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The Lies We Tell but the Secrets We Keep, Part 13

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Most have heard the saying, “I don't go looking for trouble. “Trouble usually finds me.” “Man only likes to count his troubles; he doesn't calculate his happiness.” Gina has experienced her share of trouble, she doesn’t go looking for it. She learns to prevent trouble by thinking of ways to act or the result of her actions. Gina understands you will find only what you are looking for, nothing more and nothing less.

Gina is very happy with how her life is falling in place, although she has experienced more than her share of trouble. She understands the most significant pedagogy of all: anything you send out in life returns to you. Gina learned that lies only hurt you and the dark secrets will not remain secrets, it has a way of coming to the light. She knows when trouble follows a person wherever they go and that incorporate with Litha and Holly.

Gina knows they’re both coming to bring trouble; the question is why they chose to bring it her way? She does not appreciate her two half-sisters crashing her party and she had enough of their bull so, she asks them what are you two up to? Gina believes if someone is bold enough to bring trouble your way, you must be bolder, and have enough firmness to take the appropriate steps to avoid potential problems.

Holly is the leader and Litha are following, she stepped to Gina to share her beef with her. Gina’s mother lived with Holly and Litha dad when she was five years old. He walked off and left Holly, Litha, and their mother to be with Gina's mother. Now they are blaming Gina for her mother's sin. Gina response is, "I cannot determine the real problem you both have with me; therefore, I suspect the problem doesn't lie with me, it with my mother and she's dead.”

Holly told Gina that she always manages to find security in life where she left scratching and clawing her way to find a way to survive. Holly feels Gina has caused her to suffer in life and she's confronting her because she wants the pain of suffering to go away. She seeks to find comfort in making Gina life just as miserable as she has been in the past year.

Holly shares with Gina after her mother took her father from her mother the family suffered. What I considered "Good” days were harder than anyone could ever imagine. When you’d a child searching for the reason why your dad left, the pain never dies. There will never be a day, hour, a minute or second, you stop thinking about the good time once he's gone. Especially since everything now involves misery.

Tim a man of reason, he sees Holly selfish attempt as an egotistic struggle for control and shares with her why the path she travels leads to trouble. There a saying that says, "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." – meaning some people are aware that life's experiences come with ups and downs, they choose to find the best of life - others spend their time going through the motion and choose to find and accept the difficult side of life that bring about pain, sadness, and trials. That’s what you’re doing Holly, you choose to accept the unpleasant side of life. You need to let go of the awful thing that happens to you and choose to find the upside of life.


Tim continues on to tell Holly one of his favorite quotes, "We can throw stones, complain about them, stumble on them, climb over them, or build with them,” by William Arthur Ward. He said, I love this quote because it represents how a person reacts to problems in life. They can violently react when a stone is thrown and he or she doesn't like that, it hit them, or they can make the choice to complain and use excuses to whine about what's wrong in their life. It makes sense to choose to climb over the problems learn from your dilemmas so that you don't encounter them again.

Holly told Tim just because you are a high-profile attorney does not give you the right to come at me and judge me. You don't know me and you don’t know the things that I’ve come through. You can't even imagine the pain, the headaches, the anguish and different trials I’ve had to experience. If only you knew all the pain I had to endure and if it was you it might have blown your mind.

Holly goes on to say, "You talk about letting go, but the truth is letting go for me is like finding myself unable to keep up with the bills and having my home foreclosed on and they're not a thing I can do about it.

Tim replied to Holly, “Believe it or not, there was a time when I did not make a lot of money and I fall short of the bills each month.” “I felt It's nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to allow to keep me down, but I needed to get up and make changes and that’s what I did.” We live in a non-stop 24-7 world where we have to learn when to pause or stop during life trials, when a lot going wrong one should pause to consider what is missing or going wrong. And when at odds with what to do its best to just stop and rethink the situation.

Holly pauses and thought about what Tim said and whispered, "What am I missing?" then she opens the door and walked out, Litha followed her. Tim refused to allow Gina’s sisters to spoil her celebration, so they continued the party having a good time until the last person left and went home.

Despite her sister's attempt to bring trouble, Gina counts her blessings while they add up their troubles. She experiences her share of drama and disappointment, but learns to always be grateful for the incredible opportunities given to her. In one week, Gina will marry the man of her dreams and she's job searching for a job to share her love with patients as an RN.

Gina puts in several applications at the hospitals she feels she can assist in doing the most good. Three days later, she has an interview with one and she very excited. Jilla attempt to prep her for the question that she thinks will be asked at the interview. Gina gave it her all in the interview and she looks forward to receiving an answer as the interviewer told her she will hear from them with a decision.

One week has passed and Gina had not received a telephone call with a determination. Although the next day she received a letter thanking her for applying and they decided to go with another candidate. Gina was heartbroken, she called Jilla and she brings a smile back on Gina's face. She encourages Gina not to give up, but to keep trying, Jilla shares with her very seldom do anyone get the job on their first interview.


