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The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep, Part 7


Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Timmy awake to the phone ringing and he looks down to see Gina’s name on his caller ID, he stupidly smiles at her name on the screen of his phone, he loves her that much. He met Gina at a stressful and dark moment in his life.

As he talked to Gina his mind wandered off for a moment, when it returned, he shared with her, when I meet you, I was at a dark place in my life, but since I begin sharing my life with you, I know that happiness can be found in the darkest of time if a person is willing to take the time to turn the light on. What he means is if a person is willing to let go of the darkest of times, things will turn around and vanish the dark and the light will come in.

He, also, shared with Gina how he worked long hours and that how he spends his life from day to day for many years. Working hard is good and necessary in life, but there are other things that matter even more like sharing time with the one you love.

Also, he told Gina the moment he laid eyes on her, he wanted to talk to her, He felt like the lyrics from Tevin Campbell song, “Can We Talk? Lyrics, "Last night I, I saw you standing, And I started, started pretending, I knew you and you knew me too, and just like a Roni, you were too shy, but you weren't the only, cause so was I, and I've dreamed of you ever since, now I've built up my confidence."

"Girl next, next time you come my way, I'll know just what to say, can we talk for a minute, Girl I want to know your name, can we talk for a minute, girl I want to know your name.

After seeing Gina, Timmy learns when you meet someone who makes your heart skip a beat, it’s best to stop working the many long hours and take a risk to find the time for love. Gina shared with Timmy before she met him, she felt there were nothing about her for any man to love and she hated all males.

But the day he introduced himself to her as an attorney and gave her his card to assist her in her time of needs, she went home and search him and was very impressed with what she read. Better yet, as she comes to know the man himself, He gave her the courage to want to discover reasons he could love her and why she could stop hating males.

Timmy, being the type of man to go after what he wants to tell Gina he believes if a person doesn't attempt to fight for what they love, then they don’t have the right to emphasize once they lose what they refuse to fight for. I loved you the hours you walked past me on the beach, and in the middle of the night when we are apart, and the next morning when I awake to the next day, I really miss you.


Gina and Tim talked on the phone for hours about any and everything. She shared things with Tim, she was not able to share before. Timmy encourages her and gave her the strength to face her past demons. Could this be the start of the relationship Tim desired? Had he finally knocked down the walls Gina build high from years of hatred for males?

Maybe it's a start down the path to a profound love. Timmy seems to be that one special guy that has the ability to make Gina feels less intimidating to trust him. In order for a relationship to grow, both parties have to be open to each other about any and everything and Gina with Tim help have managed to reach that level.

The truth is, no matter how successful a man is, his personal or business life will go wrong if he doesn't give both the attention it needs. If he allows something to distract him. He can spend his entire life treading the wrong path, chasing waterfalls and he’ll never get to his destiny nor get what he deserves to earn in life.

Tim asks Gina what is it that she always want to do in life to make her feel complete. She replied, "I always wanted to be a nurse, mostly to take care of elderly people who need someone to love and help them.

Tim encourages her to enroll and make her dream a reality. She agrees and was all smiles, excited at the thought of enrolling and going to nursing school. Tim even agreed to pay for her tuition.

Much as Tim loves talking to Gina, and as much as he misses her when he’s not in her presence, he knows he has to put his life back into respective and end the call to get his day started to attempt to manage his daily tasks. He has another court date that will be in three days. Defending a young male who was accused of killing a guy in a liquor store robbery, as he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Tim understands that being “successful” doesn’t necessarily mean having millions of dollars, “the best job,” a fancy car, a huge home or name brand shoes and clothes. All that stuff is all fabrications that our society preserves yet it has been proven to be false.

Success means understanding who you are and knowing your values, loving and believing in yourself. Success implies loving your career and using the abilities that you were born with to help others. Tim understands and does just that to assist many in their times of needs, outing liars and revealing secrets, protecting his clients.

Alexandria is getting dressed to go on her first date with Jyres. Gina is an ex-model and a female who knows how to dress and impress any man when it comes down to how to look, assist her to look her best.


Gina took extra time to apply her makeup and groom her hair neatly that she was impressed when she looked at herself in the mirror. It's been a long time since Alexandria dressed or let her hair down to enjoy herself.

She even tops off everything when she places a beautiful necklace around her neck that set off her beautiful dress. It was a lovely custom personalize pendant that had two heart shade diamond on it and above the diamond was writing that said one of a kind beautiful lady.

