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The Marisol Deception - Part 10



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

From Part 9

We last saw Claire on an eight-thousand dollar shopping spree. The spree, apparently funded by a bank robbery, landed her in jail.

The cashier checked each bill for authenticity. All passed the test. Still, she hit the silent alarm behind the counter. Within minutes, the police arrived and promptly circled Claire.

“Officer, what seems to be the problem? Surely, I've done nothing wrong.”

“Every one of the bills you used to make your purchase has been taken in a bank robbery yesterday. The serial numbers check out. May I see some identification, please?”

Claire was sure this had to be a mistake. She handed the officer her license.

"I see you’re from Ashburn. Are you familiar with the BB&T Bank at Junction Plaza?”

“Why yes, Officer. That’s where I bank.”

“I guess you know it all too well. The money was taken from that bank.”

“Oh, my. Did they take my money?”

“Ms. Oliver, you just purchased nearly $8,500 worth of inventory with stolen money. I’m placing you under arrest. Let’s go down to the station.”



"And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood . . . And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters, and they became blood. And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus. For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy." - Revelation 8:8; 16:4-6

President Dickinson faced yet another predicament. A tremendous worldwide hail and firestorm had taken place - an after-effect of the asteroid smashing into the earth. Fresh drinking water - nowhere to be found. The bottled water on the grocery shelf had disappeared. The sticky, coagulated water clogged the pipes that led to showers and sinks. Much of humanity would succumb to the lack of fresh water.

Kinsley’s phone wouldn’t stop ringing. She checked the caller id. “Okay, Mom. What have you done now?” The possibilities swirled through her mind. She stopped mumbling and picked up the phone.

She verbalized her thoughts. “Oh, hello Ms. Oliver. What kind of mess have you created now?”

Claire was beyond tears. “Kins, don’t say a word. Just listen. I need you to bring me all my credit cards as fast as you can. I can’t stay here another minute.”

“Oookay. Where is here?”

“Now, like I said, don’t say a word. I’m at 300 Indiana Avenue, NW.”

“I’m on my way. Will you be waiting outside for me? You know parking is terrible in DC!”

“No, that’s not likely. Just get here soon.”

Looking for a place to park, Kinsley drove past 300 Indiana Avenue - the Metropolitan Police Department. She continued to drive down the street in a mild shock. She could only imagine what her mother had done.

Walking up to the door, Kinsley felt lost. Where should she go? Fortunately, Claire was waiting inside the door with Officer Ryan.

“Mom, you really outdid yourself this time. What’s going on?”

Officer Ryan spoke up. “We have taken care of it. I’ll let your mother explain if she chooses on your drive home.”

“So, Mom. Tell me about it.” Kinsley could hardly wait.

“Oh, Kins, it was awful. Jeff gave me what you might call a pay raise. He gave me $8500 in stolen money, and I spent some of it. They arrested me.”

“They should have.”

“But, Kins, I didn’t know the money was stolen, and before you say anything, Jeff didn’t know it was stolen either. Poor guy. They’re still holding him.”

“Mom, don’t you think there’s a reason for that. He’s nothing but trouble. You need to dump him and dump him fast before he gets you in more trouble.”

“Not a chance. I have to make another trip to Nevada with him tomorrow - that is, if he gets out of jail.”

Kinsley walked away, shaking her head in unbelief. Worry filled her thoughts. Forgetting Marisol, she turned her attention to Jeff Harding. Who was he? What is he up to? What danger is he to her mother? She thought it through. Grabbing the phone, she dialed the Metropolitan police.

“MPD. Officer Ryan.” Just the one she wanted to talk to.

“Yes, Officer. This is Kinsley Oliver. I was hoping you could help me. I need some information on Jeff Harding. What kind of crime is this man involved with? And I’m not referring only to the bank robbery.”

“Ms. Oliver, he’s not involved in any crime. We’ve checked him out, and he’s squeaky clean. We have released him.”

The thought entered Kinsley’s mind before she disconnected the call. This man has committed murder and at least one bank robbery. Nobody is doing a thing about it. Why?


