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The Man Named Takeru - Part 4

A coffee lover who enjoys a good sunshine on the beach and the sea salt smell.


This is just so absurd! Abigail thought. It-it just not making sense. Abigail walking back and forth in the so-called General Takeru’s room. General Takeru. Who is this guy?! Abigail was wondering. We are all very scared of him. He took our country. Abigail recalled what Bonita has said to her. You can’t leave the room. General’s order. Please! They will beat me! Abigail recalled how Bonita was begging her. Abigail sighed. For the sake of Bonita, she obeyed the General’s order.

Abigail was startled by a knock on the door. Might be Bonita, she thought. “Come in.”

“How are you feeling today?” Bonita asked while putting down the tray and this time including some first aid kits.

“Better, thanks,” Abigail gave a warm smile to Bonita.

“I need to clean your wound,” Bonita said. Abigail immediately took off her shirt for Bonita to clean her wound. Shot, Abigail recalled the incident.

“Oh ya, where is the General?” Abigail asked while Bonita cleaning her wound.

“I don’t know. Sometimes he is not around for a few days,” Bonita replied. Abigail nodded in acknowledgement.

“Do you have a phone?” Abigail asked.

“A what?” Bonita was confused.

“A phone, you know.” Abigail repeated.

“ mean a telephone?”

“Yes!” Abigail heaved a sigh of relief. Bonita finally understand what she said. Most of the time they have communication breakdown. It was like they were from two different worlds. “Can I borrow your phone? I mean telephone.”

“I’m sorry. It’s not mine. It’s belonged to-”

“General,” Abigail cut in. Bonita nodded. She sighed in utter disappointment. The General was not really the friendliest person in the world. He shot her. Just because she trying to walk away from him as she thought that they were weird with those funny-looking attire and props like they were just came out from a movie shooting. How on earth that Abigail knew that the gun was real! And now that the gun was real, the next question was, 'Who is this General that Bonita was so in fear that she literally shaking every time Abigail trying to ‘disobey’ the General?' Up until today, Abigail hasn’t seen the General yet after their first encounter.

“But I don’t see any telephone in this room. You said that this is the General’s room, right?” Abigail asked.

“It’s in another room. The General’s office,” Bonita replied.


“So, what has happened last night? Where is Abigail?” George asked.

“Who’s this?” Ivan pointed at Rosamund. “Your girlfriend?” Ivan looked at George for answer.

“Hi, I’m Rosamund. From National Lake Theater,” Rosamund stuck out her hand to Ivan for a handshake.

“Where Abigail was last seen with you,” George was very impatient.

“I know it might sound crazy. The police came just now. I didn’t say anything cuz I don’t think they gonna believe me and I think I need to find out the answer first myself before going to the authority,” Ivan said. “But I don’t think I can do it alone. It-it’s just so absurd!” Ivan continued.

“I might believe you,” Rosamund blurted out. Two pairs of curious eyes looked at Rosamund.

“Really?!” Ivan asked in disbelief.

“I’m a tarot reader. Well, sort of. Anyway, I believe in something that most of the people are skeptical of. So, yeah, I might believe whatever you are about to tell us,” Rosamund said.

“You’re a tarot reader?! Who work in a theater?” George raised his eyebrows at the information that he has just received.

“Boy, you got a problem with that?!” Rosamund was annoyed with George. George quietly shook his head to surrender.

“Back to you,” Rosamund said and looked at Ivan.

Ivan cleared his throat before he began. “Last night, I bumped into Abigail in front of the theater. So, I invited her to my place for some coffee.”

“Why?” George asked.

“Why what?” Ivan looked at George, confused.

“Why you invited Abigail to your place?” George asked. George never really like Ivan since high school. He knew that Ivan always has a thing for Abigail and somehow he felt the need to protect her.

“Cuz she looked kinda unhappy,” Ivan replied.

“I kinda know why,” Rosamund added. “Someone bailed out on that poor girl.” George could feel the glare coming from her direction.

“So, what exactly has happened?” George immediately changed the subject.

Ivan opened his TV cabinet and took something out of it. “This. This is what happened,” Ivan showed them a blue rock sprinkled with specks of gold.

© 2021 Ashley SY

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