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The Legend of White Forest 21

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Death stalks!

Death stalks!

You Got This ...

Alberich is so glad to see Matthew Donahue and his crew that he throws his arms around him and gives him a bear-like hug.

“Maybe the two of you need to get a room.” Benjamin Townsend tells them sarcastically. Everyone joins in the merriment which is about to end very soon.

When the men reach the Penthouse floor the elevator doors rapidly open and what the men see next takes them completely by surprise. An extremely large Siberian tiger is poised at the very front of the opening doors. However within a matter of seconds, Gerhardt closes the doors unable to believe what he has just seen.

“Verdammt!” Gerhardt swears. “Did you just see that?”

“Not only did I see it—I felt it.” Alberich proclaims as he barely missed her claws.

“No one in this hotel is safe as long as der weiße Dämon is located within the confines of this structure.” Ben asserts

“Then we will have to lure her outside of the building.” Hunter concludes

“Not only outside of this building, but the city as well. There is no need in any more unnecessary loss of human life.” Alberich exclaims.

“Especially when she sees that the gang is all here.” Ben retorts.

“I really don’t think that was called for Ben.” Alberich chastises as the elevator doors are reopened. This time there is no one to greet them.

Looking around cautiously, Gerhardt unlocks the door to the suite followed carefully by Adolphus and the others. When Hugo sees his trembling brother, he rushes him—giving him a big hug.

“You Swedes are very affectionate.” Matt teases joyfully.

“We have a great appreciation of kinsmanship and life. Do you find something wrong with that?” Hugo engages in the playful banter, feigning a show of being offended.

“Hey, absolutely nothing at all.” Matt asserts as the two men shake hands. Soon everyone agrees to concentrate on the problem at hand.

“Hugo, we have decided to move out of Zürich. It’s just not safe for the residents here to have that animal roaming the halls of the Hotel Schweitzer. What if someone gets off the elevator alone?” There is undoubtedly much concern in Alberich’s voice.

“I’ve thought that all along.” Hugo admits. “When that she-demon sees that we are leaving, it is no doubt that she will follow. After all, everyone who is responsible for the killing of her cub is here.”

“Yeah, thanks for the reminder.” Alberich asserts.

“Well, sorry but—” Hugo is quick to try to remedy the situation but everyone knows that he speaks the truth.

“Ok, let’s just get one thing straight.” Hunter has had enough of the blame game. “What happened on that road was an accident. None of us saw the cub swish by. We heard the thud and by then it was much too late. Forget it. We are all up to our necks in this mess. We don’t need to rehash it over and over. What’s the plan, Gerhardt.”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself. Hugo, you and your brother Adolphus make sure that we have all the chemical equipment necessary to handle this. Matthew, you and Ben will see to the munitions. Hunter, you will be our getaway driver. Alberich and I will stand shotgun at the door of this suite until everything has been removed. Then we will go downstairs. There must always be at least two people traveling together. One armed with a high-powered rifle while the other manipulating supplies.” Gerhardt orders.

“You got this, Gerhardt. It sounds like a very good plan.” Alberich asserts and the rest of the men agree wholeheartedly.

Gerhardt places himself to the left of the door shouldering a GSG-5 German Sports Rifle presented to him by Adolphus while Alberich is on the right nursing an Ak 5 he has received from Hugo. They each concentrate as they observe the other men move back and forth—getting things together. Each man is consciously aware of an inexpressible feeling of panic. They know that they are being watch even though the tiger is no longer in clear view.

A meticulous plan, a hasty retreat and a getaway vehicle ... seems about right!

A meticulous plan, a hasty retreat and a getaway vehicle ... seems about right!

Regardless, the routine is being administered with precision. It is being executed in an exceedingly methodical manner. First, the Mercedes is moved to the front of the building by Hunter and Ian Weber, a building security officer who has been recruited for the occasion. Next, Hugo goes to take out a batch of supplies followed closely by Matthew who has his AD-556 with him.

When they return, it is Adolphus’ time to carries the necessary paraphernalia to the vehicle. Benjamin trails him along with his SA80, which just happens to be the most reliable military rifle in the world. It is a cherished memento from a recent overseas encounter and he cradles it like a newborn. Because of the close proximity in which each couple travels, there is little room for der weiße Dämon to infiltrate. After the last of both the luggage and supplies are safely aboard the vehicle, everyone exchanges a sigh of relief. Office Schulz is on hand to give parting remarks.

“It looks like you men are ready to go. Sorry, but I can’t really say that I am sad about it.” Officer Schulz jokes.

“We can definitely understand that.” Gerhardt retorts, offering his hand as the two men shake firmly.

“Now that der weiße Dämon knows you are leaving, she will be also, Rechts?” Officer Schulz queries.

“That is an excellent assumption, sir.” Gerhardt asserts.

“Good! Do be careful. From what you have said, der weiße Dämon has a long memory and will not hesitate to slaughter any one of you.” Officer Schulz reminds the group.

“You definitely don’t have to remind us of that fact. This is the main reason why we are leaving Zürich and heading back to the village of Krüger. I will alert my chief deputy, Emerson Adelberg to ensure that everyone is off the streets and on high-alert. We know the terrain.” Gerhardt brags.

“And so, Mein Freund, does der weiße Dämon.” Officer Schulz cautions him as Hunter starts the Mercedes.

“You definitely chose the right man as driver.” Adolphus adds. “Hunter doesn’t play. He’ll have us back in Krüger at least a good hour before dark.”

“I can attest to that.” Matthew grins.

“Still, let me escort you to the city limits. After that, you are indeed on your own.” Officer Schulz insists. Hunter accepts and soon they are off.

Everyone is quiet as the two vehicles caravan down the deserted streets of the city. Officer Schulz in his Polizeifahrzeuge and the others in their Brabus 700 Mercedes-Benz. As they reach the outskirts of the town, Officer Schulz slows to a stop—then exit his vehicle.

“Ein ganz besonderer Dank an euch Männer” Officer Schulz says, holding his hand out to Hunter.

“It is my comrades and I who owe you our gratitude.” Hunter counters.

“Auf Wiedersehen! I wish you luck.” Officer Schulz calls out as he returns to his Polizeifahrzeuge.

“Auf Wiedersehen!” Everyone calls back and then silently watch as Officer Schulz and his deputies head back in the direction of downtown Zürich. Gerhardt breaks the silence.

“Let’s get out of here. Think we can handle that witch of a cat.” Hunter turns to stare into Gerhardt’s smiling face.

“You got this!” Is his flippant reply and they’re off!

To Be Continued ...

The Legend of White Forest 22

  • The Legend of White Forest 22
    After Hunter is escorted to the highway by Officer Schulz, each man settles into his own private thoughts. Suddenly, there is an enormous tiger reclining in the center of their path. The Mercedes comes to a screeching halt as everyone is paralyzed.

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