A day later, Gina received a telephone call for an interview from another hospital. She's excited and feels more prepared. Gina spends more time preparing for the interview and Tim advises her on how to speak and present herself to the interviewer. It didn’t matter to Gina that this job was located farther away from her home. It didn’t have a bearing that the hospital wasn't as big as the other hospital, she interviews with, she felt, she just had to have this job.

Gina was so ready, she prepared with the best, Tim. What could possibly go wrong, she thought? She arrived a little early when her name was called, she raised and elegantly walk into the room. Gina was very focused and knew how to appreciate the conversation. She had the looks that assist to land the job. They’d ask a question, and Gina response was the “right” answer and she nailed the interview.

The interview went well and Gina was not as nervous as she was doing the first interview. In fact, they’d offered Gina the job before she left the interview. She accepts and asks that they allow her three weeks before she starts, they’d agreed. Gina was on cloud nine, she landed her first job on her second interview and she could not be more pleased. She will start immediately following the honeymoon with Tim.

Gina was very happy and couldn't wait to share her good news with Tim, Alexandria, Jyres and Jilla. She shares her great news with Alexandria first as they had an appointment to be fixed to their wedding dressing. She called Tim, Jyres and Jilla share with them her good news, they all were happy to hear about Gina new job.

Gina and Alexandria leaves together to get fixed for their wedding dresses. After trying on five dresses Gina finally found the perfect wedding gown. Alexandria loves Gina dress, Gina search to assist Alexandria in finding her dress. After looking through dresses and it seems as if Alexandria trying on every dress possible, she finally found her dream wedding dress.

Gina perfect wedding dress is designed by La La Mira and it is a sweetheart trumpet/mermaid wedding dress with tulle lace, sleeveless that comes with a chapel long train; it’s beautiful and it fit her like a glove. Alexandria dream wedding dress is also designed by La La Mira, it is a similar Chic V-neck trumpet/mermaid wedding dress with a long court train and charmeuse sleeveless, it looks great on her.

These two ladies look great in two of the most gorgeous gowns, any bride can wear, it will be hard for the grooms keep their eyes off them. The ladies are a little late picking their gown. The guys picked out their tuxedo a week ago, they both are excited and so ready to make these two beautiful women their wives.

Tim and Jyres are two handsome young men who both will be wearing the same tuxedo. They will wear a white custom made slim fit embroidery groom tuxedos men's suits with a three piece, a jacket, pants, and vest.

Alexandria best friend Cyndia and Gina best friend Jilla are throwing a bridal shower for them. They will be the maid of honor at the wedding. Cyndia is a beauty specialist and the theme will be a beauty makeover bridal shower. Cyndia will give women tips on how to pamper themselves and Jilla will host and do a drawing every twenty minutes to determine who get the free makeover from Cyndia.


Gina friend Shelia from nursing school, they both were destined to become a nurse after having medical issues of their own. Shelia number was drawn first, she receives the first makeover of the night. She not a big fan of makeup and Cyndia knows that so she gives her a nice light looks that include light eye shadow, foundation, eyelids, light blush, and pink lipsticks. The hairstyle she gave was a nice up with just the right bam. Shelia loves her new looks and feels like a Queen.

Believe it or not, Holly and Litha were invited to the bridal shower, Alexandria ideal and Holly number was drawn. She received a makeover that made her feel important, and as if she's somebody. Cyndia puts a smile on Holly's face that light up any room. She turns up the color factor, added sparkle to Holly's eyes, gave her the right brow profile, lovely mid shower beautiful hairstyle, and she rocked a red lipstick.

After Holly makeover, she talks to Gina, she apologized to her and is willing to make amends. Holly shared, there is no “moving on,” or “getting over it.” when someone you look up to and depend upon for security walk off and leave you. There is no easy fix, no solution to a suffering child heartache. I grieve and ache all my childhood, most my adulthood, but I realize now it’s not your fault, you had your own hurts and I am willing to change, move forward as your sister.

The table is set with refreshments and gifts and just before the party winds down and end Cyndia arrange for a stripper to pop out of a big cake and close the party with a bang. The ladies were already half tipsy so the fun took flight and didn't end until after 3 am. Jilla made sure everybody made it home safe, no one drove off drunk. Just before Cyndia and Jilla leave and locks the door, everybody else has left on their way home Litha walks out and approach Cyndia, what did she say?

Why did she stay behind to call out Cyndia when normally she's Holly shadow? Holly shows she's willing to build a relationship with Gina but now the question is what's going on with Litha? Will she be a problem for the wedding and better yet will she listen to Holly, who will advise her to build a relationship with Gina? Stay tuned to receive the answer to each question and so much more with, The lies we tell but the secrets we keep, part 13

The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep, Part 13!

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