I need to get back to writing. Although not the perfect fix, I´m grateful for the use of the chromebook. It´s looking more and more like a new laptop is in order. Well, it´s time to put the fingers to keys. Won´t you please join me?

A Quick Recap

Just a quick review of the events leading up to Part 25. Kinsley Oliver investigates the murder of her father and finds a dark secret involving the New World Order and a government takeover of the planet. After discovering the plot, she is led to Nevada´s Area 51 where she encounters Marisol, the demon-figure behind it all.

Aaron Dickinson, President of the United States, is called to Area 51 to meet with Marisol, a supposed alien sent to help guide planet earth. Marisol possesses the body of Dickinson and The Great Tribulation begins.

Kinsley teams up with Tony Menichetti to put a stop to the demonic takeover. The two eventually marry but are captured and taken to Area 51 for execution.

Excerpt from Part 24

The sky grew brighter by the minute, and they heard a rumble in the distance. As the helicopters approached, the huge spotlights crisscrossed the desert floor. The running was over. One by one, the helicopters landed and surrounded the fugitives. Two men jumped out of each one with automatic weapons poised on the trio.

In short order, they found themselves at Area 51. Same cell. Same guard. Harrison snorted, ¨It´s so nice to see you all again. Get ready. You have a meeting with Marisol in an hour followed by a meeting with the acid bath. You really should have thought twice about what you did. Marisol is fuming, She´s nasty even when she´s kind. Furious? You have no hope. You won´t exist this time tomorrow.¨

Tony stepped in. That´s great news. You can´t take away our life. You don´t have permission. We´ll be in Heaven away from you, away from it all. Just surrounded by peace in the presence of Jesus.¨

Harrison slapped Tony and spit in his face. We´ll see about that! l´ll have a talk with Marisol. We´ll have to see if we can´t keep you a little longer.¨

¨But - if you do that, we´ll no doubt escape again. This place is easy to bust. especially if you´re the guard.¨

Harrison tried to cut in, but Tony denied him. ¨Oh, come on, you fool. Even Claire tricked you. Maybe that needs to be pointed out to Marisol - your incompetence. Yeah, I think I´ll mention that to her. Let´s face it, Rubber Brain. You keep us, we´ll just escape again. You feed us to the acid bath, we gain Heaven. We win either way.


And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophecy . . . And when they have finished their testimony . . . the beast shall overcome them, and kill them... And after three days and a half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon them which saw them. And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud, and their enemies beheld them. .- Revelation 11:3, 7, 11, 12

The light in the room was dim, but all knew who sat behind the desk. Marisol waited patiently as Harrison brought the captives before her. Hands cuffed behind their backs and feet shackled, they wobbled into the room.

Marisol spoke. ¨You three have caused enough trouble. It´s time you be done away with.¨

Tony spoke, but Marisol interrupted. ¨You will speak only when I say. You may plead your case when I´m done. Until then, sir, shut up! I sentence you to death in the acid bath. Harrison prepare the apparatus. Sir, you may speak now - but keep it short.¨

¨I just wanted to thank you.¨

¨Thank me? For what?¨

Tony´s face lit up. A broad smile beamed from ear to ear.¨

¨For allowing us to suffer for Jesus. He, and He alone, is worthy of this death. You have freed us from our corrupt bodies and this corrupt world.¨

¨That will be enough. In twenty minutes, you´ll be bubbling in acid.¨

Tony couldn´t help it. ¨In twenty minutes, we´ll be in the presence of the Lord.¨

Minutes later, Harrison returned. ¨Okay you three, let´s move it.¨

Shuffling in her shackles. Harrison pushed Kinsley. She fell face-first on the tiled floor. Blood flowed from her nose as Harrison roared, ¨Look what you´ve done! Get up and keep moving. We have a date with death.¨.

Tony threw himself at Harrison. Both hit the floor, but Harrison had the advantage. He kicked Tony repeatedly in the head and stomach. Tony tried to kick and push with his feet, but he was no match for Harrison´s freedom of movement.

Kinsley cut in. ¨Tony, save it, We´re going home, remember?¨

Harrison looked at Claire. ¨My, my, MIss Claire. You´re the only one that hasn´t been on the floor yet.¨ He slammed her hard against the wall and laughed as she sunk down. ¨Let´s go! This is going to be so much fun.¨

Prodded on by Harrison, the trio broke into song. Tony started the old hymn.

Shall we gather the the river

Where bright angel feet have trod,
With it´s crystal tide forever
Flowing by the throne of God?

They were led to a large garage. Inside the door hung a mask, but only one. Harrison grabbed it to protect his lungs from the sulfured environment. In the center was a tank resembling an over-sized backyard swimming pool. Behind it stood a ladder reaching 30 feet into the air with an attached platform. Tony was first up followed by Kinsley, Claire, and Harrison who toted a long pole.

Tony turned and winked at Kinsley. ¨This will be just like hanging out at the old swimming hole when I was a kid. Just think of it that way. No big deal.¨

Climbing up, Tony stopped and looked back at Harrison. Between coughing and gasping for air, he said, ¨Harrison, wouldn´t you like to join us? I don´t mean in the bath. I mean in Heaven. It´s an actual place with real people and real experiences. All you need to do is change the direction of your life and follow Jesus. He´ll take you safely home. Harrison prodded them along.

