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The Legend of White Forest 24

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Is it the end?

Is it the end?

They Say Legends Don’t Die …

The large Siberian tiger somehow manages to position herself onto the roof of the Rathaus and now seems to have an extremely good advantage over the trapped men. Gerhardt considers various options for getting off the rooftop but the only accessible ladder is the fire escape one on the other side of the beast.

“What die Hölle are we going to do, jetzt?” Gerhardt questions impatiently.

“We’ve got no recourse!” Alberich exclaims feeling more frighten now than he has ever felt in his entire life. This is the closest he has ever come to eminent extinction.

“All is not lost.” Retorts Yul Kemper, Mayor Bernstein’s loyal bodyguard.

It only takes an instance for Yul, the remaining security officer, to assess the situation and formulate this conclusion. With the agility of a sprint runner, the muscular man charges toward the Siberian tiger at neck-breaking speed, throwing his frame against the beast. By catching her off guard with this daring maneuver, they both plummet toward the well-manicured lawn at the base of the two-story building. The force is so great that the tiger is left motionless and Yul is situated on top of her. This ploy miraculously cushions his fall thus saving his life. The guard only suffers superficial wounds to his left leg and shoulder.

Frederic and the other two men on the roof gingerly move to its edge, looking in disbelief at the spectacle while Hunter rushes toward the dazed guard.

“You okay?” Hunter queries. “That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”

“I had little choice.” The guard asserts as he slowly begins to get his bearings.

“It was either that or risking the possibility of someone being killed. You see, I had no weapons—left them in the closet when we all escaped.” Yul summarizes as Hunter helps him back to the waiting Mercedes.

Gerhardt along with the Bernstein brothers make their way down the ladder and each stares at the enormous tiger in utter disbelief.

“Do you think that she might be dead?” Frederic questions nervously.

“I can’t really tell.” Gerhardt retorts. “It was quite a fall and she probably hit the ground with great intensity.

“She doesn’t seem to be moving—all the same I will feel a lot better when we get those chemicals into her.” Alberich asserts.

“Hmm, we need to find some way of restraining her until then. I think I saw some rope in the car.” Hunter declares having returned to the other men.

“You mean you are going to tie her up?” Frederic cries incredulously.

“That would seem like the logical thing to do. Especially if she’s just shaken up.” Hunter interjects.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Gerhardt replies as the men rush back toward the vehicle.

“Yes, I agree.” Alberich rejoinders. “We can find somewhere to put her until Hugo and Adolphus finish their work. Who knows how long she’s going to be like that.”

When the men get to the Mercedes, the guard is still resting in the back.

“What are you men doing?” Yul questions.

“Looking for some rope. We need to secure that creature so that she can be transported to another location.” Frederic offers.

“That will not be necessary.” Yul asserts as he struggles to raise himself.

“What are you saying?” Alberich queries cautiously.

“She’s gone.” Yul returns.

“Verdammt—gone!” Frederic exclaims as everyone turns around to survey the empty spot where the tiger once occupied.

“Did you see her go? Why didn’t you—” Before Hunter can finish his sentence, Yul interrupts.

“Because if I called out, she may have attacked one of you. I don’t think I could have gotten much out—” Yul replies as he begins to feel the full effect of his encounter and passes out.

Yul Kemper stays in tip-top form at all times, and it's a good thing he does!

Yul Kemper stays in tip-top form at all times, and it's a good thing he does!

Frederic rushes to his side. “Let’s get him to the krankenhaus. We can discuss what to do about that she-devil later.”

“I am sure that she has returned to der weiße Wald to fully recover. We will have to go there after her.” Hunter asserts.

“Hunter is right. This might be the best time. She may even be hurt. That was a nasty fall she took.” Alberich interjects.

“I will stay with Yul while you go to the Krüger’s Comfort Inn to retrieve Matthew, Benjamin and the Erikson brothers. I hope they have been successful.” Frederic says as the Mercedes makes it way to Krüger Krankenhaus.

When they arrive, a couple of the attendants recognize that it is the mayor and rushes to assist him. Yul is placed on a Tragbahre situated by the door and is transported for examination. As this is being completed, Hunter navigates toward Krüger’s Comfort Inn. After they disembark, the men hurry to Suite 401 to share their encounter with the waiting comrades. Matthew shakes his head and speaks.

“This der weiße Dämon is proving to be quite a worthy adversary!”

“I’m glad you can admire that monster so much, Matthew. If you don’t mind—I will reserve my commentary for when that beast is finally subdued.” Alberich declares.

“I noticed that you didn’t say killed.” Hunter acknowledges.

“They say you can’t kill a legend.” Alberich confesses.

“In this case, let’s hope they are wrong.” Gerhardt counters looking at each man in turn.

At this point, Hugo comes into the room smiling, followed by his brother Adolphus.

“We’ve got it!” They proclaim in unison.

“Thank the heavens!” Hunter rejoices.

“Ja, Danke dem Himmel!” Alberich echoes his words exactly.

“Ja, the serum will be loaded into a modified Walther Sportmodell V. Emerson is a genius. It took him no time at all to modify my hunting rifle into this fantastic killing machine!” Hugo marvels.

“Hey, what did I tell you? Emerson Adelberg is the best. Where is he anyway?” Gerhardt looks around the suite for his deputy.

“He went to get us something to eat—that’s all. So how many will be actually going on this expedition?” Adolphus wonders.

“Since it’s much too dangerous to go into der weiße Wald now that night has fallen—the first thing in the morning Matthew, Benjamin, Hunter, Alberich and I will be leaving.” Gerhardt has decided much to the relief of Adolphus.

“At the Rathaus, I thought it was decided that we would be going there today.” Alberich displays his disappointment.

“Gerhardt is right to propose we go tomorrow. If the tiger is wounded and we venture into the forest at night—well, she will still have the advantage of darkness. We must use our time wisely.” Hunter reinforces Gerhardt’s choice.

“It’s just that—” Alberich attempts to defend his feelings.

“We all understand your sentiments, Alberich. However, let us attempt to get a good night’s sleep. Then in early morning, we can finish this business one way or another. Is everyone here in agreement?”

“Ja!” Responses Alberich and Hunter.

“Yes!” Resonates Matthew and Benjamin.

“Then until tomorrow, gentlemen!” Gerhardt declares and the meeting comes to its end.

To Be Continued …

The Legend of White Forest 25

  • The Legend of White Forest 25
    Gerhardt and the others decide to finally confront the beast and put an end to her terrible reign. They know that the stakes are high and there is a possibility that some of them may not make it. However, they have to risk it!

© 2021 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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