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The Legend of White Forest 8

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


A Very Interesting Prospect ...

Hunter McDonald sits pensively in his chair staring at a photo of his wife Shannon. He has been very fortune enough to recover remarkable well from his encounter with Dr. Rachel Weinberger. Although he still smiles when he thinks of Ray—his heart has been completely captivated by Shannon. His thoughts are interrupted by the buzzing of his desk intercom.

“Yes Hillary, what is it?”

“There’s a Matthew Donahue on the other line, Mac.” Hillary informs him.

“Thanks, Hill.” Hunter replies and pushed the second button. “Matt, you old son-of-a-gun, how the heck are you?”

“I’m not doing as well as you so obviously seem to be. That sexy young wife of yours has managed to tame that lawless tongue of yours, I see.” Matt laughs hardily.

“Yeah. Shannon’s young enough to be ambitious but old enough to realize that in order to have a healthy relationship you have to know your priorities.” Hunter retorts no longer feeling any signs or regret for Ray’s betrayal.

“That was a nasty bit of garbage Rachel handed you a few years back.” Matt rejoinders in sympathy.

“Actually, she did me a big favor. I knew that everything else took a backseat to her career. However, she found someone who could meet her toe-to-toe in that arena.” Hunter laughs hardly. It feels good being able to look back on a bad situation and find the humor in it.

“Right—I guess you know that I didn’t call you just to chat about your love life.” Matt sobers immediately to get to the heart of the conversation.

“No, I didn’t think so. Does it remotely have to do with the problem you’re having in der Weiße Wald?” Hunter queries.

“Heard about that, did you?” Matt answers.

“It’s all the buzz over here in New Zealand, Matt. So, you want my assistance with this issue?” Hunter correctly guesses.

“I know that your ex had an encounter with a beast. You too if I am not mistaken.” Matt concludes.

“That was a manmade creation. This is a living legend. However, I am intrigued by the prospects of meeting this brute.” Hunter invasions himself standing in front of it.

“This is not one of your hunting expeditions, Mac. This thing is lethal!” Matt cautions.

“I am aware of that. Also, I am aware that if you didn’t think that I was up to the challenge you never would have called.” Hunter chuckles.

“True—I just want to be sure you know the score. The apparition is real, not just a story campers tell in front of a fire.” Matt expounds.

“I believe I am very much aware of the danger.” Hunter affirms as both men release the call.

No one is safe in the village as long as the beast is alive!

No one is safe in the village as long as the beast is alive!

A Couple of Days Later ...

Gerhardt stares at his telephone as if willing it to ring. It has been well over 24 hours since he’d heard from Alberich Babler and he is starting to get antsy. As if on cue, the call he has been expecting happens.

“Hello?” Gerhardt answers gruffly.

“Gerhardt, please forgive me for not calling you sooner but I had to ensure that I would have the complete cooperation from my American friend, Matthew Donahue. I do.” Alberich informs Gerhardt and he can tell that the man has just exhaled a breath of relief.

“That is good, Alberich. When will you be returning to Krüger?” Gerhardt anxiously queries.

“Not for a couple more days, mein Freund. Matt has contacted another associate, Hunter McDonald—” Gerhardt interrupts.

“I read about him. He was detrimental in the elimination of the Beast at Devil’s Gap. That is until a road crew hired by the mayor resurrected him.” Gerhardt is recalling what he read online.

“That’s correct!” Alberich is impressed. “Then they had to resort to other means of subduing the creature. Anyway, It will take Mac a few days to get here from New Zealand. He first has to wrap some things up.”

“That is unfortunate, Alberich. Things have been extremely intense here. I had hoped that you would be arriving sooner.” Gerhardt complains.

“I know, I know. It is indeed unfortunate but we can’t expect others to just drop everything and come running, can we?” Alberich admonishes and Gerhardt agrees.

“No we can’t—still there is a lot at stake, Alberich. I will give my brother an update of how things are.” Gerhardt sighs heavily.

“I will keep you informed on the progress and if anything comes up at your end—” Gerhardt finishes the thought.

“I will not hesitate to call you.” Both men release the call.

As Gerhardt returns to gazing toward the White Forest, he notices what looks like a flicker of light reflecting off something metallic and then hears what sounds like an explosion.

“Was zum Teufel —” Gerhardt quickly stands up and sees what looks like a figure running from the woods with a huge animal in pursuit. Moving out of his seat he hurries outside just in time to see der weiße Dämon reach the man and with one swift blow from his massive paw—all is silent again.

“Es tut mir leid. It was a trapper from Stäfa. I told him not to go into der weiße Wald but he was determined to have his trophy.” Deputy Emerson Adelberg acknowledges, almost completely winded from running.

“We tried our best to stop him but he gave us the slip before we knew it.” Max Schubert adds. For long moments, the three men just look at each other, then Gerhardt finally speaks.

“Verdammt! I will have to contact Officer Babler and let him know that one of his residents has had an encounter with der weiße Dämon.” Gerhardt decides and both Emerson and Max shake their heads in remorse.

“I should have just locked him up.” Emerson cries.

“It’s a bit late for that now. Look, you men go back to your watches. Remind Hans Muller and Ryker Schafer to be on high alert. I will inform the rest of my deputies to stay ready.” Gerhardt decides as he dismisses the two men and returns to his office.

Gerhardt walks back to his desk and dials the number. When Alberich answers, he gives him the bad news. The man does not seem at all surprised.

“It was probably old Richter Fischer. That arrogant fellow was bound to end up on the wrong side of the dinner table. He’s a notorious poacher. I never could actually catch him at it. I’ll let his brother and wife know what happened. There probably isn’t enough left of him for me to return prematurely to Krüger to collect.” Alberich surmises.

“If der weiße Dämon follows his normal pattern—no. I will see you then in a few days?” Gerhardt queries.

“Yes.” Alberich answers and both men end the conversation.

To Be Continued ...

The Legend of White Forest 9

  • The Legend of White Forest 9
    At first, it seems as if the solution to Krüger’s problems were merely days away until four strangers came to the village with some startling news. This new stream of information magnifies the problem 100 fold and puts even more lives in danger!

© 2021 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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