Soon they reached the top and stood on the platform. Harrison ordered Tony to the edge and prepared to jab him over with his pole. Tony reacted quickly. ¨No need for the pole, Big H!¨ In a flash, he did a back-flip into the cauldron below.

Kinsley and Claire heard only a splash as Tony sank beneath the bubbling slurry. They walked to the edge holding hands and jumped. Within seconds, they vanished from sight.

Harrison had led many a traitor to the acid bath in the past. Somehow this was different. Not a word of complaint or fear on their lips. They seemed happy in death. They had a genuine conviction about the afterlife. They knew where they were going, and they understood the purpose of their existence on earth.

A voice spoke, although Harrison saw no one. ¨The three are safely home with Me now, but what about you? Where are you going? What´s your purpose? You´re only here for a short time.

Have you ever thought perhaps I sent Kinsley to help you find your purpose? You
won´t find true tranquility in anyone else but Me. True peace will never be yours by fighting Me, or even ignoring Me. I am love. I am your peace. You´ve seen it exemplified in my children - Tony, Kinsley, and Claire. Now, you have to make a choice.

¨You can continue to live as you´ve been living, in confusion, in secret pain, in darkness, or you can choose to follow Me. I´ll lead you into eternal life. I´ll take your pain. I´ll give you light to walk through the darkness. Only you can decide your future. What will it be?¨

Harrison broke down as he looked at his life. He looked at the acid below. How could he have been manipulated so? How could he have followed Marisol into the darkness of greed, hate, and murder? It was time for a change.

Kneeling on the platform, he cried out, ¨God of the universe. I´ve been so wrong. Forgive me - please. I need you to control my life. I´m out of control.
I´ll follow you wherever you lead.¨

He never heard the door open. He didn´t know Marisol was listening. ¨Harrison, what are you doing? You´ve been here for more than an hour. You can´t switch sides now. You´re mine. I own you. It´s too late. You will do my bidding until the day you die.¨

Marisol grabbed her phone. Men, come to the acid bath immediately. Bring Harrison to a holding cell. I have business to conduct with him.¨

Three men entered the room. ¨Harrison, by order of Marisol, come down now.¨

¨Who is Marisol? My allegiance is to Jesus, the Messiah. I will never go back!¨

¨You still don´t get who I am, do you Harrison? I´m the devil. And you just don´t walk away from the devil. After him, men. Bring him down. I´ll show him who he belongs to.¨

One by one, the men armed with handcuffs and a high-powered rifle ascended to the top of the ladder. A calm spread over Harrison as the three approached. They were now within arm´s length. Harrison turned to Marisol. ¨Marisol - until the day I die!¨ That´s today. He turned and jumped as Marisol and her three thugs watched him sink beneath the burning acid.

Marisol´s rage took over. ¨Bring him back! Bring him back! I must torture him for his disobedience. Pull him out! I´m not done with him.¨

She put her fist through the door, but God claimed another one for His Kingdom.

The phone rang in Marisol´s office. ¨Wexford here - Marisol, we have a problem. There are two men roaming the streets of Jerusalem preaching about Jesus. They´re turning the city upside down, and if we don´t stop them, their teaching could influence the entire world. What do we do?¨

¨That´s what I like about you, Wexford. You always know who to turn to when there´s trouble. I´ll take care of it. Send me some video footage. I´ll be at Area 51 until Friday, but we can work through this. No problem. Just send me the video.¨

¨Marisol, it´s streaming live. It´s all over the internet.¨

Marisol looked at her monitor. It was hard for her to take in. Tens of thousands gathered in the street to listen to the prophets.

¨The judgment of God is upon the world. You must turn back. Renounce the rule of Dickinson. There is only one hope. Turn to the God that created you. Turn to the God who has protected you from this evil. His patience will not last forever. Turn to the one true God, Jesus Christ.¨

An approving shout rose from the crowd sickening Marisol. ¨Wexford, execute these two, and then get to Area 51 as soon as you can.¨

¨The throng grew too big too fast. We´ll never get through.¨

¨Okay. Send the message that anyone who follows these two will be shot along with them. Get it out on the radio, the internet, the TV, everywhere. We´ll give it 24 hours. Keep me posted.¨

Thousands traveled to Jerusalem to join the growing group. The city was alive with interest as the two preachers delivered the God-sent message. An individual shouted, ¨Show us proof you are from God!¨

The two witnesses joined hands and prayed. ¨Lord, make yourself known. Send us fire from heaven.¨ Storm clouds moved in, blanketing the sky. Thunder crashed. A bolt of lightning flashed striking Al-Aqsa Mosque. Fire broke out, scattering the people.

A number of frightened, angry men charged the prophets. Within minutes, they lay dead in the street. ¨These two ought not to have lived. They burned our mosque. They are evil and would have only brought more trouble.¨ A loud cheer echoed throughout the city. They watched in disbelief as the bodies of God´s men resurrected and ascended back to Heaven.

Wexford contacted Marisol. ¨Don´t worry about those preachers. I´ve taken care of them.¨

© 2020 William Kovacic

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