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The Limitless Boy Part 3


The Limitless Boy Part 3

When we last left off in the story the little boy was introducing himself to a girl. He hadn’t seen her around town so he knew that must be known. He wasn’t too fond about meeting new people but for some reason, this girl had caught his eye, he began walking towards her and when they got close enough to each other they smiled at one another. He finally got up the courage to introduce himself. Hi, my name is Jesse I have seen you around but I have been afraid of introducing myself to you. I think it is because I know how you do what you do, I have the same limitless brain that you have or at least I think that I do when things are told to me I remember them and I have a feeling by the awestruck look in your eye you can do that too. “ I can remember everything that I have ever learned and the cops look at me for help when they need it just like they do to you. Everything that I look at seems brighter in my eyes. Do you have the same thing happening in your brain? She asked he looked at her and smiled nobody had ever asked him that before. “Yes, I do I thought that I was the only one I am glad I am not alone in this.

I am happy to report that you are not and now that we found each other do you think we could be friends? She asked and all he could do was smile. He was overjoyed at the prospect of having a friend that understood him now he wouldn’t feel so alone in his thoughts when he saw something that most people couldn’t see. He was tired of hiding from the world when he talked to people because he didn’t want people thinking that he was strange so he just tried to hide the fact that he had a limitless mind. He did a pretty good job of it but sometimes it didn’t work out too well and people would talk about him behind his back. He could be his true self around her because they were the same and that made him happy.

Ever since that day, they spent time together and helped the town out together. It was a lot of work to help the police with their work and everyone else around them so they were both happy to have each other to lean on. The townspeople were amazed that there was two of them, and that they got along so well. Some people even called their friendship a budding romance but because they didn’t know what that was yet they didn’t think anything of it. They just spent time together keeping their town and neighboring towns safe from crime.

With them both having limitless minds, everyone would call either one or the other but most of the time both of them would get a call so that they could help out together. It was much more fun that way anyway. The more help the cops got for fighting crime the easier it was and that was why they liked having the boy and girl with the limitless minds helping them any chance they got. It wasn’t only for them it was for the boy and girl as well so that they could spend time together and not feel weird since they both had the same type of mind, and the cops knew that there weren't very many people like them so that was why they liked to keep them together.

Everything that went on in there town and the neighboring towns were big, so it was better to have two of them on the job. They worked well as a team and everyone who knew them knew what they were trying to do with their gift. All they wanted to do was use their gift for good for the benefit of other people and they were doing just that. They were staying out of harms way and letting the professionals take care of it, but they were helping them in a sense that they knew what was coming before it even came, when they first took a look at something they knew what either was coming with that specific thing or what had happened with it, without anyone having to tell them.

This is why people would call them when a crime was committed because they knew how to fix it quickly without drawing attention to the crime itself and the people around them. Sometimes when things happened in the town they would call, the people with the

the limitless minds first before they would call the authorities because they wanted whatever happened to be assessed first, not that the people with the limitless minds ever showed up first because the authorities had the vehicles to get to the destination of the crime faster but when the people with the limitless minds showed up there was always clapping and cheering because then they knew that the crime would be solved quickly. Most people would show up just to watch the people with the limitless minds help out the community because they liked the idea of having a limitless mind. Even though other people couldn’t have a limitless mind they still liked the idea of it.

Which is why when anything bad happened in the community or the surrounding communities they would call them and there would always be a crowd of people. When the crowd of people first started coming out to see what the people with the limitless minds would do, to help the community. Every time they were called out to help the community they would do something different. Sometimes they would talk to everyone about what was going on and other times they would just help the police officers and firemen, with what they had to do. They were always called when there was a crisis because they were good at thinking on their feet. Which is what cops and firemen wanted from them. They didn’t mind helping out the community and using their minds to do it because the rush that the got from it was nothing they could have ever felt before. It was like living in the wind moving a million miles a minute and it felt amazing because it was so fast. They always enjoyed helping people because they got to learn about them as well and that helped their limitless minds grow even deeper in there limitlessness.


Limitless Minds Aren't For Everyone

A lot of people in the town that the boy and girl lived in thought that they had limitless minds just like them but when they tried to think and talk like them, but when they tried to figure out what happened where the police were standing they couldn’t figure it out because they just saw people not what else was there, like people with the limitless minds. They could tell that what they were looking at was something ruined and they knew what actually happened without actually having to be told. Someone had put something an animal in a tree, and there was a fire underneath it. So the boy and the girl went over to the tree and motioned for the firefighters to follow with a ladder so that they could get the cat down. So they went to the tree got the cat down and when they looked further they realized that the trees were vandalized with paint.

Jesse and Jessica the boy and girl with the limitless minds looked closer at the tree, and they could tell that someone vandalized them, but they didn’t know who they were. When they looked closer they noticed something else behind, the farthest tree, on the property. A person was standing there watching them as if they were waiting, for them to leave so that they could do more damage. So the boy and girl with the limitless mind turned towards the cops and motioned to them to come closer. When they got closer to the boys they noticed that they had spray paint in their hands and that they were using it to paint the trees. Which they weren’t supposed to be doing. So the police arrested them and thanked the boy and the girl with the limitlessness mind for finding them. What were they doing and why were they doing it? This was what was going through Jesse and Jessica’s head when they saw what was happening. There was something going on that they couldn’t figure out.

They could feel themselves being watched from the trees but when they looked at them they couldn’t see anyone. After about twenty minutes though the boys were found and arrested, Jesse and Jessica didn’t leave the area. They wanted to know if they could find something else out, there had to be more people involved than just two boys for the amount of vandalism that there was. They just didn’t really know where to look next, so they stood in the forest and completed their next move. What was all this trying to say, or was it saying anything at all? They didn’t know. Why were the people doing this what were they trying to get out of it? They were trying to say something but what, that was the issue that they were all having. One day they would figure it out and they hoped that it would be soon, maybe they weren’t looking in the right spot, but they didn’t know where else to look but maybe they were looking in the right spot just not deep enough they didn’t know.

Why were people trying to cause problems for the community what weren’t the police and Jesse and Jessica seeing, there had to be something. People couldn’t just be vandalizing the town for fun, there had to be better things to do with their time then do that to the town. They were going to figure it out if it was the last thing they did they just had to figure out how to do so. The vandalism was so random it didn’t make any sense, there were so many questions that needed answers, that they didn’t know if they were doing a good enough job. They would figure it out though because they knew that the police were, counting on them but they didn’t like the way they felt about it. They wanted to figure out what was going on just as much as the police did because it was just so confusing they wanted to make sense of it.

There had to be more than just two people involved but the two boys at the police station weren’t saying anything so they didn’t know who else was involved. It was just strange that there wasn’t much to go off, of. Or maybe they didn’t find everything that could be used to figure out who did the vandalism and whatever else they did. There had to be more clues but where, were they. It was as if they needed to start digging up the ground but they didn’t want to do that because they were afraid of what they were going to find. Not that they would find anything bad, but they were still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that the vandalism was random and they couldn’t really make sense of it.

They wanted to make sense of it, though because they were there to help the police out and if they couldn’t do that, then what would the police think, they wouldn’t want their help again if they couldn’t figure this out. They knew that the people who were behind this couldn’t do it alone because of how much was going on around them but they didn’t know why or how long it had been going on. Although at every turn they were finding more so it must have been going on for awhile but why?


What Happens Next With There Limitless Minds?

Tune in next time to find out, more.

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