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The Lies We Tell but the Secrets We Keep, Part 10

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Tim was completely prepared for court and what he thought would be an open and shut case turn into a little over twelve-hour hostage situation. A young man made the poor decision to threatened the judge, called out Timmy, and titled himself judge Hill. People in the courtroom are tired, hungry and some are beginning to freak out in fear. Timmy has the ability and the potential to derail wrongdoers and change any bad situation into a good one.

A courtroom is the last place a person would ever expect such action as it is a place to go to contest trouble and get justice, but if you are going to be a part of a bad situation, Timmy is the man you would want in your corner. After all none of us is immune to being a part of an unexpected situation, or adversity. And the truth is, some people seek drama to keep them happy and sometimes it’s impossible to avoid being a part of it.

Timmy pride himself in knowing how to handle different situations that running him down, but one can't help but see he has his hand full in this frustrating incident. Good and bad situations are a part of our everyday life, the bad ones just affect us more because of their negative force and how they seem to catch us all off guard.

There is no way a person can prevent bad situations from coming into their lives, therefore it is imperative that you know how to convert them into a positive situation, as the saying goes turning life’s lemons into lemonade.

Timmy has a lot of concern for the young man who took over a courtroom for the wrong reason. He truly understands ups and downs, rain and shine, joy and sorrow and rises and falls are all a part of life. Most of all Tim knows it’s how people choose to shed light on the situation that the end result will be determined.

Your end outcome in an unexpected critical situation can be jovial, and sometimes the result can end painfully full of sorrow. We are all responsible for our actions and at times we can't control the end result. The path to learning is realizing that the only person you have control over is yourself and to live a life of simplicity is to learn to let go of anything not in your power.

Tim is a man who can employ the strategies of success at all times, He learns to capitalize on a bad situation and transform the good into something he can manage. He knows the necessary solutions that will transform bad situations into good ones. And the most important key is never to lose control.

He starts taking control by saying, "May I approach the bench? Of course, the young man laughs first, but He agreed and granted Tim permission to come and stand in front of him. Little did he know Tim the man who would bring him down. Tim has the knowledge to overshadow this guy at a courtroom that is like his home, He could even embarrass him in front of everybody, but he knows that would be a bad decision.

Tim has the upper hand because, in a situation which is complex, the wise thing to do is to be prepared for the difficult times and more than likely this young man has not thought out the entire situation. And for that reason, it usually affects the party unprepared deeply on a psychological level and the consequences will have a damaging effect on their lives.


Being prepared for the worst of times can help to improve any situation. What this young man fails to remember is his daddy verdict is not in his control. His daddy made the decision to break the law which result in his sentencing and he needs to deal with the facts, be willing to accept and move forward.

Tim takes deep breaths and says, "Your Honor, may I ask for your attention for a few minutes?" You got my attention replied, Jason Hill who calls himself Judge Hill. He placed the file from Officer Hill case in front of him, He opens it, begin to read through it and became raged with anger.

Jason intention was to revenge and punish Tim to the full extent of the law until he read what Officer Hill said when he was asked if he had anything he wants to say before his sentencing. He said, "I made a choice to break the law and not uphold the oath, I made a mistake, I knew better. My job was to serve the public, protect the innocent, and uphold the Law.” I fail to do that and I hope to one day be given a chance to right my wrong."

Jason felt sorry and regret the decision He made after reading his father’s final words. He was at odds as to what to do next. He laid his head on the bench and cried. He wept for three minutes because he broke the law like his dad and now, he afraid of serving time. As he cried, He said out loud, "What Should I Do?"

Tim's heart went out to the amateur young man who has just made a mistake that could cost him dearly. He asks Jason to give himself up and offer to defend him. It took Jason a few minutes to reply, the courtroom was silent and upon his reply, several wept with tears in sorrow for the young man and the big mistake he made.

Jason was escorted out in handcuffs; the trial was rescheduled and everybody was free to go home. Tim first thought was to call Gina, when he gave her the news the hostage situation was over, she was so overjoyed to hear Tim is free to come home.

Tim immediately begins making plans for his anniversary as he missed the dine cruise with live entertainment. He made a telephone call that would give him a romantic anniversary day.

He plans a romantic karaoke date, rent a private club and invited Gina brother, Alexandria and several other families and friend. Most important, he plans to pop the question to Gina to marry him. Tim wants everything to be a night to remember.

Tim rushes home to get dressed, he dresses and leaves for the club. Robert, Gina’s brother meets Tim at the club to assist in arranging everything. He assists Tim to put together a video of Gina as a walk down memory lane.

People begin arriving at the club around 7:15 pm, Gina arrive fifteen minutes before. Tim hired ushers to sit everybody in arrange seating. He was prepared to have a drink and let loose and have fun by performing a karaoke song for Gina.

Monica - Why I Love You So Much (Official Video)

It’s 7:30 and it’s time for the karaoke night to begin. Tim started off by thanking everybody who took the time to attend him and Gina’s anniversary night. He begins the night with a karaoke game called, “Name that Tune.” Tim chooses the song and his family competes against Gina people and whoever guesses the most tune wins. The music for the songs that are guessed are songs that Tim dedicates to Gina.

The first tune that was played, Tim family guessed it, Here and Now by Luther Vandross. The lyric, “One look in your eyes and there I see, just what you mean to me, here in my heart I believe, your love is all I'll ever need, holdin' you close through the night, I need you, yeah, I look in your eyes and there I see, what happiness really means.

The love that we share makes life so sweet, together we'll always be, this pledge of love feels so right, and, ooh, I need you, here and now, I promise to love faithfully (Faithfully), you're all I need, here and now, I vow to be one with thee (You and me), hey, your love is all I need.

The second and third song, "Why I love you so much, by Monica & My first my last my everything, by Barry White was guessed by Gina family. Making it 2 to 1. Next three songs, “I believe in you and me, by Whitney Houston,” “We belong together, by Mariah Carey” and “All My Life, by K-Ci & JoJo” was guessed by Tim’s family making it 4 to 2.

The last song of the night, “For you I will, by Monica Arnold was guessed by Gina family. Ending it with a score of 4 to 3. Tim’s family wins. Everybody had a lot of fun, Ending the karaoke night, Tim took a brave step to sing the tune, Freddie Jackson -You Are My Lady to Gina. Everybody was amazed that Tim could sing.

The lyrics, “There's something that I want to say, but words sometimes get in the way, I just want to show, my feelings for you, there's nothing that I'd rather do than spend ev'ry moment with you. I guess you should know, I love you so. You are my lady, you're ev'rything I need and more, you are my lady, you're all I'm living for. There's no way that I can resist, your precious kiss, girl, you've got me, so hypnotized.

Just say that you'll stay with me, cause our love was meant to be. I promise to love you, more each day. You are my lady, my love, you're ev'rything I need and more, you are my lady, you're all I'm living for. At the end of his performance, Tim took a ring from his pocket and asked Gina to marry him.

What will Gina say? Karaoke night was wonderful and the friends and family enjoyed, and Tim is riding on 'Cloud Nine,' a phrase that describes, ‘Head in the Clouds' happiness that a person hopes will never end. Stay tuned to learn Tim and Gina faith, if Gina will build a relationship with her brother and two half-sisters and so much more in, “The lies, we tell but the secrets we keep, part 11.”

The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep, Part 10!

Luther Vandross - Here and Now (Video)

K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life

Freddie Jackson-You Are My Lady

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