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The Man Named Takeru - Part 2

A coffee lover who enjoys a good sunshine on the beach and the sea salt smell.



“Yes. You are Rosamund?”

“Yes, that’s me. Here you go,” Rosamund passed Abigail’s handbag to George.

“Thanks,” George said. “You know what,” George turned back to the counter, facing Rosamund and she looked at him, confused.

“I got this strange feeling. I think friend is missing. The movie hasn’t end and she wouldn’t just walk off like this as that is her favorite movie. Let alone forgetting her handbag,” George said worriedly.

“ wanna call the police?” Rosamund asked. George nodded.

“We have looked through the CCTV and your friend left with a man,” Robert, the police officer said. “Do you recognize this man, Mr. Gray?”

George looked at the CCTV. Abigail left with a man. And the man looked too familiar. “Oh my God!”

“What?!” Rosamund who was following around the whole time during the investigation asked George. “You know that guy?” Rosamund, standing beside George, pointed to the man on the CCTV screen.

“Yes. We’re kinda friends. High school friend. I haven’t seen him for years,” George replied.

“What’s his name? And do you know where does he live now?” Robert asked with a pen and a notebook on his hands ready to jot down the details.

“Ivan. Ivan Hill. I don’t know where he lives. We’re not really that close,” George replied.

“Alright. We will check on it. We’ll give you a call if there is anything,” Robert said. “Here’s my number. Call me if you have any new information that you want to add,” Robert handed a piece of paper to George.


Abigail woke up from unconsciousness with her head still feeling dizzy. She rubbed her eyes in order to have a clearer vision and looked around. She was surprised to find herself on a street with buildings that she has never seen before in the middle of a night. Where am I? Abigail thought. She immediately searched for her phone. Shit! I must have left it in the movie. No. Wait. I was at Ivan’s apartment... before the light. Yes, the light. Abigail recalled.

“Ivan!!” Abigail shouted. “Ivan!! Please!! It’s not funny!!” Abigail shouted again. Abigail tried to look around but there was no one, not even a single soul on the street. But one thing has caught Abigail’s eyes. An unfamiliar flag that was hanging around the street.

Abigail walked around the street, trying to make sense on what has just happened. The whole street was weird. The buildings. The vibe. It were all just too weird but Abigail couldn’t quite put her finger on it. After a few good minutes of wandering, Abigail suddenly heard some noises from behind. She turned to look and there was a car headlights shining toward her.

“Help!!” she immediately waved her hands to the car. “Help!!”

The car stopped right in front of Abigail. The headlights shined so brightly that she couldn’t see who was the driver. One of the doors was being opened a moment later. A man stepped out and stood right in front of Abigail. A funny-looking man. What the heck is going here?! Abigail thought, looking at the man, confused.

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you said,” Abigail replied when the man said something to her in a foreign language.

The man said something again to her but this time with a higher tone. He seemed to be very impatient with the communication breakdown. Is this some kind of a movie set? Abigail thought, judging by the attire of the man and also the whole environment of the street. The man was wearing some kind of a military uniform with all the props-the hat and the gun and some badges. A war movie? Abigail trying to guess.

“Hey!!” Abigail yelled when the man tried to grab her arm. “Let go of me!” Abigail tried to loose herself from his grip. The man was not pleased by her response and yelled something to her, again, in a foreign language. But this time, Abigail able to figure out what was the language. Japanese language.

While they were having a little tug-of-war in front of the car, another door of the car was being opened. Two men stepped out from the car this time. The man immediately let go of Abigail’s arm and saluted the other two men. Abigail rubbed her arm and looked at them confusedly. One with the almost same military uniform and the other in a civilian clothes.

“Who are you?” asked the one in the civilian clothes.

“Who are you?” Abigail echoed the same question back to him.

“What’s your name?” asked the one in the military uniform, standing so close to Abigail that she could almost hear his breathing.

Abigail slowly took a step back to recreate a gap between them. “Ab-Abigail,” she felt compelled to answer him.

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