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The Legend of White Forest 23

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Nowhere to run ...

Nowhere to run ...

It’s Not Over Yet ...

There is approximately two hours’ worth of sunlight as the Brabus 700 Mercedes-Benz pulls into Krüger. Not even Deputy Emerson Adelberg’s Polizeifahrzeuge can be seen patrolling the streets of the village. Gerhardt Bernstein smiles.

“It would seem that your deputy has done an excellent job of keeping everyone off the streets—including himself.” Hunter McDonald chuckles softly.

“Emerson remembers the results of the last mishap, Hunter. And, he has been keeping current on our little fiasco in Zürich.” Gerhardt Bernstein asserts.

“I wouldn’t exactly call it a fiasco, Gerhardt.” Alberich Babler corrects.

“Nor would I.” Hugo Erikson seconds.

“Will you be informing him regarding what we saw on the highway?” Benjamin Townsend queries.

“I really don’t think that would be prudent.” Hunter interjects. “That would only place a panic in this village like none other. Let the people digest the fact that the female Siberian tiger has returned. We don’t even know if the male is going to venture here.”

“I agree with Hunter. There is definitely no need in getting the villagers all riled up. We have enough to deal with now.” Matthew Donahue proclaims.

“Then that is resolved.” Pronounces Gerhardt. “We tell the people nothing more. Ok, let get things setup at Krüger’s Comfort Inn. Hugo, you and Adolphus need to get busy adapting that serum so that it can be inserted into a special weapon.”

“Are you going to incorporate the expertise of a gunsmith or an armorer to assist you modifying one of the rifles?” Hugo inquires.

“No! Emerson knows his way around weaponry. He will be instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. We do not need any more people involved in this. You know what they say about too many cooks—”

“Ja, they verderben Sie die Suppe.” Alberich finishes.

“Huh?” replies Benjamin.

“They spoil the soup.” Hunter translates and the three men laugh.

“Alright men, enough of this levity—we have a serious problem at hand and we need to deal with it.” Alberich reminds everyone and the mood immediately turns somber.

“Rechts. Hunter let’s return your people to the Inn first. Then, Alberich and I will swing over to Hauptquartier and the Mayor’s Office in the Rathaus. Even though the village is under lockdown, my brother will venture out for a few hours to take care of some of the community's business. That’s also where we will probably find Emerson.” Gerhardt concludes and once again the men find themselves on the move.

Hunter’s initial stop is the Comfort Inn. There Matthew, Benjamin, Hugo and Adolphus exit the vehicle. Cautiously looking around, they enter the structure single-file.

Next, Hunter takes Alberich and Gerhardt to the Polizeiwache. Only a lone Dispatcher and Deputy remain. They are on high-alert as each draws a weapon as the men come through the front door.

“Take it easy gentlemen.” Gerhardt responds as the men slowly lower their weapons simultaneously. “I don’t think der weiße Dämon has the ability to open doors.” Then, his mind returns to the incident at the Hotel Schweizer.

“Where might we find Deputy Adelberg?” Alberich queries, sensing what Gerhardt must be thinking after his last comment and then silence.

“You’ll find Emerson at the Rathaus.” The Dispatcher relays to him.

“That reminds me. I’ve got call Eric Schröder regarding his Mercedes. I am really going to miss that vehicle. I wonder if he’ll—” Alberich cuts him off immediately.

“I wouldn’t think so. Anyway, let’s get to the Rathaus.” Alberich attempts to bring everything back into perspective. “I am sure that your brother is anxious to hear from you and learn what undertaking we are planning.”

Nowhere to hide ...

Nowhere to hide ...

“Rechts!” Gerhardt affirms and the two men return to Hunter patiently waiting in the vehicle. At that precise moment, Alberich thinks he has caught a glimmer of white in his peripheral vision.

“Did you—” Alberich begins.

“Unfortunately I did.” Hunter confirms.

“I guess it didn’t take her too long to find us. How on earth does she travel so fast?” Gerhardt wonders in disbelief.

“Suppose she is a direct descendant of der weiße Dämon. Not immortal, but with some of the abilities and strengths. That could explain a lot.” Hunter offers.

“And with each new generation, they lose more and more of their immortality.” Gerhardt augments.

“However maintains much of their strength and agility.” Alberich asserts.

“Then, that concoction that the Erikson Brothers are working with had better take this into consideration. Hunter, after you drop Alberich and me at the Rathaus—go back to the Comfort Inn and inform the others. They are our only hope of ending this nightmare.” Gerhardt surmises.

“Then, it’s not over, is it?”

“No, it’s not over yet ...” Hunter asserts and the three men are on their way to the Rathaus.

Hunter arrives shortly at the Rathaus. As he scrutinizes the vicinity, the two men hurry up the stair of the impressive white edifice. Suddenly, he thinks he gets another glimmer of the large white beast. When Gerhardt and Alberich are safely inside, he restarts the vehicle.

“Verdammt!” Hunter swears in German, having become totally familiar with the rhetoric as a second language. He then grabs his cellphone to call Alberich.

Feeling a familiar vibration in his coat pocket, Alberich excuses himself and moves to the far side of the room.

“What is it, Hunter?” Alberich whispers, feeling slightly uneasy.

“I just saw the White Siberian heading toward the back of the building. Be on the alert. I am going to circle around. Tell the others to meet me near the entrance. You’re not safe there.” Hunter explains.

“Vielen Dank, Hunter!” Alberich switches into automatic preservation mode. “We will be waiting for you.” Alberich ends the call and rushes back to the others.

“She’s here—” is all he is able to get out as there is a loud crash through the worn double-doors and the animal makes her appearance.

One of Mayor Frederic Bernstein’s bodyguards attempts to block the assault but he is soon ripped to shreds by the mighty claws of the tiger. However, his actions do give the others a chance to dart out of the room into an adjacent closet space. The remaining bodyguard, Gerhardt and Alberich push a heavy cabinet at the door while Emerson looks for an exit. He soon discovers one.

“Look, that vent above us. If we can create a ladder to reach it, we can escape to the roof and make our way to the front of the building.” Emerson replies.

“We’d better hurry. I don’t think that door is going to hold in spite of the fact that it took three of us to shove that cabinet against it.” Gerhardt explains.

“Neither do I. Remind be to replace those doors if we manage to get through this alive.” Frederic announces, wishing he had done it sooner.

Frantically, the men begin to pile boxes in the form of a makeshift ladder. When the last man makes it to the vent, all is again quiet as if the Siberian tiger has given up. However, as they turn to move toward the front of the building they are in for an unexpected surprise. She has made it to the roof!

To Be Continued ...

The Legend of White Forest 24

  • The Legend of White Forest 24
    The enormous Siberian tiger manages to position herself upon the roof of the same building with the men who have just previously escaped her. However, it only takes an instance for the remaining security officer to assesses the situation and proceed

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