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The Marisol Deception - Part 14



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental


“There are worse things to come. The man called the antichrist will come on the scene and declare himself to be God. He’ll demand worship from all humans or he will put them to death. He will rise up and cause the people of the earth to hate Israel. Many nations will attack the small country just because of hate. It will culminate in a battle on the plains of Megiddo, where blood will run six feet deep. God will intervene. He will protect His people.”

“So what does Marisol have to do with all of this?”

“Marisol is satan in disguise. Satan will possess the man they call the antichrist. He will completely control the man. It will be satan against God. The announcement of the antichrist will cause things to get ugly fast. His troops will hunt for people like me who will reject him. I knew you had information about Marisol. I only wanted to know what you knew about her - or more accurately, him.

“This brings you to a crossroads. Just as Jesus is God in the flesh, so will the antichrist be satan in the flesh. You can’t follow them both. If you place your allegiance in the antichrist, he’ll take you down a one-way path to destruction. If you follow Jesus, it will be hard going for the rest of your days, but He will reward in the eternal afterlife.

“We’re born in and to a life of sin. We’re already following satan whether or not we realize it. Jesus died to defeat satan, to defeat the antichrist once for all. He took your sin upon Himself. Your sin was judged at the cross of Jesus. If you only accept His provision, He’ll see you through. His resurrection was the final stamp of victory. Satan is already defeated, but he fights hard and unfair. It’s your choice. It will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done if you follow Christ. But it will be well worth it.”

“So you’re telling me if I follow Christ, I’ve really given myself a death sentence.”

“Most likely. Some will survive, but most won’t.”

Kinsley took a minute to consider the choice. “Okay, let’s go get Marisol.”

Dickinson meets with Marisol

Dickinson meets with Marisol


Marisol continued her midnight meeting with Dickinson. “There is one thing we must do before you reveal yourself as the savior of the world. We must put distance between people. You are about to take over the world. There will be some resistance, but if the people are separated and alone, fighting back will be extremely difficult. That’s what we want - extremely difficult.

“Naturally, you will rule the nations, a one-world government. A one-world religion must be in place, a religion where you, and you alone, will be recognized as god. We will also incorporate a one-world currency. These three will demand obedience or death. Do you really think someone would be stupid enough to oppose you? But there will be some. Their execution must be quick and decisive. This will enforce fear in the people. You will literally be able to do anything you want.”

Dickinson’s puzzled face asked, “And just how are we make this happen?”

“The 5G network,” Marisol replied. “You see, Aaron, the human body responds to frequencies. 5G has a very high and intense frequency. Radiation is high. China is the place to start. They have a host of cell towers and advanced technology. We’ll use Spain and Italy, too. We will include major 5G areas in the US, say New York City. We’ll cause a pandemic.”

“I don’t get it, Marisol. How is a 5G network going to cause a pandemic?”

“It’s the perfect vehicle to introduce a worldwide pandemic. Few people will even question it. The body's cells will fight against the poisoning. It will mimic a virus. The people in higher populated areas will succumb first. Then we will set up test centers using a nasal swab.

Because of fear and panic, people will flock to the test sites. They think we will be checking to see if they have the disease, this virus. But what will take place is we will infect them with the virus, thus spreading more panic and fear. Aaron, they will be eating out of your hand. That’s the one-world government.

“Now, the one-world religion, the worship of Aaron. As I said, people will need to be separated. We’ll shut down all major businesses. People will need to remain at home. The lack of a workforce will affect the economy. The worst recession the world has ever known will take place. It will cause people to look inward and explore spiritual possibilities. They will without fail turn to the only hope they have - You, Aaron Dickinson."

“The churches will be closed. For fear of spreading the virus, they will not be meeting corporately. The removal of those dirty Christians has already taken place. They were a major obstacle, but now, there is nothing to interfere with your complete takeover.

“The one-world currency - the economic disaster created by the loss of jobs will be the open door to a new currency. The new currency is no currency, but a microchip embedded in the hand or forehead. Rather than scanning a credit card at the checkout, their hand will be scanned.

"The microchip contains all their banking information, their medical history, even a tracking device. If anyone tries to double-cross you, you will have plenty of notice. It will form a list of purchases made. It will keep a running account of all their movements and locations. We will know dissenters and properly deal with them.

“Get some sleep. In the morning, you and Wexford plan a press conference to announce to the world the one true god - you. I’ve already begun work on the 5G network. Things will happen fast. Within a few short weeks, the world will recognize you as the god you are. You’ve earned this, Aaron. Take advantage of the great opportunity you’ve been offered.”

