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The Marisol Deception - Part 24



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

From the Author

I love this community so much. I feel bad when I can´t be here to read your stories and articles. The problem is I´m without a computer right now. Crash is such a nasty word. I had to borrow one to get this installment out. I may not be able to check in as much as I like, but know I´m thinking of you and will get back to reading your great stuff just as soon as I´m able.


Tony stumbled over a small rock and fell face-first. Getting up, he realized it was not a rock at all but an old radio - batteries included. He turned it on in time to hear Dickinson make a speech.

Hello, my people of the globe. I am here to announce the grace period for receiving my mark which allows you to buy and sell freely runs out at midnight tonight. I encourage you who have yet to receive it, do so now.

A couple has drawn my attention in the United States. Kinsley Oliver and Anthony Menechetti have consistently broken the rules. They have scoffed in the face of our great planet and have chosen to worship someone other than myself. They have regularly escaped our law enforcement agencies. I will stop them. We are honing in on their location as I speak. I will reward handsomely the man or woman who brings them to me.

“Wait a minute!” Kinsley was confused. “They had no reason to stop us at the restaurant because we didn’t have the mark. We can still buy until midnight. Let’s go back and get something to eat. They have to serve us.”

“Did you even hear the rest of Dickinson’s announcement? There is a bounty on our heads. We go back, we’re dead.”

“It has to better than dying here.”


Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.. - Isaiah 41:10

Startled by the noise, Kinsley and Tony ran hard. Other than a cactus here and there, there was no place to hide. Looking behind them, they saw a crowd of people running toward them. Tony thought for a moment - a lynch mob - thousands of them. Then he saw Matthew running at the front of the group.

“Wait! Wait, Kins. It’s Matthew.”

“We can’t trust anybody. Not even Matthew. Keep running.”

“No!” Tony came to an abrupt stop. Matthew called to him.

“They’re after us. Jump in and get lost in the crowd, but we have to hurry.”

Tony was curious. Breathless, he asked, “Who is after you?”

Matthew pointed to the sky. Three Army helicopters came into view. They circled the 144,000. “Dickinson. His goal is to remove every remaining Christian from the face of the earth. Our best defense is to stay together. He can’t take all of us.”

One chopper sped ahead. That’s when Tony realized Kinsley was still running. She wasn’t with the group. A half-mile ahead, an Army private lowered himself in a basket and swooped up Kinsley. The other two followed while Matthew’s people jogged to a stop. Tony watched as Kinsley disappeared from sight.

Tears welling up in his eyes, he asked Matthew, “Where are they taking her?”

Matthew put his arm around Tony’s shoulder and hugged him close. “She’s public enemy number one. They’re taking her to Area 51. You’re number two. They’ll be back for you. Like I said, there is safety in numbers. You need to stay with us.”

It wasn’t long until the helicopters returned. Once again, they circled the 144,000. With each pass, they came lower. Starting from the back, bullets rained down. Tony saw many fall ending their lives in martyrdom. Simultaneously, two thoughts ran through his mind. “If I don’t surrender, thousands more will die. If I do surrender, I’m headed for Area 51, and I need to free Kins.”

With that, he broke free of the group and raced across the desert, drawing the attention of the ‘copters. The Army private again lowered himself in the basket and grabbed Tony. He was gone before Matthew could stop him.


Within minutes, the helicopter swept away Tony. The 144,000 paused to pray for both Tony and Kinsley. Area 51 waited for them. Marisol would arrive in the morning. For now, they housed Kinsley and Tony in separate areas.

It wasn´t known to Kinsley that Tony occupied the next room. The last she saw him was when he was talking with Matthew. The small place had no light. Day or night, it all looked the same - black. They could make no sense of time. They heard the moaning of another prisoner. They could only imagine what the following day would bring.

The moans continued through the night. The voice of another woman sounded familiar, but Kinsley dismissed it. The guards made their rounds, stopping at the door of the moaner.

“Claire! Shut up!”

It had to be Kinsley’s mother. She was still alive. ¨Mom, It´s Kins. Is that you?¨

The moaning stopped. ¨Kins, my daughter, really? Oh, baby, girl! How did you get here?

