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The Magic of an Audio File Part-3

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic1: The Author Listened to a Part of the Audio File

Pic1: The Author Listened to a Part of the Audio File

As soon as I reached my place, I changed into comfortable clothes after washing up.

Then I searched for Samuel's number on my smartphone, and I got it and gave him a ring.

He picked it up on his end and said, “Hello”, not recognizing me.

“It’s me Rosina Khan, your friend in the writers’ circle.”

"Oh, yes! I remember you", he said. "What's up?"

“I have been talking to your cousin, Sally Jones. It was she who mentioned that you gave the audio file to her.”

“Can I ask a few questions about the audio file?” I asked.

"Look, Rosina. There's nothing to ask further about the audio file. You said you deleted it. So that's where it ends."

“Come on, Samuel. Please talk to me. Do you attribute all the bad luck occurring in your life to the audio file? I can tell you listened to the whole of it.”

“Okay. I will answer this question only if you answer my question first.”

“Do you have further copies of the audio file anywhere?”

"Yes, I do. I remembered recently that I still had a copy on the original flash drive that Sally gave to me.”

“Okay, can you make a promise?”

“All right, Samuel. What is it?”

“Delete the file from the flash drive. Then I will be ready to answer your questions.”

“Okay, I promise”, I said honestly and hung down.

I connected the flash drive to my laptop and deleted the audio file. I thought I had enough conversations for one day. So, I made myself a meal and was preparing to get to bed when my phone rang.

Well, it wasn't Samuel like what I had thought- some insignificant prank call, much to my relief.

The next day after seven hours’ sleep, I woke up, washed myself up, and prepared my breakfast.

I was planning my day. I was debating whether to call Samuel or not when he rang my phone. I was excited.

Pic2: Samuel Called Back, Continuing the Tale of the Audio File

Pic2: Samuel Called Back, Continuing the Tale of the Audio File

“Yes”, I said, “I am glad you called.”

“I waited for you to call back yesterday”, he said simply.

“Yes, I was tired. So, I took a break.”

“Are you okay now?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Did you delete the file from the flash drive?”

"Yes, I did."

“So, what other questions do you have regarding the audio file?”

“Well, do you think all the bad luck that happened in your life was because you listened to the end of the audio file?”’

“Yes, I do.”

“That’s interesting. How’d you know?”

"That's because a couple of friends who had listened to the end of the audio file had immense good luck followed by bad luck. Furthermore, those who had listened to only a part of it had a lot of good luck only. Does that answer your question?”

“What kind of good luck and bad luck did they have? Were they similar to your case?”

"Well, more-or-less. Their major business, for which they needed the audio file, was always successful, but family members and part-time jobs were affected badly."

“Were there always deaths in families and losses in part-time jobs?”

"Bad luck didn't always mean death in the family. But things happened that were dreadful. For example, separation and divorce and fighting for custody of their children. Or, some illness that persisted over months with the hope of survival in the end. Yes, there were losses incurred in part-time jobs, and even people got laid off from them. But there was no way to predict what kind of bad luck one would experience if he listened to the end of the recording."

“Is there a way to tell you that the end of the audio file was malicious?”

“Yes, I had it checked by a music composer. He found the end of the audio file contained discordant vibrational frequencies which an amateur listener wouldn’t discover for himself.“

“What do you mean by discordant vibrational frequencies?”

“Sound vibrations that are not in harmony with the rest of the audio. It simply is dangerous to listen to this part, which is actually at the end of the file.”

“The biggest tragedy is that even the music composer experienced immense bad luck after a duration of good luck”, Samuel continued.

“What was it like?”

"His music compositions started to hit the charts, and he was becoming extremely popular when his little daughter had serious asthmatic problems. Had they not made it to the hospital on time, there would have been grave consequences. Then one night, when he and his family were out holidaying, there was a burglary in his house. All his savings, which he had saved in his secret safe, were smuggled out, and to this day, he couldn’t fathom how they worked out to unlock the safe. It was only known to him.”

“Oh, I understand, Samuel. That answers all my questions. I am glad the file is nonexistent now in my life. Thank you so much for all your cooperation and patience.”

"My pleasure", said Samuel. "Enjoy all the good luck the audio continues to bring, my friend."

“Thanks so much. You are a real well-wisher. Good day to you, Samuel.”

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