The Lies We Tell but the Secrets We Keep, Part 14

Updated on April 16, 2019
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed, I write.


The big day is finally here, it's Tim and Jyres wedding day. They both feel it's such an honor to marry two of the most beautiful women in the world. Tim normally so calm and able to handle everything in his life, yet on his wedding day, he feels as if he is losing control to nervous and his stomach feel so jiggly.

Tim grabs his stomach in agony from the severe cramps, then he turns to a bottle of Phillips milk of magnesia hoping he just needs to go to the bathroom as the last couple of days he been too nervous to go.

It took Tim for what seems like forever and a day to gather himself together to prepare to start getting dressed, he was still in his jammies. Just as he rose up to go get dressed the doorbell rings. He opens it to see Jyres undressed with his clothes in a garment bag in his hand. Tim welcomes him in, Jyres could see how nervous Tim was. He was shocked to see Tim in such a nervous stage as he so used to see him in control.

Tim and Jyres sit and talked for a little over thirty minutes, Jyres shared with Tim today will be the most exciting day of his life and it's normal to be nervous.

He asked Tim was his pre-wedding nervousness due to he feels something will go wrong? Tim replied, "I am not sure if I'm nervous something will go wrong as it did that day in the courtroom or if I'm nervous something will prevent me from marrying the woman of my dream.

Tim shared with Jyres he could feel his heart pounding faster. Jyres told him to take deep long breaths - five seconds long - through his nose and five-second releases through his mouth. It will force his heart rate to slow down.

Tim tried it and it worked so well for him that He was able to start relaxing. He asked Jyres how is it that you so calm today? Jyres replied, "I am not sure, but I love her so much and I am excited and ready to marry my angel today."

Tim and Jyres hugged, he shared with Jyres he was so happy he made the decision to come to his house to get dressed, he needed him to calm down. Jyres replied, "I felt by today being such an important day, we need to encourage each other." Now let's get dress man we have a wedding to attend.

Meanwhile, Gina and Alexander are still getting dressed. Their best friends are there assisting them to get dressed. Gina is so happy as she says her vows over and over to ensure she says it right at the church.


An hour has passed and Gina, as well as Alexandria is finally winding it down to leave for the church. Holly will be present and available for Gina; she wants her sister’s wedding day to be the happiest day of her life.

The Limousine Service sends over the Limo to pick up the two brides, two best friends, and Gina's sister. They are on their way to the church. So far both brides are holding up pretty well, they seem happy and ready, nervous has not kicked in.

The limo is pulling up into the church parking lot, just as the driver put the car in park Gina begin to panic. Tears start rolling down her cheeks, "Oh my God said, Gina." "Not now, I can't be allowing myself to fall apart just as I arrive at the church." Holly stepped in before Jilla could open her mouth and did a wonderful job calming her sister down. They hugged as Gina pulls herself together.

The guest is arriving and the church is filling up quickly. Gina brother is Tim's best man and Jyres best friend, Gill is his best man. The music begins to play for Gina to walk down the aisle first. She walks down the aisle to the song, You and I, Ralph Carter song on Good Times for Telma’s wedding. She looks very beautiful and Tim can't take his eyes off of her.

As Gina walk, Tim felt so emotional with love and couldn't wait to marry the woman he fell in love with at first sight. It's been one bumpy road getting her to love or trust him and now that he has, he never wants to take her for granted or lose her.

It took Gina probably three to four minutes to walk to the front of the church, but it seems like forever to Tim. He stood there with his stomach twisting in knots doing everything in his power to ensure it doesn't show.

When she made it to the front of the church, she looked at Tim with so much love and she whispers to him, "I Love You," and the music to you and I stop and the song, Why I Love You So Much, by Monica began to play, per Gina special request.

Everything was so perfect and for Gina's Godfather to walk her down the aisle was the highlight that made everything so complete and everything Gina desired for her wedding.

After she makes it to the front of the church, the music begins to play for Alexandria to walk down the aisle. She walks to the song, "The Day I Married an Angel, Fancy's Song, from the Jamie Foxx show. She has been calm until she heard the song, she was so pleased and happy that tears begin to fall down her cheeks.

Jamie Foxx Wedding Song

Since Tim was unavailable to walk Alexandria down the aisle, Jyres's Dad was honored to walk her down the aisle. As Alexandria listens to the words of the song, she remembers Jyres told her he wanted her to walk down the aisle to a song that describes how he feels on their wedding day. Knowing that and listening to the lyrics brought tears to her eyes because she was so happy.

The lyrics, Well It's Been Five Years, Can't Hold Back My Tears, Cause I'm Just Sooohhh Happy, I'm Marrying an Angel Today Oooohhh. As I Take Your Hand, I Plegde To Be Your Man, I Vow to Love to Hold to Cherish and Never Disrespect the Love We Share.

I'll Be Honest I Cannot Lie, There'll Be Real Good Days, There'll Be Some Bad Times, I'll Be Standing Right Beside Ya My Sweet Baby, With My Love of Mine Oohhhhhohhhhhh.

As You Take This Ring, And I Place It on Yo Sweet and Lovely Hand. We Will Show Our Kids, They Will Tell Their Kids, What Mom and Daddy Did, On the Day I Married My Angel, (I Love You My Aangel).

When Alexandria made it to the front of the church the ceremony was getting ready to start. Before Jyres dad could release Alexandria’s, arm and leave Jyres walked over in a hurry and pull Alexandria, close to him and embrace her with one of the biggest hugs.

The preacher begins with Tim and Gina, they said their vows first. The words for both of them was so well thought out and said. Jyres were in such a hurry to marry his wife that he begins stating his vows to his wife before the preacher said Jyres and Alexandria will now share their vows.

Alexandria smile and then she started her vows to Jyres. When both couples completed their vows, the preacher allowed both couples to say I do together so he only had to say do you take this man or this woman to be your husband or wife once, all four said, "I do."

Everything was so nicely done, both couples are now husband and wife. As the couples prepared to leave the church after the ceremony, they dance down the aisle to Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars and the guest follow behind them and dance as well until everybody, every guest was out the door.

Just before both couples get in the limo to leave Gina's sister Litha walks up. What is her motive? Has she finally realized Gina not out to hurt her and that she's missing out on getting to know her sister and come to make amends?

Perhaps she sees one bad attitude cannot stop happiness and people from moving forward. Maybe she now willing to change her behavior. Stay tuned to receive the answer to each question and so much more on Part 15 of The Lies We Tell but the Secrets We Keep.

The Lies We Tell but the Secrets We Keep, Part 14

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Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

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        Miebakagh Fiberesima 

        5 weeks ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

        Hello, Pam, thanks for sharing with lovely pictures and video.


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