The Mansion (Chapter 6 of Forêt)

Updated on December 4, 2018


Chapter 6

As I awake, all I could see is beautiful bright colors on everything. The chairs in front of the window, the covers on the bed, to the curtains hanging down the window. Yellow, orange and red, like a sunset. I climbed out of bed and see someone has replace my old dirty clothes with some that were more formal on the dresser. These clothes were strange, although they seem kind of modern they have some old-time Gothic feel to them. Leather pants with heeled black leather boots that come up to the knees, some kind of white lace corset with a black undertone and a long back jacket that looked like it was from the 1900’s. Right now it kind of looked like I was wearing pajamas so I guess I have no choice but to put it on. Everything seemed like it was my size but it still felt a little tight but something tells me it is supposed to be.

I put the clothes I just took off on the dresser then looked at the clock it was 7:45 pm, almost time for dinner so I head towards the door the lead into the hallway. Outside the door, the maid Abby is waiting for me, which is good because without her I probably get lost. She leads me down the hall and around another hallway till finally we come across the stairway I walked up the first time. Down the stairway passed the living or just a sitting area, then another hallway that leads into the dinning room. I don’t know if I could walk around this mansion everyday it just seemed like a lot of work. When I walked in the dinning room I see Henry sitting at the head of the table, when he see me he stands as the butler comes in and pulls out my chair. “How did you sleep?” ask Henry. “I slept good,” replied Alex. “That’s good, I know it can sometimes be strange sleeping in an unknown place,” said Henry. The butlers begin to bring out the first course, which was some kind of soup. It was good creamy, after we were done the butlers began to bring out the main course which was some weird-looking meat, I could only imagine what this could be, probably some weird animal that I’ve never heard of before. I asked Henry what it was he replies chicken. I smiled; I’ve never seen chicken look the way this one does. After the main course the butlers took our plates then brings out the dessert, which was just amazing. It was a lava cake that was literally on fire. As Henry begins to eat his cake, I wonder how the cake was not burning him. Henry looks up at me and smiles then says, “Don’t worry it won’t burn you it’s just magical fire, that’s why it taste so good”. I take my fork, taking a piece of the cake and lick it just to make sure; after it doesn’t burn me I take a bite. It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before, it’s like the flavors exploded in my mouth all at once.

After dinner Henry decides to show me around the house. “This house was built over 400 years ago, it has many secret entrances and passageways, and it even has a dungeon. First I’ll show you my favorite place the library, it’s filled with books,” said Henry. Some stairs and a couple hallways later we finally make it to the library, big beautiful gold doors, with swirl designs all over them. Henry opens the doors and there are books everywhere, huge bookshelf all across the room, you would need to use a ladder just to reach the books at the top. I looked around reading the title of the books that were on the table, half of them were in a different language and many of them were about some place called Foret. I asked Henry what Foret is and he replies, “You’re in Foret.” I stared at him with a puzzled look on my face, and then asked, “what is Foret?”

Chapter 6

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