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The Limitless Boy, Part 1

 He is a super hero of sorts space is no object to him he can get there if he wanted to some how

He is a super hero of sorts space is no object to him he can get there if he wanted to some how

The Limitless Boy Part 1

Can a person’s mind really be used 100 percent?

A little boy 12 years old was walking down the street when he noticed something strange. Everything around him looked brighter the colors of the leaves on the trees and on the ground where they crunched under his feet as he walked were more vibrant than they usually were. What was going on he didn’t know all he knew was that his thought process was different and he remembered things he thought that he had forgotten years before but now they were at the forefront of his mind. Things were much clearer when he looked at them as if he was seeing them through a new pair of eyes. He could do anything he wanted his way and nobody said anything it was like he wasn’t limited to doing things a certain way. Which was odd to him because he had never been given that much freedom before.

Since he never forgot anything, however, when people had questions about things he was the one that they came too. At 12 years old he could be told anything and he would remember them word for word. It was like his brain had a limitless bank of memory that he could use, which was astounding to him because things he thought he would forget he didn’t. Like what happened in a bad movie, or what happened on the street when he wasn’t supposed to be paying attention but was that type of thing. How much could a twelve-year-old boy remember really? People were astounded when they asked him questions about his life from when he was born up until now because he could recall things word for word and most people couldn’t do that.

Since he was such a smart kid he was the one the town turned to when a huge storm hit and took out the power to his hometown as well as the neighboring towns. The police came to him and asked him for his help in fixing the problem. He went with the police to the hydro company and managed to fix the problem from there figuring out why the transformer blew and fixing it so that it wouldn’t happen again the future. Most people called him a superhero because he could fix anything if he was shown how to do it once. He had limitless brain capacity after all which meant he never forgot a thing. He was known as the town superhero because he could fix things and remember everything it wasn’t because he had super powers because nobody has superpowers but since his brain could remember everything and anything everyone thought he was powerful.

Even though people referred to him as a superhero he never dressed like one, he was just a normal kid who wore normal clothes and tried to do normal kid things. He could do limitless things with his limitless mind and that was why people referred to him as the superhero of the town. One day while the twelve-year-old boy was in school he looked out the window while the teacher was teaching and he noticed something out of the ordinary, there were people on the premises that he knew weren’t supposed to be there. So he raised his hand and pointed out the window when the teacher called on him as she walked to the window and noticed what was going on, she immediately heard the principal come over the PA system telling everyone to stay inside while they dealt with the culprits outside who were causing graffiti to the school. The little boy was pulled out of his classroom and he was told to go to the police to investigate what was happening when he walked outside with the police they couldn’t catch up with the boys who were running but he could because he thought of being super fast and when he thought of things like that, it made him become that way. Which in this instance was a good thing because he could stop the bad guys before they got away. When the bad guys were caught and taken away and the little boy came back into the school the entire school was waiting for him and when he walked through the halls everyone clapped and thanked him for saving them. Stay tuned to find out what happens with the not so superhero that is classified as a superhero. He had just stopped a bad guy even though he didn’t think that he could. Now he was worried about what people would think of him, would people think he was famous and would people always want him around to fix their problems”. These were the things going through his head. He just wanted to be a normal kid but he now knew that he couldn’t be, so he was going to have to get used to it. He would eventually but he was worried about how long it would take.

they didn't believe him but he kept at it

they didn't believe him but he kept at it

Limitless Minds are Around Every corner Even In School

Maybe if one of the kids in school needed help with things other than school work, they would realize that he couldn’t control the fact that he had a limitless mind. He tried to control it but the more he tried to control it the more he couldn’t so he eventually gave up. Which was better for his thought process when it came to school work and helping the community since he wasn’t trying to think so hard. He knew that helping the community was what grown-ups did but because his mind worked the way it did they had talked him into helping them out. He jumped at the chance to help the community out because that meant he was growing up and if the grown-ups wanted him around he wasn’t going to say no since the kids at school didn’t like him much. He still didn’t understand why and maybe he never would but he didn’t care now that the adults wanted his help.

