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The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep, Part 3

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


A pathological liar will deceit whoever allows them to, although he or she needs to accurately understand the damage a lie can convert. When a person makes a decision to build their life surrounded by lies and secrets there are always consequences.

The individual who is lying is in need of a trait called morals. Moreover, it is reasonable to believe that a liar feels their lie will not cause anyone harm or hurts. Almost everybody has lied at one time or another, but few truly understand how damaging the aftermath can be, this leads to the question of what makes some people tell lies, and why they should know how harmful the end results can be?

This applies to Gina and her lifelong habit or lying and keeping secrets. She made an unwise choice to pattern her life of lies and deceit. These lies can be traced all the way back to her childhood, a time when she felt helpless and fears the men who took advantage of her as a less fortunate little girl.

A Painful Past:

The predators her mother brought into the home and into her life, wreck her world. Leroy Nassar was a known predator who abused little girls and young women. He was registered online as such, yet Gina's mother kept him around for the drugs and what she thought of as excitement.

She fails to protect her daughter from a brigand and what she fears. It made her reject love and hate all males, as she fears they would hurt her like others or failure her like her mother.

Just seeing her mother's boyfriend face reminded Gina of all the pain, she experiences growing up and at the age of seventeen, Gina killed her mother in a heated effort to free herself of abuse, she set fire and burn her body inside the house and frame Leroy Nassar.

She was no longer intimidated by his powerful state and traps him to testify with an Academy Award performance at the trial. He was found guilty and was sentenced to life without parole.


Gina hatred is so extreme for a man from what she experiences as a child, she has very limited tolerance for males. Many men have embraced her beauty and tried to win her love and admiration, but her endeavors in return are consistently matched with unkindness and rejection.

In high school as a senior, Gina was in a relationship with an over demanding guy that results in the continuation of her dangerous rage, he pushed her into becoming an even eviler verdictive woman that truly hate men.

Gina agreed to go to the prom with the captain of the football team, Jerry, the guy she was dating. He tried to force himself on her after she said no. He even begins hitting Gina when she grabs a lamp and struck him. It killed him as she was defending herself, a guy named Lance, who learn what happened wanted Gina to love him exposed the body and covered for her.

Lance couldn't understand why there was still a distance between him and Gina after taking the blame for her which resulted in him serving seven years in jail. He thought she would love him unconditionally, he failed to realize a woman who hates men can’t have a relationship, it is like trying to pull teeth no one wants or needs to be pulled.

While Gina seeks approval from her mother and she spent what many would say a lifetime trying to gain her love. She didn’t receive it, nor did she ever want a child, never love Gina, so she didn't communicate her feelings or show affection to her daughter.

Having the intellect to know how to get something you want to be done is a good thing. But to be abused and mistreated by a person and that woman is your mother and her different men are hard to accept and move forward but Gina being forced to kill her own mother is a hard pill for her to swallow.

Gina needs guidance and a change of heart, what she did to her mother and mother's boyfriend is unacceptable. Besides, she had too much emotion invested in the woman that gave birth to her, although she NEVER shows or acts like a mother. For Gina being able to release the hurt, anger and deal with a deeply wounded situation alone is humanly impossible. The worst and the sad part are most happening in Gina life tend to bring out the worst in her.


Timmy Changed Her Life:

The only good thing that has happened to Gina is meeting an intelligent and upstanding man like Timmy. It is always good in everybody and hopefully, there is some still left in Gina.

Her life has been so hard and consists of more tragedy over happiness. There is always someone waiting to be the hero if you allow them. Can Timmy be that champion, she needs? Gina NEVER truly had a chance of growing up knowing how to love or know how to accept love when her own mother didn't want her or show her love.

The saddest part is her own mother tried to sabotage her in many ways. Will Timmy find out her secrets and realize she comes with a history of lies and deceit before she reaches the point of NO return? The one advantage Timmy has over any man that ever came into contact with Gina is she was very impressed with his life and his standard as a man. Could that work to his advantage so he can assist her in getting the help she needs?

Timmy is on his way to the hospital to visit Gina, he had a lot to do, but taking a break to check on the woman he loves with everything in him. He never experiences love before and it’s not easy for him to know how to go about gaining it. Timmy would have discovered Gina deceit and lies long before now if the blindness of his love for her hadn't interfered with his abilities.

He arrives to learn Gina has been dismissed to go home. Timmy offered to give her a ride home, she accepts and tells him on the ride. The doctor did not feel it was a good idea for her to live alone. She needs someone to assist in caring for her.

One would say, a person who knows not to create a display of lies can enjoy a feel at home way of life. While lies could be told by anyone, the reality of moral and values means you respect the advantage of knowing how to establish doing right over wrong.

Timmy hires a 24-hour nurse to take care of Gina, she had great listening skills and experience in counseling. It was as if Gina finally has a good friend, something she never had. Gina nurse's name is Alexandria and it was as if she was heaven sent to assist Gina with her many issues.


She’s good at calming her down and talking to her when she feels lonely and afraid. Alexandria as a caretaker/counselor is good for Gina, she keeps her mind from wandering to the many issues she occurred as a child and for once in a year the people that come in contact with her are not at risk of her emotional roller coaster or deranged rage, she provided them.

Gina stole Timmy's heart that one fate day the moment she walks past him stepping in the sand on the beach. Now, He’s just what she needs in her life as she Never had a mother, a friend or anyone to lean on when she needed a shoulder. After precise research, Timmy is aware that Gina has many demons and needs counseling, so he hires Alexandria to be her counselor in the manner of a caretaker. Hopefully, it's not too late for Gina to deal with her fears.

One positive influence Alexandria has been over Gina is, she has helped her to come to realize that having a shoulder to lean on can mean so much in the time of sadness and fear. Gina’s mother never took her role seriously. She should have taken in Gina's life so as a child with emotions that were just too painful for her to manage alone, she proceeds her emotion dynamically wrong.

Timmy and Alexandria hope Gina, learns she doesn't have to continue to be a self-reliant person alone, Timmy wants her to understand they both will be available for her, especially in her time of need. Timmy wants to give her the secret to turning all the dreadful things around in her life. Beginning with her aware of her every day doing and accepting the things that happened in her past, providing her awareness, and acceptance.

Timmy is working long hours to ensure Gina is found not guilty during the trial. Will he be successful? After extensive research, He has come to realize that Gina life consists of lies and secrets. Timmy has also put in place a support system for Gina and made himself available for her. Will she take advantage of this opportunity, accept and strive to change her lifestyle?

Gina has never been placed in a position to free herself of a dreadful past, to live a normal happy life. Will she take advantage of this opportunity, accept and strive to receive a new start, she so deserves? Can Gina put a stop to the past that has been corrupting her life? Can she put it behind her and move forward to live a prosperous life? Could she really be capable of love and be in a relationship? Could this be the start of a new love for Gina and Timmy?

Stay tuned as I reveal the answer to all these questions, share more about Timmy and Gina association, the two trial dates upcoming and so much more in the Lies, We Tell and the Secrets We Keep, Part 4.

The Lies We Tell and the Secrets We Keep, Part 3!

Ruelle - Secrets and Lies (Lyrics)

© 2018 Pam Morris

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