It was a gorgeous necklace and Gina wanted Alexandria to not only look elegant but simply feel beautiful. She looks like a fairy tale version of Cinderella when she received a makeover and she felt like she was a princess.

Alexandria was so nervous as she waits for Jyres to come to pick her up. The doorbell ring, Gina got it thinking it was Jyres when she opens the door surprised to see Timmy.

He gave Gina a peck on the cheek and hugged her and walks over to his daughter, hugs her as well to think what a beauty of loveliness. Tim never saw his daughter so beautiful and he was so thrilled to see the sparks in her eyes to see how happy she looked.

He took the time to talk to his daughter to give her a little fatherly advice about males and how to take things slow to get to know her date first before she moves forward too fast. She smiles, said thanks to him and gave him a kiss on the check.

The doorbell rings again, Gina opens the door, it's Jyres, He dressed nicely and when he received a view of Alexandria his eyes lit up and he was so pleased with what he saw.

Timmy immediately steps between Jyres and Alexandria to speak and make his presence known to Jyres if his intention the wrong one by his daughter he will deal with him personally.

The look on Jyres face showed he understood Tim intention when he steps in the middle of him and Alexandria. From that presentation, Tim could be a father that is overprotected of his daughter.


Alexandria mother was killed in a car accident when she was eleven and her father was killed three years later in a bank robbery, leaving Alexandria an angry teen who gave up on herself until she got into a little trouble at the age of seventeen and Timmy defend her to see the good in her to learn she was from one foster home to another.

He believed in her so much he made the decision to adopt her and guided her in the right direction. She embraced him as a father, turned her life around goes to school to become a counsel and been helping other ever since.

Gina took pictures of Alexandria and Jyres and then she took one with her and her dad. Both pictures were beautiful and Alexandria looks so happy. Then Tim took the camera and took a picture of Alexandria, Gina, and Jyres and it was as nice as all the other pictures.

As they were leaving Alexandria hugged Gina and her dad with the biggest smile on her face. Tim was so pleased to see her so happy. He wants what's best for his daughter and feels she fought so hard to get where she is in life and he will not allow anything or nobody to take that from her.

Timmy rescued Alexandria from a miserable life from one foster home to the next and pull her off the street of destruction and she took advantage of the opportunity to find peace and fulfillment and he wants it to stay that way.

As Jyres drives on his way to the museum, he wants to take Alexandria there because he learns she loves beautiful painting. They were stopped by an officer who stereotypes him without a cause. He asks him to get out the car and pounds his head on top of his car real hard. Alexandria is devastated by the officer’s actions


The officer does not know it, but he stereotyped the wrong couple when he made the decision to pull Jyres over without a cause and then speak it out loud to Jyres he stops him without a cause when he asks officer did I do something wrong I am unaware of?

For him to reply Yes, you did something wrong, you drove your black a-s up into my neighborhood when you are so unwelcome as he slams his head up against his car three times really hard.

As Alexandria open her door to get out to check on Jyres, the officer resort to name-calling and screamed at her close the door and mind your business you black stupid B-t-ch. Tears begin to flow down Alexandria face as she waits in fear for Jyres.

What will happen when the bad news hit Tim's ears? He's a man of great authority and believes in using it to his advantage and he will not take it lightly that his daughter was insulted and yelled at and her date was mistreated.

I believe the racist officer has bit off more than he can chew and his assault on Jyres was motivated by a hate crime. He made the decision to pull Jyres over without a cause and then mistreat him and Alexandria for just driving to a museum in the area he feels is off limited to their race.

Stay tuned as I share additional details and the outcome of Jyres and Alexandria first date, how the prejudiced situation will end, what action Timmy will take, what influence it will take on Jyres and Alexandria. The officer consequences and how his stupidity will affect Jyres, Alexandria and even his life and more when I write part 8 of the lies, we tell but the secrets we keep.

The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep, Part 7!

© 2018 Pam Morris


Robert Walker from Los Angeles, CA. on December 13, 2018:

The lies we tell and the secrets we keep. I found out family secrets that were hid in a lie and revealed just at the end of a family member's life. Quite a web here Pam!! ;-)

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on December 11, 2018:

Interesting. You've added police brutality to this story. Not surprising. That is a fact many prefer not to think about. It's real and it happens.

I liked the way Timmy stepped in front of his daughter's date, reminding him that Alwxandria had someone who loved her. More parents need to be that way.

I like what I'm reading, Pam.

To a creative, talented, and thought provoking writer,

May your day be peaceful and blessed.

And by the way, if I hadn't mentioned it until now: Merry Christmas, Pam.

Much respect and admiration,


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