When your mind worked 100 percent you were looked at like a superhero even though he wasn’t he could still help like one. Which was what he enjoyed the most, he thought of himself as a character out of Superman even though he never wore what superman wore. He still thought he was like one the guys that Superman worked with. Which was cool in his mind, even though he hadn’t told anyone about that because he was afraid of what they were going to think because what most people thought they decided to say and that was what he didn’t want.

He knew that his mind was different but that didn’t mean people needed to treat him any differently. He was just trying to help the community the best way he knew how, if people didn’t like it then they didn’t have to watch him at least that is the way he thought about it. He wasn’t too fond of his gift, but if he was going to have it when he was going to use it. What was the use of having a gift if you aren’t going to use it, and the best way to use a gift is to help others? Which is what he was doing, so he felt pretty good about it.

Once everyone knew that he had a special gift, they didn’t think he was weird anymore they actually thought that he was pretty cool. Everyone now wanted to be his friend and have some sort of problem so that he could come to the rescue and fix it, even though most of the problems people made up weren’t problems at all and by the time he showed up everything was cleaned up. He thought that that was pretty funny and so did everyone else.

People were amazed at the way this little boys mind worked and at one point or another they asked him if they could ever have a mind like his. His answer would always be “ I don’t think so because I don’t even know how I got a mind like this my only parents don’t have minds like this and they don’t know how I got it so I wouldn’t be able to tell you how to do it” everyone who he told this too was mesmerized by it, and they had a new respect for him. They didn’t think he was weird they thought it was cool that he had a limitless mind and now they all wanted to be his friend.

From no friends one day to friends the next it was pretty cool once people understood him. Even though people understood him though they still never hung around him, the whispering stopped which was what he wanted in the first place. He knew that friends always came and went and he didn’t care how many friends he had. His goal was to help the community and surrounding communities with his limitless mind not make friends because of it. He was always on call with the police and fire department since they were run out of the same area, so when they needed help one or the other would call him and he would come running no matter what time of day it was. He enjoyed helping people because it taught him how to be around them, and that was something even people with limitless minds needed help with so it was good that he was experiencing it.

Sometimes people would ask him questions like, “ if you mind can be used 100 percent why is that you have to experience things don’t you already know how to do everything”? he would respond by saying, “ When I see something for the first time I know how it works and what it does. When I see people for the first time I can tell you what they have done and what they are planning on doing just by looking at them and that is why the cops and I are good friends because they use my limitless brain to help them fight crime.” When he told people this they were shocked and amazed because they had never thought of a person with a limitless mind being able to help the cops fight crime. They thought that it was cool that someone could tell what someone was thinking just by looking at them. which is what he could do and what he enjoyed doing because he liked to help people and that was what he used his gift for.

He was always willing and ready to help anyone in need no matter what time of day it was or whatever else he was doing, he would drop everything and run to help someone in need. Wasn’t that what limitlessness meant, he thought so and that was what he was going to do, No matter what he was helping someone with he was always going to be there to lend a hand. That was why he was around when a tragedy struck the town so that if they needed his help he would be able to help people. Not that bystanders knew what he was doing there, but they didn’t need to know he was the only one that needed to know what was going on.

He knew he had to do something so he did

He knew he had to do something so he did

What did his limitless mind give him?

His limitless mind gave him limitless opportunities to help the community and limitless ideas on how to do it. So it wouldn’t have to be done the same way every single time. Even though he was 12 years old his mind worked like someone who had been through college and had a career already. Sometimes people even called him little professor boy because of the all the knowledge that he bestowed. Most people were envious that he could help the cops with the mind that he had, at such a young age.

Tune in next time to see what happens with the little boy and his limitless mind. You will be amazed at what he can do, with his mind.

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