On the other side of town, Wexford was sleeping like a baby . . . until a strange dream woke him, a premonition of the future. He immediately called Dickinson.

Dickinson, not able to sleep, grabbed his phone.

“Yes, Wexford. This better be important. It’s nearly 3:00 a.m.”

“I was sleeping soundly when I had an unusual dream. It didn’t feel like a dream. Maybe a warning.”

“On with it, Wexford. I don’t have all night. As a matter of fact, most of the night has already passed, and I would like to get at least a little sleep.”

“I saw you lifted up as god. The entire world fell down and worshiped you. All but a few. Although not many, there were enough dissenters to cause you great difficulty. They fought you every inch of the way. I think it means something. I just don’t know what.”

Dickinson took a deep breath. “You’re partly right. Marisol proclaimed me god of the New World Order. Tomorrow I must make the announcement to the world I now control. Have everything ready for a 10:00 briefing before we go on the air live. Now, let me get some sleep.”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry to have bothered you with this late-night call, but I thought you should know. Good night.”

Kinsley and Tony drove to the Smith house to have a look around. Everything was just as Kinsley remembered from weeks ago. On a whim, Tony turned on the TV. President Dickinson was ready to make his announcement. Kinsley and Tony sat spellbound on the couch.

To each of you who represent planet earth, may I say I am proud of you and the way you have handled the crisis our world has recently experienced. We have come through much together. We have seen the frightening disappearance of many, and in some cases, the disappearance of loved ones. We have experienced the onslaught of the heavens in the form of asteroids. We have dealt with water contamination.

The list goes on, but we have been more than Resilient. We have conquered those hardships, and we stand victorious. I assure you, there will be other woes to follow, but just as we have in these past days, we will also conquer them.

You may ask, “How has this been possible?” It is because I am here with you. My spirit has hovered over the events of the recent past. I must now reveal myself, for who I truly am. I am Emmanuel, god with you. I will forever be with you. I have come to rule over you with perfect love. I am your father and each of you are my children. You have nothing to fear.

We must keep the good of all mankind foremost in our thinking, in our speech, in our actions. At first glance, it may appear unloving, but we must consider what is best for all. Unfortunately, Israel has broken the peace agreement that was signed with the Arab states. This is a cause for world retaliation.

Kinsley broke in, “Wait a minute, Tony. Israel didn’t break the agreement. That was faulty news.” Anyone who followed the story at all knew it was the Palestinians that started the uprising. We can’t turn our backs on Israel. God will curse America. We’re doomed if we enter into this.”

“God will curse the nation. We can still honor Israel in our lives. God will bless us. It’s not just President Dickinson. Marisol is behind this.”

“So what’s the plan?”

“Think back. What were your first thoughts about God?”

A wrinkled nose told Tony Kinsey was thinking. " I guess I always believed in a god of some sort. Just who he is or what he’s about, I don’t know. Dad always taught us to pray. But I really can’t say if anybody heard. But I’m in this fight to the end. We’ll get Marisol and end this mess.”

“So you know that Dickinson isn’t God?”

“That much I’m sure of.”


“Kinsley, look. There is only one God. There can only be one God because if there are multiple gods which one is really God? His name is Jesus. He came to His people Israel 2,000 years ago.

"He would have brought on a kingdom of peace and love then, but Israel rejected Him as their Messiah. But to those who received Him, he became their Saviour. Jesus is God in the flesh - Emmanuel.”

“Wait a minute. You said Jesus is God in the flesh. You mean He was God in the flesh.”

“No, He’s God, remember? He had no beginning, and He will have no end. He is the eternal God who came to earth to save his wayward creatures. God, Jesus, was sacrificed on a Roman cross. The standard of righteousness is Jesus, not us. So often we compare ourselves to others, and we think we’re okay. We have all violated that standard, and without Christ’s sacrifice in our place. we would all be doomed.

“We can’t fight Marisol in our own strength. We need to fight in the Spirit of Christ. That means that first, we must accept His sacrifice as full payment for our failures, our mistakes, our sin. Are you with me?” Kinsley nodded.

“Second, we must follow His direction. He must be our guide. We must place our trust in Him. He will make our way known if we will follow Him. Still with me?: Kinsley nodded again. “Okay, let’s go!”

“Great! But where are we going?”

“Area 51. I’ve learned Marisol is to meet with President Dickinson Wednesday afternoon. We’ve got to see from the inside what’s happening.”

“Wait a minute. You’re telling me we’re going to raid Area 51 - just you and me? And just how do you plan to do that?”

”Yep, that’s what we’re going to do. How? I don’t know.”

© 2020 William Kovacic

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