¨That´s not important. We need ti get you out. They told me you were dead. I´m so glad they lied to me. Now, let´s figure out how to get us out of here. ¨

A whisper echoed from the next cell. ¨Kins, it´s Tony. I´m in the cell next to you. Got any ideas how to get us out?¨

An overjoyed Kinsley reacted to Tony´s voice. ¨I´m so glad you´re here!¨

Claire broke in, ¨Me, too, Tony. Kins, who is Tony?¨

¨It´s a long story, Mom. I´ll fill you in. Right now we need to get out of here. Who´s got a plan?¨

Claire whispered to the others. The guard will be around soon. He always leaves the door open when he checks the cells. I´ll distract him long enough to get behind him and lock him in the cell.¨

Do you think it will work? Oh, most definitely. I´ve been playing this guy since they first put me away. No problem.¨

¨Okay, Mom. Go for it and run as fast as you can. Tony and I will figure out to get us out.¨

¨Shhh. Quiet. Here he comes.¨

¨Well, Miss Claire, how are we doing tonight?¨ I´ve got your bread crust and your daily cup of water.¨ He opened the cell ad walked in.

Claire cleverly reached for the food and stumbled forward to the hard, cold, cement floor. She was now between the guard and the cell exit. All she had to do was get to the door first. As the guard bent to help her, she kicked him in the face and dashed to the door, slamming it behind her. She stood facing her captor, smirking as he got up.

¨Mom, run! Get out of here while you can.¨

In between chuckles, Claire blurted, ¨Not yet. I have some unfinished business.¨ She spoke calmly. ¨Now, Harrison. you know what it´s like to be behind bars, don´t you. I really feel sorry for you. Yeah - right.¨

At the mention of Harrison, a new anger rose in Tony. He began to yell. Claire shut him down. ¨Ḧey, Tony. Shut up! I have business to tend to.¨

¨Mom, get out of here!¨ Kinsley screamed.

¨You be quiet, too, Kins!¨

By now, Harrison had enough. ¨Open the cell, Oliver, right now or you´ll meet your demise sooner than planned.¨

A serious look came over Claire. ¨I can´t. You have the keys. Oh, Okay, enough fun for one night. Give me the keys and I´ll let you out.¨

Harrison reached into his pocket, pulled out a ring of keys and slipped them through the bars. Claire smiled. ¨Thanks, Harrison. Oh my! I must have kicked you harder than I thought. Your nose is bleeding. You better get to the infirmary.¨

Claire took her time opening Kinsleyś and Tonyś cells. She winked at Harrison as they ran by.

They made their way to the elevator. Soon they arrived at ground level making their way through the desert again. The absence of light made traveling difficult. Claire made traveling difficult. She struggled to keep up with Kinsley and Tony. They stopped to rest and Kinsley had to know, ¨Mom, how did you come up with such a great escape plan?¨

¨I found the Lord, Kins. He gave me the idea.¨

¨You - you found the Lord. That´s crazy!¨

¨He saved me and He can save you, too!¨

¨He did, Mom. And Tony, too. We´re all his children. Oh, and Mom, we´re all family in more ways than one. Tony is your son-in-law.¨ He hugged Claire.

The sky grew brighter by the minute, and they heard a rumble in the distance. As the helicopters approached, the huge spotlights crisscrossed the desert floor. The running was over. One by one, the helicopters landed and surrounded the fugitives. Two men jumped out of each one with automatic weapons poised on the trio.

In short order, they found themselves at Area 51. Same cell. Same guard. Harrison snorted, ¨It´s so nice to see you all again. Get ready. You have a meeting with Marisol in an hour followed by a meeting with the acid bath. You really should have thought twice about what you did. Marisol is fuming, She´s nasty even when she´s kind. Furious? You have no hope. You won´t exist this time tomorrow.¨

Tony stepped in. That´s great news. You can´t take away our life. You don´t have permission. We´ll be in Heaven away from you, away from it all. Just surrounded by peace in the presence of Jesus.¨

Harrison slapped Tony and spit in his face. We´ll see about that! l´ll have a talk with Marisol. We´ll have to see if we can´t keep you a little longer.¨

¨But - if you do that, we´ll no doubt escape again. This place is easy to bust. especially if you´re the guard.¨

Harrison tried to cut in, but Tony denied him. ¨Oh, come on, you fool. Even Claire tricked you. Maybe that needs to be pointed out to Marisol - your incompetence. Yeah, I think I´ll mention that to her. Let´s face it, Rubber Brain. You keep us, we´ll just escape again. You feed us to the acid bath, we gain Heaven. We win either way.¨

© 2020 William Kovacic