Claire and Jeff would leave for Nevada soon. It was time for Kinsley to do some major snooping. Following Claire to Jeff’s house, she would wait for the right moment and then . . . then she’d break in.

Kinsley was sure to stay several blocks behind Claire to avoid detection. All went smoothly. After the two left the home, Kinsley carefully made her way to the back door. Jeff locked it. She looked for a window to crawl through. There were none. Hoping against hope, she lifted the doormat in search of a key. This was her lucky day.

Entering the kitchen, she slowly toured the house. Once she had time to study the various rooms, she decided Jeff’s office was the place to start. A video labeled, A Gift from Marisol, lay on the desk. “That’s where we’ll start,” Kinsley spoke to herself as she popped in the video. Within seconds, Marisol appeared on the screen. She spoke.

“You’re watching this, Jeff, because I have already paid off the police - again. If there is a need to do this one more time, please know that you’ll be on your own. Continually bribing the police to free you is causing too much attention. Eventually, someone will be on to us, and I can’t allow that to happen.

“I’m assuming you still have my share of the money from the heist, or did you give it all to that idiot? What’s her name? . . . Claire, I think it is. I know you have to keep stringing her along until we're done with her, but she can’t be trusted with large sums of money. You see the result.

”One other thing, when you arrive tomorrow, be sure to use the back entrance. That’s all for now. I’ll see you and that idiot soon.”

“No one calls my mother an idiot and gets away with it.” Kinsley caught herself yelling at the screen. She continued to look for clues.

A stack of papers sat at the edge of the desk. A yellow sticky note stood out. Kinsley took in every word, but what it meant, she wasn’t sure. Jeff, the president can’t know about this. If he does, he’ll connect the dots. The signature was unreadable. She grabbed her phone and took a close-up picture of the note.

Moving from room to room, Kinsley noticed every detail as she continued to look for clues; She entered the bedroom. Under the bed, she found muddy shoes, an empty box and . . . an M-16 rifle. The hairs raised on her neck. Out came the phone for another picture.

Starting down the stairs, she tripped and fell to the bottom. A few bruises, but other than that, she was fine. That’s when she heard the back door open. She ran back up the stairs and followed two rules - quickly and quietly.

Footsteps fluttered across the kitchen floor and into the living room. As the intruder made his, or maybe her way upstairs, Kinsley huddled in the bedroom closet. Soon the footsteps sounded in reverse as the person headed downstairs, then through the kitchen. The back door slammed shut. Kinsley waited before exiting from the closet. She walked to the window and looked into the backyard. She saw a man, probably in his mid-fifties, wearing tattered jeans and muddy sneakers crossing the lawn. His ball cap shielded his bald head from the sun. She took a deep breath and started downstairs. Carefully, she opened the front door and left.

Kinsley parked her vehicle three blocks down the street - not especially far, but far enough to cause her to be sure she wasn’t being followed. Within minutes, she was back on the highway. She turned on the radio just in time to hear president Dickinson speak.

For all those concerned about your drinking water - don’t be. We have made plans to begin the cleanup of our waterways. I have every contractor in the nation working on this massive job, and we should see fresh water everywhere within a week. In the meantime, be assured that there are trucks of bottled water coming to a grocery store near you as I speak. I will leave shortly for Nevada to consult with some experts on the matter. An update will be given to you, the American people, as soon as there are any new developments. We have solved the problem within our nation. Now, we must consider the rest of the world.

Kinsley knew what that meant. Her mother would meet with the president and Marisol soon. No doubt, Claire would find trouble waiting.

An old Volkswagen Beetle passed her. She noticed the driver looked familiar. It was the ball cap that gave him away. As far as Kinsley could tell, she wasn't recognized, so she slipped into the passing lane two cars back from the Bug. Eventually, the two vehicles in front turned onto side streets leaving her directly behind the mystery man.

She allowed other cars to mingle in between and finally lost the vehicle. At the next red light. she looked in her rear-view mirror only to see she was being followed by the same Volkswagen.

© 2020 William Kovacic

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