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The Legend of White Forest 20

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Out for REVENGE!

Out for REVENGE!

Jack Be Nimble …

While alert Officer Schulz and the other Polizisten handle the city and ensure that the dwellers remain off the street until the crisis is over or deemed absolutely necessary to travel—Hugo Erikson has informed his brother of the dilemma and how they are in need of assistance. It will be later that evening before Adolphus along with Matthew Donahue and his crew can arrive on the scene.

“We’ve been waiting to hear from you.” Adolphus chastised.

“Well now you understand why the delay. I’m sure it has been all over the news media.” Hugo replies.

“Ja, and Matthew is wütend that he wasn‘t in on the adventure—some Americans!” Adolphus asserts.

“Well, he will be now. It has been decided that we will stay in Zürich instead of returning to either Krüger or Stäfa.” Hugo informs his brother.

“We have more open spaces in Krüger and there is less of a chance that der weiße Dämon will be able to make such an effortless assault here as she has done in Zürich.” Adolphus argues.

“Nevertheless it has been decided. Besides, I think Alberich grows weary of the chase.” Hugo surmises.

“Ja, poor fellow. So Matthew, Benjamin, Hunter, and I will be leaving Krüger within a couple of hours. Should we look for the VLRA 2 Military Truck?” Adolphus queries.

“No, it was utterly destroyed in an attack by the beast.” Hugo retorts.

“Was anyone hurt?” Adolphus inquires in complete shock.

“A local was killed because he was in proximity of the vehicle—no one else. We were able to procure a Mercedes truck from the owner of the Schröder Taverne. His name is Eric.” Hugo rejoinders.

“I see.” Adolphus replies thinking back on the VLRA 2 and the strength of any animal that has the ability to disable it.

“Ja, quite an undertaking.” Hugo agrees. “Please be careful, brother. You and Matthew’s men will need to be on constant vigilance. Since the city has been placed on high alert, that creature will be aware of any sudden movement.”

“We have hunted many animals together.” Adolphus reminds his brother.

“But none that has the cunning and acuity as this one.” Hugo adds and both men release the call. Alberich turns toward Hugo.

“How soon will they arrive, Hugo?”

“Later this afternoon. In the meantime, you need to let Officer Schulz know about their arrival. He can instruct them on how to get here and guarantee that they have the necessary protection.” Hugo advises.

“Rechts!” Alberich agrees and he is off along with Gerhardt to complete this task. No one person is ever allowed to venture forth without another for backup.

Being alone in their suite gives Hugo time to reflect. He doesn’t want to begin working on the modified serum until his brother is there to aid him. He moves over to the window and looks down at the empty street. It seems so eerie that there is no traffic, no pedestrian movement, nothing.

Then he catches a glimmer of something huge and white below. It blends in so well with the background of a whitewashed building that he almost missed it—it is der weiße Dämon!

“Verdammt!” Hugo swears as he reaches for his cellphone. With nervous fingers he dials the number.

“What is it?” Gerhardt whispers slightly annoyed.

“I saw her below. Don’t leave the building. Come back upstairs.” Hugo advises.

“Too late—we see her in the lobby. I don’t know how she got in. Someone must have left the door partially opened. Alberich and I are waiting for the elevator doors to open. It is almost on our floor. Hugo—she sees us!” The line goes dead.

Hugo panics not knowing what has happened to his comrades. He hangs up his phone and just looks at it. Minutes pass as if the entire world has stood still, then his phone rings again. He leaps to answer it.

“I thought I had lost you, Mein Freund!” Hugo sighs heavily.

The Calvary has arrived ...

The Calvary has arrived ...

Jack Be Quick …

“That makes two of us.” Gerhardt manages to chuckle.

“No, three!” Alberich chimes in. “Last time I go anywhere without my sidearm. What was I thinking. Hey, we didn’t get a chance to warn the Gebäudemanager.”

“I’ll call him while you get on the phone to Officer Schulz. That is if it’s not already too late to inform the man.” Hugo remarks.

“We’ll feel a lot better once we’re in the suite. How in the world did der weiße Dämon get into this building?” Gerhardt wonders.

“When I saw her on the street—” Alberich interrupts.

“You saw her. Hugo, why didn’t you call us?” Alberich chastises.

“Verdammt! I did call to tell Gerhardt. I had no idea she would be able to get into the building.” Hugo apologizes.

“Vergessen Sie es! We are about to leave the elevator and head for the suite.” Gerhardt informs Hugo.

“Perfekt! I will stand at the door until both you and Alberich are safely inside. Then we’ve got to plan our strategy.” Hugo rejoinders.

Hugo lays aside his cellphone and goes over to the door. Peering out he thinks he sees what looks like a large shadow at the end of the north hallway near the stairs. He rushes back to his phone to call Gerhardt.

“Is something the matter?” Gerhardt responds cautiously.

“I don’t know if I am seeing things or if this is real.” Hugo sounds frighten and it puts both Alberich and Gerhardt on guard.

“What do you think you saw, Hugo?” This time Alberich is asking the question.

“A huge shadow at the north end of the corridor—near the exit stairs.” Hugo replies.

“What?” Alberich explodes. “How on earth would she be able to climb up all those stairs and open doors. You must be seeing things.”

“Do you really want to take a chance?” Hugo questions.

“No!” Gerhardt is back on the phone.

“What should we do then?” Alberich queries.

“I am going to call Officer Schulz and let him in on what I suspect. Then he can send some men. In the meantime, why don’t you go back down to the Lobby. Don’t let anyone know what’s going on.” Hugo suggests.

“Aren’t we putting many others in danger?” Gerhardt thinks aloud.

“It seems that she only attacks the lone person. If she is smart enough to find us in this complex, then she definitely knows what she wants.” Hugo surmises.

“Maybe you’re right.” Gerhardt decides. “Alberich and I will wait for Officer Schulz in the Lobby. However, we are not going to be conspicuous.”

“This is crazy. We can’t continue to play this cat and mouse game indefinitely.” Alberich complains impatiently.

“Well then, just get out of this elevator and present yourself to der weiße Dämon complete with ketchup and mustard.” Gerhardt tells him sarcastically.

“Yeah, along with a glass of Dunkel!” Hugo rejoinders and the three men have a good, long, hardy laugh. Gerhardt is the first to sober.

“We all needed that. Now down to some serious business. I don’t feel comfortable exposing anyone else to der weiße Dämon. I’m for just camping out in this elevator. And if she pushes the button—”

“Then we all better move to another planet.” Alberich finishes the sentence.

So, the two men decide to wait in the elevator while Hugo makes the call to Officer Schulz. Several stops are made during the wait and the loading passengers never have a clue as to what is transpiring. When the two men make a brief stop on the 6th floor, Alberich thinks he sees the glimpse of something white but later discovers it is a woman wearing a fur coat.

It is roughly 25 minutes before the doors open and Matthew Donahue along with the others enter the elevator.

“Going up?” Matthew replies giving them a roguish smile.

To Be Continued ...

The Legend of White Forest 21

  • The Legend of White Forest 21
    The last straw is when Alberich Babler opens the elevator door at the Hotel Schweitzer and comes face-to-face with der weiße Dämon. So far, she has been able to predict every move of her adversaries and mysteriously appears.

© 2021 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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